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Galvin's Texan Accent

Galvin with a Texan accent?

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    [1]Feb 9, 2009
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    In Episode 6 there is a scene between Galvin and Karen Speedwell where we hear what we can only assume is the character's originally planned Accent. This made me appreciate the generic American accent more I reckon but what did you think of it, and should Glenister have kept it for the entire run of the series? What other accents would have suited the character better if he wasn't Texan? Personally I would have liked to hear an attempt at a New York or South African accent maybe.

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    I'm American, so I def wish they had let him keep his real accent and not put-on a fake US one... His "normal" american accent sound kinda MidWest w/ hints of Southern mixed in... but his "Texan" one sounded much more Southern minus the drawl...

    I'm a Yank, but I watch a ton of UK TV, so I spend a lot of my time here on Brit populated boards (Dr Who (New, Old, and spin-offs), Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Primeval, Blake's 7, etc...)... and I find itfunny how many Brits get mad when other US posters mistake a Scotish accent for an Irish... or Welsh... or whatever... but have no real clue when it comes to US regional accents...

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    The "American standard" accent he used sounds to me like a soft John Wayne but with obvious slips of British pronunciation (like when he pronounces the word "secretary"). It was quite bad. I haven't seen the episode where he uses the Texan accent, but I heard an interview where he tried it, and it was even worse.

    I would have much preferred him keeping his real accent.
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    As I stated in another forum thread, Demons just previewed here in the states on BBC America. I didn't realize he was an American character until Father Simeon kept calling him a "Colonial". I just figured he traveled a lot and his British accent had been affected over the years.

    I have only seen the first two episodes so I haven't seen the one where he changes his twang. Let's just say I travel a great deal and he doesn't sound like any American I've ever heard. Either bad acting or direction.

    Thanks for reading...

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