Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Jan 24, 2009 on ITV

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  • Two vampires return to London for reasons other than just to feed. Mina starts to act strangely and substantial news about her is revealed. Once again the team must face down a monster with a direct relationship with one of the main characters.

    An episode with tremendous possibilities. We learn that the suspicions about Mina are warranted when it comes out she is actually a vampire and over a hundred years old. Somehow she controls her urges by cleaning her blood on a regular basis.

    Galvin, Luke, and Ruby must face their most dangerous foe and maybe without Mina by or on their side. Ruby proves once again that she's got a good mind on her shoulders as she surprises Galvin one more time. The group must devise a weapon made from the creatures DNA to stop him. I guess the stake to the heart only slows vampires down.

    An interesting story which could have been a barn burner, but instead it was a little disappointing. Very good acting by the principals and the special effects were OK as well. Overall enjoyable but could have been substantially more interesting with the right twists to the story. Thanks for reading...
  • Yawn.... quite a snooze. fast forwarding territory

    the plot of this episode is around Mina and some vampires that come to town and it's just hard to really care what happens. It just lurches from scene to scene without every really going anywhere interesting. The shortfall in this episode also applies to the show in general. It's not funny, not scary, not witty, not well acted, not exciting... There's no life that comes through this show - no spark. It's very mechanical and apathetic feeling. I guess the lead character Luke is supposed to be cool and laid back or something but I find that his character just comes off as indifferent.
  • Nice vampiric episode.

    Demons still has a way to go but this episode was not at all bad. There was some really good music included here (AC/DC and Johnny Cash within moments of each other - what a juxtaposition!) There was also a marvellously bizarre moment when Quincy unzips his henchman's head and uses it as a bowling ball at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley. The main plot revolved around Quincy and his strange links to Mina's past and certainly helped to develop Mina's character a great deal more than in the previous episodes. All in all, good fun and promises well for the future.