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ITV (ended 2009)

Considering it's low ratings lots of people seem to like this show

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    I was looking at the DVD's in Sainsburys and noticed that the DVD of this show is still in the top 10.

    Having looked around at other supermarkets and shops like HMV it's still in their charts as well. Considering it was first released on the 6th June that's not bad going. You would have thought that it would have got booted out the charts quickly as the higher profile, hit films get released but it's holdiing it's own.

    I think this show is probably one of those shows that many people watch regadlesss of if they like it or not but if you ask them if they watch it they say no. It's interesting how many people say they don't watch the Eurovision Song Contest yet it gets about 15 million viewers. Somebody is obviously watching it.

    I think this could be one of those shows that in years to come people will admit to watching and liking being "ironic" in the same way so many shows or groups/singers are confessed to from the 60's, 70's and 80's and 90's are now. Isn't it interesting how 10 years ago Dr Who was rubbish, it looked cheap and it was sad. No I don't watch that crap. Now it's fashionable to like the show and people are suddenly saying how good Tom Baker etc was. Erm, you never watched it because it was crap, rubbish, cheap and sad so how would you know how good he was?

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