Dempsey and Makepeace

ITV (ended 1986)





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  • The backdrop of London in the 80ies is fantastic !

    great cop show ! 20 years later this show is a bit outdated but still very amusing to watch.
    I like the idea of a New York cop and a posh Scotland Yard sergeant.. the chemistry is really good between these two..
    this can maybe be explained by the fact these two get together in real-life and are still maried to this day.

    The show never 'jumped the shark' in the way that the two leads came together at the end of the show.. there were episodes where it was hinted that the two had feelings for eachother but never said or acted on.. could be frustrating for someone who watched the show only for that the happen, in the end it didn't bother me.. bringing these two together on the show would have been almost impossible.. it would'nt have been plausible..

    The backdrop of London in the 80ies is fantastic and Spiking is a fantastic supporting character!