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  • Had it's flaws... but overall...

    I didn't like Luke. I'll be honest. He annoyed me with his overly typical teenage attitude (and I was thinking I don't know a single teen that would be that unconcerned that they have to stop the forces of evil or whatever).
    I also thought Phillip shoulda skipped the American accent. But his acting was superb. Tough, unconcerned and judgemental as hell.
    Zoe Tapper... amazing. Anyone that can play a blind person with this much skill deserves to be praised... only we didn't see enough of vampire Mina... and what a freaking cliffhanger! They couldn't have cleared that story up before cutting the show? *sigh*
    The show had a depth to it that didn't always reach the surface, but when it did, it was powerful. People have mentioned this whole half lives versus human thing was morally wrong- well it was meant to be.
    It was meant to make you think about how mean Galvin really is... who he is prejudiced and doesn't consider that half lives are anything but evil. He's just concerned about how big a threat they are.
    But the show does reveal this otherside of the half lives. Mina's ability to keep her inner 'freak' under control, even after tasters of the life she could have through the season. The informant that obviously meant no harm. The question of why Luke's dad was so willing to be friends with a group of half-lives?
    Things that the show will never again be able to explore.
    Shame, I was really getting into it. And Luke's acting was getting a little better too...
    And Ruby and Mina just rocked. :)