Season 1 Episode 1

They Bite

Aired Saturday 7:45 PM Jan 03, 2009 on ITV

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  • Meet Luke Rutherford, normal British teenager until his Godfather and father's best friend shows up and informs him he's the last of the Van Helsing's. In this premiere episode Luke and his best friend have to deal with the truth and meet some people.

    Interesting in that I respect a number of the reviewers who panned this show and the episode. I think a lot of that may come from a certain point of view. I just viewed this on BBC America and found the episode quite charming. It premiered in the US on Saturday January 2nd, 2010. The villains in this episode were anything, but intimidating compared to special effects we've seen in other TV shows and movies for the last ten years. That part surprises me a great deal and it is the reason for my drop in the score to a 7.5. Based on the leveling system for the "monsters", Mr. Thrip should have been much more difficult to dispatch.

    The two female characters intrigue me. First Zoe Tapper as Mina Harker descendant of Jonathan Harker from the Dracula books who is supposedly a real person who Bram Stoker supposedly stole for his book. Her abilities are fascinating and she makes for an interesting character. The other is Luke's friend Ruby played by Holly Grainger. I think she is a little stereotyped, but I love her spirit and let's face grace under pressure.

    Not a bad premise for a story and something we've seen many times before. Fix the costuming and things would be much more professional. I thought the little gremlin type character was pretty cool, but the two villains did leave a lot to be desired. They were almost comical.

    I enjoyed this premiere episode of Demons and if this is a remake or a new rendition of an older program I never did see it. I'm looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Not the worst I have ever seen but not the greatedst either.

    This show was not as bad as I thought it was. There were some quite nice light-hearted moments. The monsters were slightly naff but that didn't really bother me. Philip Glenister's american accent was a bit weird but I quite liked him nonetheless. I'm not sure about Mina yet though, she seemed a bit wooden. Luke and Ruby were ok. It is unlikely that this show will ever be as good as Doctor Who but it fills the timeslot for want of anything better at the moment. So an ok watch for the moment but very unlikely to go any further than these episodes.
  • I've seen 5 year old kids in Halloween costumes that were scarier then the monsters in this train wreck.

    Never before have I seen so much use of cliched dialogue strung together to make up such a contrived and disgracefully woven script. What was worse then the script itself was its execution. With a collection of the worst actors ever to grace television.
    A main character that is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. His emotions and reactions or lack thereof were as if he were portraying a Terminator, not an average kid who has just made some horrific and earth shattering realizations, finding out everything he thought he knew about the world was incorrect.
    I honestly don't know how this drivel made it into production. And what executive was incompetent enough to order this show to its airwaves. From the abysmal American accent of Rupert spouting out well known and overused one-liners, "smiting" Demons that were about as horrific as teddy bears. This is without a doubt one of the worst shows ever made.
  • Another rehash of an old format!

    I thought it was a total rip off of the same Buffy type vehicle which I have never seen so can't comment too much and although the young man was a stunner - walking around with his shirt off - he played it like it was his first day out of drama school, and that he did not know what a camera was, a reaction was, a good line delivery was or what the other characters are there for and to top it all the guy from Life on Mars playing an American very badly and the boy from The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean playing an OTT Level 12 what ever that is like a manic banshee on acid - I can only comment again I am down heartened, disappointed and wondered why it was on so early. It is ITV trying to cash in on Who, Merlin and Robin Hood and failing miserably. So another waste of time like so many of these so called "new programmes".
  • Heavily adveristed. Does not live up to the hype.

    Demons is ITVs new show to challenge the BBC's Doctor Who and Merlin. Aunty need not look over her shoulder though. This a pretty basic show.
    These are the things that annoyed me about the show:

    -It's unoriginal the premise is pretty much like Buffy The Vampire Slayer; The main character Luke is descended from the great monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing and is destined to follow in his footsteps. This also means he has some superhuman reflexes.

    -The producers of this show of made a point of setting the show in London. Not on the outskirts, but right in the centre near Southwark. So how is it the neither Luke nor Ruby have London accents? No they sound like middle class kids from the homecounties which they probably are in real life, but for gods sake why do they have to be so posh? Any teenager going to college in south London talking like that would get the crap kicked out of them.

    Talking of south London the show is ethnically challenged. South London is well known for being diverse and has a very large black community yet only the college teacher was black. I'm going to wait and see what they do about this in upcoming episodes.

    Being born and raised in London I love my city and I am a stickler for geographical details of London. So why the hell was they taking Tower Bridge to go from Southwark to Waterloo???? Southwark and Waterloo are on the the same side of the river.

    The acting was poor from the lead characters. Using a pretty boy does not make up for this. The only redeeming factor was Mackenzie Crook (the Office, Pirates of the Caribbean) who pretty much looked like a Roald Dahl character and had a name to match Gladiolus Thrip. Yet he was killed off way to easily! I would have liked to have seen him in more episodes. At least he attemped a London accent.

    I don't like the fact that this show seems to be all "monsters are bad kill them" it needs to have more depth than that. The monsters appear to have no real motovation. This is Rupert Galvin's attitude. All he talks about is "smoting" them. His character is also one dimensional.

    The preview for the new episode doesn't look at that good. It had Richard Wilson in it which shows he has no loyalty to the BEEB since he was also in Merlin.

    Apprently this show has only 6 episodes. I may watch one more but I've a feeling it will not be worth my while.
  • Slight sense of deja vu but still worth a watch....

    Well apart from the obvious about this show being that it has a very Buffy like storyline (fighting the forces of darkness, watcher (sorry Godfather) from the other side of the world. Not really taking to the role. Blah, Blah, Blah. That besides once I had got over the similarities it actually wasn't too bad. I will be watching next week to see how the storyline develops and what other baddies Luke has to fight! This being quite a short season in the first place (6 episodes) I doubt very much that this will get a second season considering the VERY mixed reviews that it has had. All in all worth a watch if only for some light entertainment.
  • A decent start to the series.

    contrary to waht many people think, the first episode wasn't that bad, sure it wasn't the best show in the world but it is still watchable. This show follows luke rutherford who discovers he is destined to defeat the forces of evil, not exactly the most orignal storyline but this show was probably not intended to have terribly deep storylines. Sure the storyline was rather cheesy but that is to be expected with a show like this. This show probably can't compete with the likes of doctor who and primeval but it's still fun to watch. It's a shame that this show is unlikely to get a second season due to the negative reaction from the viewers.