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  • Cheap and tacky Buffy rip-off which fabulously failed to secure ratings...

    Un-creative creative team Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, Peter Tabern ("Hex" & "Merlin") gift British broadcaster ITV1 this horrendously cheap and tacky rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" presumably intended to cash in on the success of "Primeval" in a fabulously failed bid to aide the never-ending quest to secure ratings by any underhand means necessary. They attempted to hit the ground running with a complicated season opener that set up the season for a slow burning build up towards it's twisted conclusion and kept the audience asking questions about the characters and their motivations but may have alienated Saturday night ITV audiences.

    The nearly legendary Philip Glenister ("Life on Mars") turned down the U.S. version of the time-travel cop show to head up the cast and quickly establishes his domineering presence at the head of the cast despite being somewhat handicapped by an atrocious faux American accent. Support came from a seemingly ill-at-ease Christian Cooke as our pre-destined demon smiter, Holliday Grainger as the prerequisite damsel in distress and Zoe Tapper as the ever-present friendly vampire, but they struggled in Glenister's wake with Cooke and Grainger often descending into melodrama and Tapper barely making her presence felt.

    The filmmakers gave the series flashy fast cuts, slick CGI half-lives, and deliberately over familiar set-up that helped to make the it easy Saturday night family viewing but restricted the development of anything of any originality or interest that would hook viewers and keep them tuning in from week to week. After a somewhat shaky start that seemed very incoherent in its attempt to establish a mystery the series never manage to emerge from the shadow of its influential predecessors as it progressed through its run rapidly shedding viewers week on week as it went.

    "Grade 'em and smite 'em."
  • A completely refreshing, cheesy delight! Over the top in so many ways and as goofy as a monster show could ever hope to be!

    This show is an instant classic! Its corny, over the top, pure cheese at its finest! One of the funniest "monster" shows i think i've ever seen! I had some pretty low expectations of this show, but, after laughing my way through it, I think its one of the finest gems to come out of the bbc in a long time. It seems to just begin to take itself to seriously and then wham, it pushes itself right over the top and off of the edge. The acting was a little hammy here and there, but, the writing was a riot!
    Hopefully this show will last a while!
  • Demons focuses on a teenager called Luke who has discovered he is the last decendant of Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter.

    Why people don't like Demons is confusing me. It's a brilliant show full of action and horror. Luke Van Helsing, the main charcter, is going around, killing horrors called "Half Lifes" - while keeping it a secret from everyone he knows and loves. While slaughtering rat men and winged beats, he must discover the truth behind his father's death (S1, EP6: Nothing Like Nebraska). The episodes are exciting, and have vampires, rat men, winged beats, something nasty pretending to be something nice (a.k.a, the so-called "angel") and the revenge fuelled Gladius Thrip. That's my review of Demons in 105 words or so. Thanks for reading!
  • Had it's flaws... but overall...

    I didn't like Luke. I'll be honest. He annoyed me with his overly typical teenage attitude (and I was thinking I don't know a single teen that would be that unconcerned that they have to stop the forces of evil or whatever).
    I also thought Phillip shoulda skipped the American accent. But his acting was superb. Tough, unconcerned and judgemental as hell.
    Zoe Tapper... amazing. Anyone that can play a blind person with this much skill deserves to be praised... only we didn't see enough of vampire Mina... and what a freaking cliffhanger! They couldn't have cleared that story up before cutting the show? *sigh*
    The show had a depth to it that didn't always reach the surface, but when it did, it was powerful. People have mentioned this whole half lives versus human thing was morally wrong- well it was meant to be.
    It was meant to make you think about how mean Galvin really is... who he is prejudiced and doesn't consider that half lives are anything but evil. He's just concerned about how big a threat they are.
    But the show does reveal this otherside of the half lives. Mina's ability to keep her inner 'freak' under control, even after tasters of the life she could have through the season. The informant that obviously meant no harm. The question of why Luke's dad was so willing to be friends with a group of half-lives?
    Things that the show will never again be able to explore.
    Shame, I was really getting into it. And Luke's acting was getting a little better too...
    And Ruby and Mina just rocked. :)
  • Great show about eradicating demons employing methods from the ancient days of Van Helsing.

