Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Monday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered May 26, 2008 In Season





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  • Follow The Life Of Actress, Model, And Author (2011) Denise Richards.. From Going To The DMV To Playing With Her Kids..

    I Have Allways Love Denise Richards As A Person & An Actress! This Show Shows Viewers The Real "Denise" The Show Is Really Fun To Watch (Over & Over) I Did NOT See The Show When It Aired.. I Bought A DVD Box Set Of Seasons 1 & 2 And I Loved It! I Wish It Was Still On I Would So Watch It! When I Found Out This Year The Show Was Off The Air I Thought "Uggg Why Do All The Good Shows Have To Leave Networks Forever! This Show Is Wonderful, A Real Treat For Any Denise Richards Fan!
  • Luv you Denise

    Dear Denise, Dont you dare let these l.. make you sad nor regret. I just watched your showfor the first time , and up till now I just thought how beautiful you were but after watching the show I realized how funny smart natural sexy beatutiful and loving you are. I can tell from your kids how good mom you are . I mean they look pretty happy to me !!!! All those bad comments are comeing from people who dont have a life and get happy by trying to make other people feel bad. Threy are not logical nor reasonable nor sucessfull smart people. So dont even read them. I really enjoyed watching the show. Your dogs , your daughters , the pigs OMG , and your sis and friends they are all so nice people. And we have something in common , I am attrcted to the same type og guys and what the hell if they are not the right guys.You are so beautiful smart and famous that you dont really need a husband. You definately need a man to staify you so why should you compromise !! You have love of your kids, dad, friends, sis and dogs and pigs. You can not make everyone love you, unless all the people in the world will be as nice as you were. And you know that it will never happen. There are more mean people that there are good people. So stop worrying about what people think about you. You know what you are and people who love you know what kind of person you are , so you can not and dont need to try to convince people cause you cant. I love the show, I think its great. I luved that you called that reporter a **** she deserved it. hahahaha. what an ugly jealous b... she was. Luv you girl. Etel
  • OMG! I think I found the winner of "Totally self-absorbed-clueless-mom-of-the-year" in Denise Richards! She is totally without an ounce of sense when it comes to making decisions that are proper for a mother of two daughters, famous or not!

    ...I mean she has to actually contemplate whether to do either another PLAYBOY centerfold or the cover of SHAPE. Hello?!?!? Her poor daughters looked like they hardly knew her in the few scenes that did include them. Plus she is in total denial about her part in any bad press she has received past & present. Thank god she has friends and a sister that are smarter than her. She is a real bubblehead who always seems to say the wrong thing & make the wrong choice. Somebody please hire her a writer before she sticks her foot in her mouth again or does something else that will make her girls cringe later in life or on the psychiatrist's couch. I am one that actually liked her better BEFORE the show aired. Still it was funny to watch her over-complicate simple things that we non-blondes handle with
  • I love the show and I admire her so much. I rate her and her show a 10. Charlie is not a man. If he was he would keep his mouth shut for the girls sake and stop his wineing.

    Denise is a class act. I never really paid much attention to her until her show came on. When it was advertising I made sure that I could record it. I did not want to miss an episode. She is really a good girl, with good values and she knows how to be a real lady. She is a basic and down to earth. Denise puts on no airs. So to hell with Charlie. Because Denise is an Angel. !!!!!

    A new fan!!
    Leslie Waldon
    831 Carolina
    Graham, Texas 76450

    Maybe one day I can get a photo of her with her signature.
    But I don't know how to go about it.
  • I'd rather watch grass grow than this show.

    Whats wrong with people? She thinks she is it but she is pure trash. Why do people watch crap like this?? She refers to people who like to camp and fish as white trash. Well, she needs to look in the mirror. You don't have to be poor to be white trash honey!!!!No wonder Charlie divorced her butt!!!I sure couldn't live with her. I will never watch this show or allow my children to watch it. She is a poor example of a mother. What will her kids think if they see the show when they get older?? All those nude pics of her, I feel sorry for her kids. Trying to find a blog all that comes up are nude photos of her. sick!!!
  • Just like a lot of people, I only knew Denise from what is printed in the tabloids,and very little has been flattering lately, so I understand her reasoning for doing the show. I enjoy it-She is a good mom and a good person; it's a cute show.

