Season 1 Episode 2

The Whole Enchilada

Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Jan 10, 2009 on ITV

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  • Children are abducted right from under their families noses. A little girl who sees her sister is the key. Luke gets Ruby to talk to her and she gets the name Gilgamel. With the help of an old priest Father Simeon, Luke is able to face the Demon.

    A major improvement on the first episode. Not so much in the story itself, but in the tension, evil nature of the demon, and the actual costuming and special effects. It looks like maybe they spent a little more money once the spec episode was accepted.

    Gilgamel is supposedly a Level Nine creature on the scale they use. Actually he seemed much worse than the fiend they faced last week that was Level 12. Maybe its the rudimentary nature of the demon and the single minded nature of his actions that makes him seem worse. Corrupting the supposed incorruptible by using lies and trickery.

    I enjoyed Richard Wilson as Father Simeon who Rupert kept calling a zombie. One has to wonder if he truly has been alive for the last four or five hundred years. I am finding Rupert a little annoying. His character is similar in nature to Giles from Buffy in that he is to watch over his charge and keep him moving forward towards his destiny. Like Giles he seems to forget that this boy has a life beyond the nature of his destiny and trying to stop him from living it will not work out in a positive way. Unlike Giles at least he takes part in the work that Luke must do. Overall a more complete and sinister plot line to this episode and a very worthy episode to sit and enjoy. I hope the rest are as much fun and interesting as this one. Thanks for reading...
  • Better than the previous episode.

    This episode was so much better than the pilot. The gang are on the trail of a demon called Gilgamel who has been abducting children. Richard Wilson plays Father Simeon. He seems to be rather typecast at the moment as grumpy old wizards but he does do them rather well. The ending was a bit tame when Luke has at Gilgamel with the special sword. The demon hardly put up a fight at all and was overcome extremely easily. So then all's well, Gilgamel is banished and the children are freed. So not too bad but they really need to work on the swordfights.
  • a demon starts kidnapping children and luke must put a stop to it.

    This was an okay episode, nothing too original but still a lot of fun. A demon called gilgamel has begun kidnapping children and luke must put a stop to it. he gets some help from father simeon who seems to have some bad blood with rupert. It has yet to be revealed what exactly the cause of this, hopefully we'll find out in a future episode. I have to admit the showdown at the end was a dissapointment, i thought there would be a good fight but it was over before i knew it. all in all a decent episode and i hope it can stay as good in the remaining episodes as unfortunately due to negative reviews this will probably be the only season of the show.