    Just because there a show like it here,(Supernatural)does not mean that another one can't come out that is just as cool from the U.K. I looked forward to it as much as Supernatural because it was entertaining. A show that deals with getting rid of demons in such a different way than Supernatural. I liked the fact that they use old methods like another new show here that I love, Warehouse 13. If there were more shows like it on tv it would be fantastic especially since the guys from Supernatural are wanting this Season to be their last...I wish that there were more episodes, I would like to see them!
  • just doesn't ever come together

    I watched all the episodes hoping it would get better but it never did. It's just a bunch of bits and pieces cobbled together without ever gelling or producing any kind of greater feeling or meaning that goes beyond the sum of the parts. The acting seems indifferent, the scripts unoriginal and the premise completely derivative. It's predicatble. Nothing ever really happens. The demons aren't even scary. The fights are lame. The endings seem anticlimactic. I love this type of show but not this particular one. It's an obvious copy of Buffy, but without any of the fun or excitement or wit.
  • The last of the Van Helsing bloodline has to deal with Demons in modern day London.

    This show should have been a bigger hit than it was. It has a lot of potential but fails because some silly mistakes were made.

    Firstly they failed to use any subplots to get you wanting to see what happens next. Whilst I like stand alone episode shows, shows do work better if there is at least one subplot running through a season.

    Secondly the show needed the old standard, will they won't they get together scenario. You had that with Buffy and Angel. You had that with Mulder and Scully.
    I think that they were trying to set it up with Luke and Ruby but they didn't do a good job with it so it never really worked.

    Thirdly lack of characterisation. This ties in with the previous problem. None of the characters had enough depth to make you care about them. They were limited by the fact they only had six episodes to work with which is only half what shows like Doctor Who, Merlin and Robin Hood get.

    Fourthly no proper recurring villain. Owing to the episodic nature of this show you didn't have a proper villain that you could get into. The only one who made a return was Gladiolus Thrip. When he did return in the last show we as viewers shhould be either glad to see him because he's a cool villain or think oh not not him because he is so bad. Unfortunately the way he was used didn't allow for that.

    Fifthly the show wasn't mapped out and knew where it was going. This show is often compared to Buffy. If you compare this with that show's first season you can see the difference. Although it was stand alone adventures, everything was heading toawrds the final story of the season. The same with Primeval. The creators of that show knew where they were going so the season felt as if it was a journey to get to that point. Sadly that was missing in this show and it affected it a lot.

    Lastly the Demons were rubbish. they were never going to be scry because of the shows timeslot but they could and should have been a lot better than they were. Primeval works because the dinosaurs and beasts look really good. If they looked bad the show would have failed.

    This show has potential it just needs tweaking a bit. I hope that they get the chance to have another go at it.
  • Such much wasted potential!

    "Demons" is a bit like a traffic accident. It's horrible, when you think about it, but it's hard to look away.
    Unlike the traffic accident, though, the really sad thing about this is that you can't shake off the notion that this could have been a good show, if the writers had any idea what they were doing. Instead, we get a painfully black-and-white universe where humans are good and non-humans are evil (which is, at best, a concept silly and, at worst, morally questionable), some awfully wooden dialogue, and unoriginal story lines. In the midst of it all, an intriguing set of characters, who would have had the potential to be awesome if they were given half the chance.
  • Demons was a genius invention not especially amazing but a needed fix every week!

    When it first started I was unsure what to make of it - weirdly written with an all right plot. The pilot episode was entertaining but I was convinced it was a one off trial episode for me but....

    When the next week came around I found myself turning to that channel regardless. And since then I have been hooked and have really enjoyed the season.

    There is something about it that although it's isn't anything special it has me wanting more, it has me in suspense but most of all it get me engaged.

    Therefore I have written this review because I was annoyed this evening when I turned on the TV to find it wasn't on tonight and after looking on this site found out that the season is over. :(

    So bring back Demons with a new longer season I can't wait it should be amazing.
  • Cheep Buffy rip-off

    I was really excited when I first saw the trailers as a show like this has an awful lot of potential, which has so far been wasted. I keep watching this show in the hope it will magically get better somehow. It hasn't so far.

    Phillip Glenister has the worst accent I have ever heard. I'm disappointed because he has been so good in everything else I've seen him in.

    The plots are unoriginal and dull and there is nothing holding the different episodes together.

    The production looks cheep and the monsters are in no way frightening, more camp than anything else.

    I'm really disappointed and don't expect it will be back for another series.
  • Philip Glenister - What were you thinking?

    I'm a huge fan of Philip Glenister and of science fiction so got quite excited when I saw the promos for this show. What a let down. The scripts and the acting are dreadful. The prosthetics in the first episode for the character of Thrip were so bad I couldn't pay attention any time he was on screen - I was just transfixed by the ridiculous beak. There is so little sci-fi and fantasy on television (good or bad) especially in the UK and they could have done so much with this. Perhaps I was foolish to have any expectations of a UK sci-fi show that isn't Doctor Who especially one on ITV. What a disappointment.
  • Not a bad vampiric show.