    I'm love reality tv shows, so this was something right up my alley. The show is cute; I definitely wasn't expecting much, especially because all the press before it aired was negative. I think Denise did the right thing by doing the show; I think she wanted to show everyone that she wasn't as awful as Charlie made her out to be. I think she and Charlie just brought the worst out in each other, and it can definitely make you do things you wouldn't normally do when you are thinking clearly. I truly think Denise is a sweet person, a great daughter, and a loving mom. I definitely relate to how big an animal lover she is too. Funny though, I can't picture Charlie Sheen having a pig as a pet, did she have the pigs when they were together? The girls are adorable; when they aired the episode dealing with Denise's moms death, and she was talking to her daughter and her daughter said "But I Love Her" in that little voice of hers, it definitely brought a tear to my eye. Overall, it's a cute show as far as these type shows go, and if you don't like shows like this, don't dis Denise for doing it, just turn the channel.
  • This shows you a whole new positive side of Denise.

    This shows you a whole new positive side of Denise. This reality show really changed my views on Denise. It made me see how surprisingly nice, and forgiving she is and also how good of a parent she can be. It's also really good because it shows her, a rich, struggling with real person dramas, such as the death of loved ones, and in one episode, finding her 13 year old nephew looking at pictures of her in a Playboy photoshoot. [hilarious], but that episode also showed what a good aunt she is and how good she is at dealing with tough situations. This is a really good show.
  • You know what? I do watch it, and it's not horrible, although I don't think it's going to last much longer.

    Given all the drama surrounding Denise and her messy divorce from Charlie Sheen, this show didn't have a huge amount of potential to start, and now that four episodes have aired thus far, I don't think that most people are buying into it.

    Let me just start off by saying that I loathe reality television, and I agree that it is ruining the once-dignified world of Hollywood, where people had to show genuine talent and come up with truly substantial material in order to make it to the silver screen. Reality TV allows just about anyone to prance around with their kids in tow (if they have any), whine about the daily struggles that come with their celebrity status, and claim that they are working their butts off when, in truth, they're just donning the designer clothes and hamming it up for the camera. Yes, it is a shame that ridiculous romps like "Living Lohan" and "The Hills" are taking the place of real, legitimately written shows that people used to take time to develop. Yes, I have spent years refusing to watch anything with the word "reality" in the title, but I can't help being interested in Denise Richards' show. I was channel surfing one night and came across it, and I couldn't believe I was watching it, but again, some reason, I was interested.

    At first glance, Denise really does seem like a sincere, thoughtful, and down-to-earth woman who loves her kids, is trying to bond more closely with her now-widowed father, and is fighting to dodge the brutal things that are being said about her by the press. At first glance, it seems that way. But looks can be deceiving, I guess. I really don't know a thing about Denise and am not going to pretend that I do, but I know that reality TV is a chance for them to portray themselves exactly the way they want to be seen. Those cameras can cut, edit, and elaborate upon anything they want, and in retrospect, I'm not so sure we're seeing her as she really and truly is. Granted, Charlie Sheen is no saint, but I don't think she is either. Denise APPEARS likable, and as you watch, part of you feels that she's just a normal person, but you never really know for sure.

    It is lighthearted and easy to watch. Denise is not a complete witch of a person, and despite what may or may not be true about her, I don't think she's had it easy at all. My only big problem with it is that Denise keeps saying that she loves being a mom and wants to be there for them, but everyone around her keeps saying there is something wrong with the fact that she is choosing to build a playhouse for them instead of "going out and having fun with her friends." I mean, come on. Her two daughters are very young right now, three and four years old, to be exact, and she's never going to have this time with them again. Ten years down the road, when they're teenagers, she's going to miss having her sweet little girls around. It's my opinion that if you're a mother who is all about your "me time," then there's a problem. Part of the problem with our world in general is that some people think it's wrong to let your children become your life. Denise should realize that yes, she is a mommy right now, and this is an important time with her girls that she can never get back. She shouldn't be ashamed to be giving her entire self to them, and it's unfortunate that instead of helping her see that, Denise's therapist and "friends" are encouraging her to get out, go pole-dancing, and get drunk in the evenings. Give me a break. And as another reviewer said here, the whole "teddy bear" thing in one of the first few episodes was a sweet thing to do for Sami and Lola, to help keep a piece of their grandmother in their hearts, but when it was done in front of a bunch of cameras, it cheapened it.

