Dempsey and Makepeace

Season 1 Episode 2

The Squeeze

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 18, 1985 on ITV
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The Squeeze
Dempsey and Makepeace investigate the hijacking of a security van, in which a guard was murdered and half a million pounds stolen.

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  • Slightly better than the pilot but not by much.

    An armored truck gets robbed which leads Dempsey and Makepeace to a hooker, boat adventures, and a very narrow escape from a car crusher. I'm beginning to see a pattern. A very slow buildup, a little banter between the leads, and an interesting ending. The ending is always the best part of this show so far. The leads still pretend to hate each other but end up being in dangerous situations together by the end that it's obvious they're going to get closer sometime. I just hope there isn't a lot of backtracking. If you want them to hate each other for a while then let them hate each other but if you want them to get closer then let them get closer. No "I hate you" *dangerous situation* "You're not so bad". Next episode: ditto. Only so many of those we can take. I like the reference their boss makes to Cagney and Lacey. This series does remind me of that show, especially the music and look. If this series is ever remade I have some people who could be cast as the lead. David Duchovny or Patrick Dempsey as Dempsey and Billie Piper as Makepeace. This series was made close to the time period that Ashes to Ashes was suppose to take place in. It does have that feel sometimes with people calling the boss Guv and there is a man that works in the police station named Chaz which is close to Shaz who worked in Gene Hunt's police station. Also, I do believe there was an episode of Ashes to Ashes that has a suspect named Chaz. I wouldn't be surprise if there are some references of this series in Ashes to Ashes. At the time I watched that show I didn't know about this series, so if they did do that it sure went over my head. lol! Even though there was some better scenes in this one I'm still rooting for the series to become better than what I'm seeing at the moment.moreless
Mike Warburton

Mike Warburton

Boy on bike

Guest Star

John Malcolm

John Malcolm

Sammy Bryce

Guest Star

Joanne Good

Joanne Good

Reynold's girlfriend

Guest Star

Tony Osoba

Tony Osoba

Det. Sgt. Chas Jarvis

Recurring Role

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    • Spikings [ on the phone ]: By the way, how's the great American disaster?
      Makepeace: A long way up my nose.

    • Dempsey: You know, before we get any further, I think we need to get a few things straight, right now. First off, I didn't ask for this transfer. I got detailed. Number two, I don't agree with women having anything to do with police work. They don't know how a criminal minds functions and they simply cannot cope with the physical stress that the job demands. Having said all that and assuming you've already tried to get Spikings to change his mind and you failed. I figure we're stuck with each other. Here's what I propose. I'm prepared to overlook your shortcomings, if you're willing to ignore my, sometimes, brash behaviour and my annoying little habit of always being right. Oh yeah, and the fact that you're a sergeant and I'm a lieutenant.

    • Spikings: I don't want Dempsey in my firm, my guv'nor don't want him either, but the Home Office have different ideas. [ softly ] Between you and me, who else would I pair him with? That bunch of animals out there? He wouldn't stand much of a chance with them. Besides, he's only with us for 12 months. Lie back and enjoy. Think of England.
      Makepeace: There's a condition.
      Spikings: Oh yes?
      Makepeace: Four weeks leave after my 12 months are up.
      Spikings: Alright. Put it in the book.
      [ Makepeace starts to leave the office ]
      Spikings: Harry! Go on and pick up Cagney or Lacey or whatever his name is and bring him in, he's late.

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    • Spikings references the American police series Cagney and Lacey, about two female NYPD detectives.

    • Spikings' advice to Makepiece to: "lie back and think of England" is an English expression, traditionally given as advice to a woman about her duty to have sexual intercourse with her husband. It is sometimes attributed to Queen Victoria, but no evidence exists to prove this.