    This is actually not a bad show. True there are some very over the top moments and also a few draggy bits in between but it has improved over the 4 episodes broadcast so far. It is definitely not the worst show I have ever seen. Of course, vampires etc. are pretty trendy at the moment and a lot of people will also compare this rather unfavourably to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don't let this put you off. It is a nice show, despite Philip Glenister's weird American accent, he's actually pretty good and it is worth giving a go.
  • Foreign Buffy Knock-Off ;)

    High school aged teenager surprised with the knowledge of hidden powers bands together with friends to fight and kill a ghoul-of-the-week, all under adult supervision of those familiar with the cryptic contents of a library to help them understand their foes... Gee... Where have we heard of this story line before? Could it be Buffy? No, it's some British boy who couldn't think of something all his own, so he's borrowed from something tried 'n true.

    There are so many British television series that literally define the art of story-telling for this medium, it's a shame this effort isn't one of them.
  • Entertaining and funny

    I wouldn't compare it to Buffy or Angel or something of that sort myself, it's too British to be classified under the same category. As an avid reader of Victorian gothic horror and British literature of this kind in general, I detect it tries to add a bit of tongue-in-cheek reference to classic British horror by the monsters in the script. 18th century-clothed anthropomorphic sewer rats with evil genius attached to their cunning plans, degenerating vampires with a London accent, doglike creatures that grunt and roar, underground secret headquarters with bunches of rare books and devices in them, Mina Harker, and everything else. These are typical Dickens villains and settings with a touch of the supernatural. The show doesn't have anything to do with Buffy or Supernatural. Those are clean-cut American type heroes, with an American sense of humor and an American way of doing things. Not bad overall but not comparable sizes. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Sure, the special effects need work, but the show doesn't take itself very seriously, so it's okay for me to just keep watching and ignore that. I'm not in it for the special effects in the first place.
    The accent for Galvin yes, I agree it's a flaw and should've been dropped as a bad idea.
    And by all means, bring in the British humor!! Lots and lots more of it please!!

    All in all, there's certainly room for improvement in the special effects, the action sequences (martial arts flicks are not convincing at all),and sometimes even the acting, especially in the scenes that are supposed to be dramatic. Other than that it's a painless, fun to watch, absolutely British show with a latent potential for cultness. I for one would like to see it develop.
  • This show should be terrible but for some reason I just keep on watching.

    The premise for the show is very good if a bit too Buffy-esque. It Centres on 18 year old luke a normal British teenager who one day discovers that he is the last of the Van Hellsing family, the most illustrious and powerful family of smiters ever to have existed. As such it is his job to hunt and kill Half-lives (demons) that threaten the world.

    As I have already said the premise is excellent and probably the best thing about the show. The acting is patchy at best with moments of real depth followed almost immediately by over overacted melodramatic monologues. And who's idea was that terrible American accent?! The special effects and make-up are woeful and very childish. The fight scenes also look like something out of power rangers.

    Having said that the episode plotlines are actually quite good and someone has clearly thought them through.

    All in all this show has potential but needs more than a little reworking. I just can't seem to stop watching it though so there must be something about it.
  • No, I'm not feeling it...

    No, I'm not feeling it. this show is a total mistake! Totally unoriginal, it's actually funny :) Bad English humor combined with awful special effects. Only eye of a child couldn't see that those scenes suck, and yet this drama is not for children. But I will still watch it. I'm in to the theme of the series. I'm a big fan of the series 'Supernatural' and therefore I can say that Supernatural is better then Demons from any possible aspect or view! I watched every episode nearly to the end :) - that's how good the show is, hilarious :)
  • Woeful in every way. Writing, Directing, Acting, Make up and concept which is as derived and unoriginal as they come. A ripoff of one of the best shows of all time - Buffy. And a disgraceful blemish on the backside of it, indeed. SKIP IT!

    Almost worth watching because its funny how bad it is, ALMOST. Woeful in every way. A sad day for Joss Whedon to have his television landmark creation Buffy, copied only to create this garbage. Buffy had humor, never took itself seriously. Characters you loved. Stories that meant something. And bad guys that carried some kind of weight. This show has nothing but badly done copies. Recycled ideas, phrases and situations. And Karate doing bear-faced man-shaped guys in hoodies doing flips. Pathetic. The script was the worst written load of excrement tailored together with layer upon layer of cliched expressions and then expelled by actors with about as much talent and emotion as a block of wood. Luke is eye candy, nothing more. No talent as an actor. Ruby and Mena are equally as useless. Rupert (Giles.. errrr) and his abysmal American accent, comes out with a few of the most cliched and unbelievably tired one liners in the history of entertainment... "use the force luke"?? "shazam"?? It was nauseating. If i had to hear him say "smite" one more time I think I would have thrown something at my screen.

