Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Jan 31, 2009 on ITV

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  • Luke meets Alice at college and after giving him the cold shoulder they start to warm to each other. Galvin and Mina encounter a Harpy who has been killing young people and everyone, but Luke thinks Alice is not what she seems to be.

    Not the best episode of Demons and probably the worst of the first five. It closely rivals the Pilot episode They Bite in its poor result.

    Here we have Luke acting like a dolt in general. Knowing what is at stake, but choosing to totally ignore everything that has happen here to fore and basically going off and possibly getting himself killed. He thinks he's being clever, but he still does not have enough sense to get out of the rain.

    The special effects have grown by leaps and bounds on this show and it is really a shame that Philip Glenister who plays Galvin was so dead set against making any more episodes. So I believe next weeks episode is the final one for the series. Hopefully it will end on a high note as this plot was not to swift. I still don't get the Galvin character who was written as a Texan, but then the producers wanted Philip to play him as an Englishman, but Philip wanted to try an American (non-Texas) "accent" which sounds like an Englishmen trying to sound American. Who knows? Anyway, I'm looking forward to next week and the finale of Demons! Thanks for reading...
  • Worst episode so far gives away the twist 5 minutes in and although you want it to, it doesn't even attempt to throw you off the scent

    I know I've said the show needs to be a little bit more serious sometimes and the theme tune shouldn't be so jokey but not at the expense of NO FUN like this episode offered. I was literally bored and felt nothing for the story as I knew for a fact that the relationship (unlike in some more superior shows) would never be drawn out and she'd be dead by the end. If I'd been on the shows writing staff I'd have introduced the character in an earlier ep and then at least you'd care that it was a ruse. Or introduced her this episode and revealed her next even, not 5 minutes into this one. The best bits of the episode were Ruby's in this case, although I would have liked her to be a little more jealous - not just seem it from Luke's perspective. The actress who played Alice /Alex (the name sounded different every time, I couldn't decide) was unfortunately 1 dimensional as well. You weren't at all convinced she was there to kill Luke for revenge for her sister's death.

    Hope the last episode isn't so dire, it's been reasonably entertaining up till now. Father Simeon is in it and wouldn't mind a little more mythology as well as character development for him and Galvin.
  • Harpy's after Luke.

    This week's episode of Demons was alright but nothing special. Luke was attracted to a girl but she turns out to be a Harpy who is after him because a 16th century ancestor of his killed her sisters. Ruby didn't have much to do other than rail around after Luke in a jealous fit. Galvin and Mina just came across as remarkably dense throughout. The final showdown was extremely underwhelming (justlike in most of the previous episodes). I can't see this series going to a second season unless something very very spectacular happens in the final episode next week. We will see.
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