Dempsey and Makepeace

Season 2 Episode 5

Tequila Sunrise

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 28, 1985 on ITV
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Tequila Sunrise
A police informant suffers a near-fatal beating and due to this Dempsey and Makepeace go on the trail of a vicious gang leader.

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  • Did they or didn't they? Best so far!

    This one was pretty awesome! When some mobsters attack a good informant of Makepeace's she attacks back and Dempsey is worried about his partner letting her emotions get in the way of her work. A night on the town with some friends leaves Makepeace hammered and Dempsey takes her home. It seems like something may have happened between the two that night and we're left guessing until the next day. Dempsey sure is cheerful and poor Makepeace all hanged over. Dempsey seems to be talking about her behind her back to his friends. She takes this personally and they both have it out in the police locker room. The best part of the episode is when Dempsey tells her they didn't "do it". He says if they had she sure would have remembered it! The rest of the episode is the informant trying to get back at the mobsters but the best part was behind them. The chemistry sparks when the writers and actors let it. It should be more often.moreless
  • Harriet gets drunk after an informant of her gets nearly killed due to her fault. Dempsey is there and they spend an interesting evening/night together.

    Definitely one of my most favourite if not the favourite episode of Dempsey & Makepeace. It is all about the evolution of their relationship. Makepeace gets drunk and pretty much tries to seduce Dempsey who remains a Gentlemen and proves to be a real friend. This definitely solidifies their bond and I wish they had not forgotten about it in the next episode but build on it.

    It is obvious that they are both attracted to each other, but their bond goes much deeper.moreless
Lou Hirsch

Lou Hirsch

Wee Jock

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Milton Johns

Milton Johns

Sid Lowe

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Roy Evans

Roy Evans


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Tony Osoba

Tony Osoba

Det. Sgt. Chas Jarvis

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    • Makepeace: How did I get to bed?
      Dempsey: Well, you looked uncomfortable lying down in the hallway.
      Makepeace: Oh my god. Tell me something. How did I get into my pyjamas?
      Dempsey: You don't remember. You put them on to go outside to say goodnight to your car.

    • Makepeace: Have you ever had a tequila sunrise at all?
      Dempsey: I think so.
      Makepeace: Well, this is a tequila sunset.
      Dempsey: Why is that?
      Makepeace: I made a mistake. I put the grenadine in first.

    • Dempsey: Alright sweetheart, I'll tell you what bothers me. I've just taken two big insults from you that I don't take from nobody. Correction, make that three. I don't know which one is worse. One: I don't brag about something, unless it's worth bragging about. Two: I'm no prince Charmless who has to get his charge by sleeping with some lush. And three: Baby, believe me, even if you'd been comatose, lobotomised, anesthetised and deepfrozen, if I had, you would have remembered.

    • Jock: You are only breathing Mister, cause she's here.
      Dempsey [ moves closer to Makepeace ] : Don't leave me.

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