Season 1 Episode 6

Nothing Like Nebraska

Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Feb 07, 2009 on ITV

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  • Demons

    The entire show, all 6 episodes was pretty crappy. Very disappointing. I'm not surprised there were no more eps made.
  • Luke becomes suspicious of Galvin when a Pyromancer sprays him with some fluid which causes him to hallucinate. He see's his father's death and Galvin doing nothing to save him. A number of secondary characters have mishaps as Luke faces Galvin.

    The last two episodes have been a little bit of a disappointment to me. The direction the show took with Luke versus Galvin seemed to be an easy mark. I think it would have been better and harder for them to explore the nasty's that go bump in the night and build the relationships of the five main characters.

    The story here is one of basic undermining. Use the resources at hand to undermine the relationship between Galvin and Luke to the point where Luke will snap and destroy Galvin. It all starts with a simple line about something to the effect of beware of something pretending to be innocent that is something quite different.

    I also think that Luke was developed in a completely crazy way. Obviously we have Ruby and the boy can't be completely stupid. Even in this last episode he treats her like trash. This has to be the most morose and untrustworthy character I've ever seen in a television show.

    I can understand why Philip Glenister choose to not return. I certainly think this show had tremendous promise, but it just did not go in a direction that was very interesting. A really good idea with just the wrong production and plots. Thanks for reading...
  • This is the conclusion of the first set of episodes, and I must say the series showed a steady pace of improvement so far.

    In this one we finally learn what happened between Gavin and Luke's father, and Mina's vampiric potential and her enjoyment of her vampiric abilities is left as a cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Also, Luke's relationship to Ruby is starting to change a little bit (especially after the let-down with Alice he has had in the previous episode). Simeon gets killed which I totally hated, he was such an interesting character! I hope if there's a second season they get to bring him back somehow.
    Like I said there is a steady improvement with each episode, this time the acting was even more believable, there was depth of emotion and parallel plots running through the episode. They meet up at some point sure, and they're very simple, but still, more depth than the previous episodes. I enjoyed this series and it was very pleasant for me to watch. I hope there's a second season somewhere out there!
  • Potential

    As the last episode of series 1 you'd expect some set-up for future episodes. I liked the idea that Galvin may not be what he seems and that there was potential and willingness to explore Luke's mythology. Unfortunately this episode leads you in one direction and by the end has taken you in another direction entirely (the wrong one I may add).

    So the good points first. Unlike last episode this one didn't reveal what was going on straight away. It had darker themes and pitted our uneasy group against one another. Luke's dreams in particular helped cement the connection between past Van Helsings and himself - his dad was always the best place to start. The fact that he was being played for a loop by Thrip was an interesting idea even though you couldn' understand how Thrip could still be alive. I kept on thinking that it wasn't him just someone who had assumed his identity (he seemed a ghost). The makeup seemed paler this time and worked better with the odd nose ornament though. His relationship with Karen Speedwell (the seer) was an interesting one. I couldn't help thinking about The A Team when she called him Mr T though. 'I pity the fool'. All the supporting cast are good in this and the central mystery is properly drawn out.

    Now the bad points which are mainly aimed at the conclusion more than anything but also at the death of Father Simeon (the Zombie priest) and the weird scene where Galvin inherits a bad Texan accent. Now firstly I'd like to say that Simeon was such a red herring. If he hadn't been then him teaming up with Luke would have been great for future episodes as with the way the episode seemed to be going. Shame Richard Wilson will be more than likely dedicated to Merlin from now on as well because I liked the character. Secondly what was with the accent when Galvin went to visit Speedwell. It served no purpose and was odd. Was this the original accent that Galvin was to originally have. If so it made me appreciate Glenister's generic American much more cos that was truly awful.

    Lastly going into future series we have the set-up not with them being against Galvin but instead Mina who oddly reduces Thrip to sludge (why sludge, I have no idea). This for me lets down the rest of the episode a lot because although the vision thing was a rip straight out of Buffy (but used slightly differently), this insults by being even more of a rip as Mina has gone all Angelus on us. To the writers - Please, Please if it gets a second series put a bit more originality into it.
  • The best episode of the series so far.

    This was the last episode of the current season was definitely the best so far. Gladiolus Thrip returned with a plot to try and make Luke kill Galvin. Simeon, played by the ever brilliant Richard Wilson, also returned though not for very long as he gets killed and Luke blamed Galvin for Simeon's death. There was also a great Medium character played by the actress who played Mrs Doyle in Father Ted. Things are resolved by the end and Luke and Galvin get to the bottom of things concerning Luke's father's death. Overall, highly enjoyable though whether there's another season is anyone's guess. Probably not.
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