Dempsey and Makepeace - Season 1

ITV (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Judgement
    Episode 10
    Makepeace has been asked by her best friend, Sarah Hackett, to be the matron of honour at Sarah's wedding. Makepeace accepts. Makepeace is giving Sarah a lift to the railway station. Sarah is off to Harrod's with her father, Sir Lionel Hackett, who turns out to be a judge. Sarah is murdered while she is on the train. Makepeace is devestated when she is informed.

    Sir Lionel, however, takes the law into his own hands. Makepeace gives Sir Lionel a photo-fit of a man who was seen at the railway station where Makepeace had taken Sarah. Sir Lionel assumes that he is the killer and goes in search of him. But, what Sir Lionel doesn't know is that he is looking for the wrong man.moreless
  • Cry God for Harry
    Cry God for Harry
    Episode 9
    Lord Winfield country estate is broken into and a priceless jade collection is stolen, Dempsey and Makepeace investigate to find the stolen jade.
  • Blind Eye
    Blind Eye
    Episode 8
    While on an investigation to find the police informant's son who has been kidnapped, Dempsey and makepeace uncover a plot to murder Spikings.
  • Make Peace, Not War
    Three young boys break into a warehouse, but are disturbed by the owners. One of the intruders, Ziggy, manages to escape. He turns out to be another one of Makepeace's informants.

    Dempsey goes undercover as an American drug dealer in London, who is meeting with Merle and her chauffeur, Davros. Dempsey is taken to Merle's warehouse, which turns out to be the same warehouse where Ziggy escaped from. While Dempsey is at the warehouse, Makepeace walks in and almost blows Dempsey's cover.moreless
  • Nowhere to Run
    Nowhere to Run
    Episode 6
    When Dempsey and Makepeace discover that the theft of a small van containing studio equipment was really aimed at the automatic guns hidden in the van, they follow every possible lead to find the killer. When they do and find out that the guns are going to be used to free an Arab terrorist, the case is suddenly no longer about murder but about terrorism.moreless
  • Hors De Combat
    Hors De Combat
    Episode 5
    A prisoner named Frank Price is sprung from prison, but is murdered once he is on the outside. The man driving the getaway patrol car, Hurst, belongs to Bernie Silk's crime gang, whereas Frank Price belonged to Jack Lang's gang. Dempsey meets an American woman named Angie Hughes. She claims that she is taking care of some business and seeing the sights. He and Makepeace investigate Price's murder. They discover that the killer was hired for a professional hit. Dempsey and Makepeace go to see Jack Lang to ask him why someone would want Price dead. The duo soon realise that Price's murder could be the start of war between Lang's and Silk's gangs. Dempsey then realises that Angie was Price's killer, taken hostage and placed into the boot of Angie's car. Jack's grand-daughter, Debbie, is kidnapped. Then, Bernie Silk is taken by Lang's gang. The gangs had set their bosses up, so that the gangs could carve up the territories between them. Jack and Bernie are both shot. Angie is killed when trying to escape. Dempsey dives out of the boot of the car and rolls over.moreless
  • Given to Acts of Violence
    Frank Egan, a tough London criminal, executes Willie Ferguson outside a London pub. The only witness, Mr. Hutchings, denies in court that he saw Egan commit the crime outside the pub. Dempsey and Makepeace uncover that Egan executed Ferguson as a favour for an old friend named Archie McAllister, who was due to meet Egan at a specified location.

    At the location, Dempsey and Makepeace discover that Egan and McAllister are due to pull off a major heist involving Scotch money while it is being transported from a small airfield in Duxton, near Kent. Egan and McAllister also discuss a man named Steven Heller, known also as "The Birdman". They plan to use "The Birdman" as the pilot for the plane on which the Scotch money will be returned to Scotland.moreless
  • Lucky Streak
    Lucky Streak
    Episode 3
    Dempsey is in a top London Casino when a security guard is robbed of £100,000 and murdered. Spikings is not happy about this at all. Makepeace, however, is extremely amused about the entire situation.

    Before the security guard's body was found, a guest named James Bessel was escorted from the building due to making a nuisance of himself. It turned out that he was having an affair with Roz James, a croupier at the casino. She gave him information about the alarm systems in use at the casino. He was escorted from the building, re-entered the building from the rear and murdered the guard.moreless
  • The Squeeze
    The Squeeze
    Episode 2
    Dempsey and Makepeace investigate the hijacking of a security van, in which a guard was murdered and half a million pounds stolen.
  • Armed and Extremely Dangerous
    New York police lieutenant James Dempsey is seconded to SI-10 in London, where he is partnered with Det. Sgt. Harriet Makepeace. In their first case, the unlikely duo investigate caviar-smuggling and murder.