Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Season 1 Episode 2

Denise vs. Tabloids

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jun 01, 2008 on E!

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  • Shoes are so important--NOT

    I picked this up for the first time, catching bits and pieces between channel surfing. It seems to emphasize the shallowness of celebrities, but one bit I caught that was the highlight of the dribs and drabs I saw was when Richards tells someone she's took on the reality show at her dying mother's request. She went on and on melodramatically, shedding a tear here and there. Anyway, that's not what she said on "The View" where she claimed she had bills to pay among other reasons. But I don't recall her mentioning anything about her mother. Well, that was about as much as I could stand of this show and then it was off to another channel.
  • A really entertaining and informative episode that sheds a lot of light on the gossip out there.

    I love the way that it bites back hard on those pesky journos that push celebs to breaking point. I didn't really follow all the tabloid press about Denise's relationships (I don't know her so don't really care...) but living in England you do pick up bits and bobs with celeb hounding being the national sport. When I watched this episode my heart really went out to her. No one likes being portrayed in a bad light and to have turned a cheek for so long I could understand her frustration when the less classy people involved were getting a lot of sympathy. Hey, the girl's not perfect and her actions weren't perfect in some eyes but when you hear her side of the story they are not only forgivable, they are understandable.

    Looking forward to more.