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  • Cheap and tacky Buffy rip-off which fabulously failed to secure ratings...

    Un-creative creative team Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, Peter Tabern ("Hex" & "Merlin") gift British broadcaster ITV1 this horrendously cheap and tacky rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" presumably intended to cash in on the success of "Primeval" in a fabulously failed bid to aide the never-ending quest to secure ratings by any underhand means necessary. They attempted to hit the ground running with a complicated season opener that set up the season for a slow burning build up towards it's twisted conclusion and kept the audience asking questions about the characters and their motivations but may have alienated Saturday night ITV audiences.

    The nearly legendary Philip Glenister ("Life on Mars") turned down the U.S. version of the time-travel cop show to head up the cast and quickly establishes his domineering presence at the head of the cast despite being somewhat handicapped by an atrocious faux American accent. Support came from a seemingly ill-at-ease Christian Cooke as our pre-destined demon smiter, Holliday Grainger as the prerequisite damsel in distress and Zoe Tapper as the ever-present friendly vampire, but they struggled in Glenister's wake with Cooke and Grainger often descending into melodrama and Tapper barely making her presence felt.

    The filmmakers gave the series flashy fast cuts, slick CGI half-lives, and deliberately over familiar set-up that helped to make the it easy Saturday night family viewing but restricted the development of anything of any originality or interest that would hook viewers and keep them tuning in from week to week. After a somewhat shaky start that seemed very incoherent in its attempt to establish a mystery the series never manage to emerge from the shadow of its influential predecessors as it progressed through its run rapidly shedding viewers week on week as it went.

    "Grade 'em and smite 'em."