Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Season 2 Episode 6

Dancing with Denise

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2009 on E!

Episode Recap

Dancing with the Stars invited Denise to do the show, but Denise wanted her dad's input before making the big decision. Denise's mom loved the show and would have wanted Denise to do it. Her dad said "the timing might be right now." Denise said she was up for the challenge and she definitely wanted to do the show.

Denise sat down with the senior talent producer Deena Katz to talk about it. Deena feels that Denise is the perfect person for the show. Denise was heading to new York to do some press for Dancing with the Stars, where she found out Max was her partner.

On Denise's first day of dance rehearsal with Max she feels her schedule is insane. Denise told Jane Seymour (former DWTS contestant) while filming Freeloaders, that Her biggest fear was forgetting everything she learned before going out live on stage. On the last day of the film shoot Jane gave Denise one her her necklaces with two hearts that connect. The necklace symbolism means to live with an open heart. Also, so Denise can let go of anything thing distressing, upsetting, or tough in her life so she can live in the present moment to be open to something new and wonderful.

Denise felt her rehearsals were getting intense as the competition approached. They danced the Cha Cha Cha as their first dance. In Denise's mind everyone she knows was in the audience, there are 22 million people watching her, she better not forget the steps, and that the big eyelashes don't fall off her face. They got a score of 18 for their first dance.

At the next rehearsal Denise felt things were starting to improve as they worked on their quick step; they survived the first round. The samba proved to be harder than Denise thought it would be. They got a overall score of 16 for dancing the samba.

Denise and Max were voted off Dancing with the Stars. This is when she started a press tour to relive the lovely moment all over again. Denise headed over to Jimmy Kimmel for an interview where her dancing shoes were burned. Next, she headed to Regis and Kelly show where she realized her experience on the show was a confidence booster.

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