Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Season 2 Episode 5

Funbags or Die

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 05, 2009 on E!

Episode Recap

Denise watches her friend Krista Allen first time at the Hollywood improve. Seeing her friend make fun of herself at the show inspires her to make fun of herself. Denise tell her friend that the website funny or die web site wants her to do a sketch, Denise think it will be great.

Irv was asked to do a commercial at Clancy's crab broiler a seafood place in Glendale. He asked that Denise not come to the commercial.

She is giving a sketch involving her funbags. A director wanted to know if Denise has a push up bra. He feels they need bigger boobs for the shoot.

Denise and Irv reviewed his commercial and Denise says he did great. Funbags skit got more than a half a million hits and Ryan Seacrest asked her on his morning radio show to talk about it.
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