Dempsey and Makepeace

Season 2 Episode 4

No Surrender

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 21, 1985 on ITV
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No Surrender
After an important international banker is taken hostage during a bank robbery, Dempsey and Makepeace try to prevent the bank robbers from killing the hostages. However, during a raid, Makepeace offers to take the place of one of the female hostages, who is suffering from heart problems.moreless

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  • Hostage time for Makepeace because the bitter banter is up again.

    Another pretty good episode. Dempsey is complaining about Makepeace being a girl again and to prove her point that girls can be cops too she trades places with a hostage at a bank robbery. This episode is mostly here to show how much Dempsey really cares for his partner underneath all the bravado. From the beginning where Makepeace was hurt and in the hospital he gave her plastic flowers to the end when she's hurt again and giving her the one REAL red rose. Awwww. I assume this is to show he's coming around right? Bet next episode he's back to his crabby self again. Ugh.moreless
  • Makepeace gets injured and Dempsey does not want her to get right back to police work. She is offended and puts herself into a dangerous situation.

    Another good episode. Makepeace comes out of the hospital and is offended at Dempsey telling her to take it easy. He wants to protect her, but she is hurt when he asks Watson to help him climb a roof. So she exchanges herself for a hostage to proove to Dempsey that she is ready to work.

    When it looks like the kidnappers are going to shoot her, Dempsey looses it. He goes against Spikings' instructions and gets the robbers the coach they demand. Of course he follows the coach and saves Makepeace and the other hostages.

    I really liked how Dempsey showed his concern for Makepeace and felt she was overreacting when she got upset with him. He just wants to protect her because he cares.moreless
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Jamie Foreman


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    • Spikings: What's happening?
      Dempsey: Makepeace swapped herself for the woman.
      Spikings: So now we've got someone inside and we got the sick woman out.
      Dempsey: It was a stupid thing to do
      Spikings: She did it to prove a point, because of you.

    • Spikings: You have 15 minutes to get those animals, dead or alive, I don't care.

    • Makepeace: So, you're trying to keep me out of the firing line too.
      Spikings: When we go in through the front, sergeant, I think there'll be enough shooting to keep you occupied.

    • Dempsey: What do you want us to do?
      Spikings: Standard policy in a kidnap or hijack situation is: No surrender. Equally, the lives of the hostages are of primary concern.
      Dempsey: You just cancelled yourself out.
      Spikings: Not quite, I'm relying on the ingenuity and initiative of my operatives to devise a way in which we can have our cake and eat it. And when I say "my operatives" that means you, both of you.

    • Dempsey [ visiting Harry, who's in a hospital bed ] : Got you where I want you, at last.
      Makepeace: I've got bruises, Dempsey, not brain damage.

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