Season 1 Episode 3

Saving Grace

Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Jan 17, 2009 on ITV

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  • Galvin becomes a little single minded when a half-life named Mr. Tibbs shows in town. It seems he killed the woman that Galvin cared about twenty years before. Galvin's carelessness almost gets everyone killed if it weren't for Ruby.

    Quite good, but could have been much better. We see the relationship of Ruby and Luke and how Luke is pretty clueless at this point in his life. Where Galvin is truly a pessimist about things having to do with relationships and romance.

    After Galvin has almost chased Ruby away and Luke in his haze is clueless, Ruby decides to drop out of their little group. Fortunately she has a talk with Luke's Mother who gives her a unique perspective.

    She decides that she is going to come right out and tell Luke how she feels which in the end helps Ruby save everyone's life.

    Something is missing from this show to truly make it terrific. I think the creatures they are dealing with are sort of comical so there is a little less horror and a little more humor. I like the main characters and their acting is OK. The stories are a little weak for only producing six episodes in a season. So I think it may be the writing and the ideas that may be lacking. Next week vampires so we'll see how they handle something that should be pretty easy to produce. Thanks for reading...
  • Less graceless.

    The first kick-ass 15 minutes of this episode have more action, more excitement and more narrative drive than the entire series so far, even if the "Noisy Boys" do look like they're in a dance off with the Jets. (Cf Buffy S1.6 "The Pack" for less make-up and more scares.) Thereafter "Saving Grace" descends down a path so well worn that there's a guided tour and a souvenir shop at the end. Particularly irritating is the way the action is physically slow - like it's on stage; director Matthew Evans needs get up to speed with telly. Quick.

    But while Kevin McNally's performance as villainous Mr Tibbs is washed out, Zoe Tapper and Philip Glenister continue to give all, imbuing their speeches with depth the writing lacks, and just having fun; even Christian Cooke seems to have chomped on a few of their crumbs.
  • A bit of undead fun for Saturday nights.

    This was quite a good episode of Demons. The defusing the bomb scene with Ruby was really very dramatic. Of course she managed to cut the right wire in the nick of time with 2 seconds to go. The Mr Tibbs character was quite well done and I would imagine he will be back as he escaped at the end. Mina's character was a little bit more advanced this week too which is a good thing. The scenes in the sewer where Luke and galvin are almost drowned by Mr Tibbs were also well done. Luckily Ruby gets them out in time too!
  • probably the best episode so far

    This episode was a bit better, the murdererer of galvin's wife shows up in town, and galvin is determined to put an end to him. it's dosen't go to well and gavlin and luke end up stuck in a sewer about to drown, but the girls save the day so everything is fine. I have to wonder why they let him go though, at the end of the epiosde galvin just seems to have given up on killing mr tibbs. the ending seems to suggest we haven't seen the last of him, so hopefully we'll see a resolution to this storyline.