Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Season 2 Episode 7

Picture Imperfect

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 19, 2009 on E!

Episode Recap

Kim (Denise's best friend) is launching a make-up line called Primp cosmetics. Denise said she would be the face of her new products. Denise called Steve Shaw (a photographer) to ask him about shooting Kim's ad and he agreed. Kim wants an underwater ad and Steve says he knows a place where they can shoot.

Denise's phone as been ringing off the hook with calls from Kim since she agreed to help her with her make-up line. Denise hooked up a training sessions for her and Trish with Ray, then they both got spray tans.

Denise is sensing some tension between Kim an stylist, since the stylist told Denise and Trish what to wear to her shoot. Kim said the stylist pissed her off because she wants this shoot to be perfect. Steve feels that spending a lot of time on hair and makeup is ridiculous since they're going to jump in the pool afterward and get their hair wet. Steve (photographer) is used to being in charge and today he has to deal with Kim. After two hours, Steve comes back in the room and asked how much longer.

The photo shoot isn't working and Denise took a dive and smashed her head on the side of the pool. Kim ran to get her some ice, and Steve said the pool idea was a complete disaster. Steve is getting pissed off with Kim chirping in his ear.

The photo shoot didn't go as expected so they tried something different. They took shots of Denise and Trish coming out of the water. Kim said Steve, Denise, and Trish did and amazing job. At the Primp launch party Kim said she was really happy about the end result.

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