    The exposition was lackluster and unoriginal. The bad guys were laughable. There was nothing about this show that was not painful to watch. SKIP IT!
  • A story about a young man that finds out he is the last one of the van Helsings and he is destined to fight demons.

    I quite like this show. Episodes stories are very good. Reminds me of Torchwood in a way. Aside from Mr. Galvin the actors are believable. And for once all the young actors are really hot. The only problem is the special affects which are pretty bad, but that can be looked as a funny quirk. My recommendations would be to get rid of this Mr. Galvin fellow. The actor is very bad. And they might use that opportunity to bring some more original approach on the apprentice teacher relationship. And dont Americanize this show to much. The Brittish humor is the best so bring it on with a force. I hope that this show will get a renewal. 6 episodes are way to few.
  • Good idea, reasonably good script and acting but let down by poor animation.

    The basis of the series and the ideas behind it seem to be a good recipe for success and while the acting is not oscar winning it is certinaly not what lets the series down especialy with Phillip Glenister in support (although he will probably get killed off at some point. No what lets this show down is unimaginative and poorly done animation, this may be due to a low budget but look at doctor who, the BBC are hardly known as big spenders but the special effects and costumes used in the new series have been truly excellent. The script is also good but i think that they could have thought of a better word to describe the bad guys. 'Freaks' is a little weak and also simply grading them by levels is a bit unimaginative, it just sounds like they ripped off a some cheap internet game.

    However if you are prepared to overlook these downfalls i am sure that watching the show will be a very enjoyable experience.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Luke, a teenager in London finds out he is the last Van Helsing and sets off to fight demons and other freaks.

    Ok it's rather bad. The main character and his sidekick are actually likeable and the other main characters are rather well cast and can act. However, the story is thin and the effects are HORRIBLE. I am sorry but I just can't get over how bad the creatures look. Yes ok in Buffy they also looked goofy but that worked. This doesn't. With some better scripting and a better army of makeup and concept artists they might have a show. With Sanctuary being its main competitor I don't think it will do too well since Sanctuary has a better story to work for itself and better design.
  • beats my wife's 90210.

    beats my wifes the monkey with huge eyes. It will be a teenager delight. My son will like it. May need to be a little more violent for him though. It had an ok story line and comes out with the Twilight movie being a hit. The monsters were cheesy but adds to some entertinment. It reminds me of the buffy the vampire slayer but a man is the main character. It also reminds me of charmed with once again the man being the lead. Also reminds me of Dr who mixed with the above shows. It is still better than the 90210 (old and new) that my wife watches.
  • Buffy. With a boy. In Britain.

    Writer Peter Tarben takes Buffy and reverses every premiss: so we have Van Helsing's last male descendant hunting demons, helped by a female Xander and an "American" Giles.

    Unfortunately, Whedon's surreal humour and sympathetic characters get the mirror treatment too: so it's Hollyoaks does Vampires. Yes, it's that illiterate and charmless.

    Zoe Tapper and Philip Glenister (whose American accent is better and more consistent than Amanda Tapping's British accent) inject a good deal of fun, but Christian Cooke is too leaden a slayer, and the script largely forgets to ram its tongue in it's cheek or blow a few raspberries. Even dependable Mackenzie Crook struggles as arch villain Gladiolus Thrip.

    With Tarben unable to construct a satisfying climax, unable to drop any pop culture references (beyond a "use the force Luke" joke that you feel was added by Glenister in rehearsals) and uninfatuated by the genre, they're really is very little to recommend this. Mind you Hex, took several episodes to find its feet.

    But at present: this a Buffy, with a boy, in Britain. And it's bollocks.
  • Sad over-upholstered British updated Dracula plus wanna-be-Buffy-&-Dr. Who spinoff. Charmless and illiterate.

    Quite an achievement, when the demons are so much more likeable than their remorselessly dim human adversaries. The point about Buffy and Dr Who is that they and their chums are amusing and intelligent, utterly unlike the vapidly pretty and tiresome Luke and Ruby. High production values do not disguise the fatal weakness of the script and available acting skills. Our young heroes pout and simper and sulk in keeping with the conventions British television reserves for 21st century teenagers, and are no match at all for the delightfully nasty sprightly demons, and are hopefully destined for the oblivion they so richly deserve.
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