    The thing is, the show's ratings have apparently dropped between episodes 1 and 4, and now I have a feeling that Denise is going to try grabbing back some of those ratings by pushing to have her kids in more than just 10% of each episode. Hey, if nothing else, a pair of cute, smiling kids can be good for ratings. You can bet that she will also bring the subject of her ex-husband into the fold for sympathy reasons. I don't know how much longer I'll be tuning in, but those two little girls sure are adorable, and even if it is just partly fictional TV, I've seen things that are a hundred times more grating on the nerves than this. Why am I even watching this? I don't know. Would you believe me if I said that "it's complicated?"
  • It's really not all that Complicated.

    I had high hopes for this show. After four episodes, I've had enough.

    My favorite episode has to be when Denise goes to talk to some press guru lady. I loved when the Guru told her, "Don't play the mom card!" (I really can't believe it made it into the show!) It's hysterical (and a bit sad) that Richards constantly says she's all about being a mom, and then turns around and exploits her children. Giving your children with teddy bears made with their deceased grandmother's clothing is a sweet gesture, doing it in front of a camera crew is trashy. This women will do anything for ratings! I really do mean anything! (Including talking to her 13 year old nephew about "being naked" and her racy scenes in Wild Things. Oh, did I mention she signed a Playboy for him so he could sell it? Classy.) The constant reference to Wild Things is getting old, and I think Blond and Blonder is getting jealous.
  • Horrible TV Show. Denise Richards - It's Complicated

    This show is horrible. Not only does she use her kids and Charlie Sheen's name to get attention but the first part of the first episode was removing the name "Charlie" from her leg. She makes sure to drop his name every chance she gets. If she needs to feed off of her ex's fame then she doesn't
    deserve fame in the first place. Not only is the show so obviously scripted but what the writers do script is boring. At least if they are gonna create things to happen for the show they should at least make it interesting to watch. Don't waste your time on this show.
  • Obviously not a Lost or Heroes but it's funny, humorous and a light easy to watch show.

    This show is similar to Gene Simmons': Family Jewels & Kathy Griffin's: Life on the D-list. All are fun to watch to see the predicaments that these celebrities are in and funny to see how their lives are similar or different.

    I never thought of Denise as having 10dogs, 3 cats & 3pigs! She seems like a really compassionate person underneath her "vibrant" personality. A great and caring Mom, helps her dad, and truly cares what's said about her.

    Like I said before, obviously not a Lost or Heroes but it is not supposed to be. It's supposed to be a look into Denise's life and it does just that.

    Good, light, fun show!
  • i live in san diego i am a single mom with an **** ex-husband and lost my mom to cancer .....can i understand how she feels yes!!!!!!! she loves her babies and is a great mom .....and the way she looks at them!!! you CAN NOt FAKE that!!!

    no matter what you think about her life got to say she loves those little girls and her sister and father......
    so what if she said F......if i was her i say F### alot word also. give the girl a break.....she is from my home town and is from a good family and just lost her mom.....hard yes ....throw in a nasty divorce and an **** ex-husband
    and being a single mom .......i think she has f##### big balls to let everyone see her very personal pain......
    i know i am from san diego, lost my mom ,single parent and fighting this cancer thing .....just lost my 2 sisters also....lets fight cancer not each other.....she has a good not break it more with you harsh blows on her show .....use your time to fight no one else has to lose a loved one

  • shes nuts

    watching this show just verifys how nuts she really is. she cuss"s like a trucker, thats a real attractive trait ,she seems to be very self absorbed i dont see her great mothering skills she supposedly has. shes digging her own grave.she talked about charlie sheen she has opened her mouth and done more damage to herself than anyone else could have.if she doesnt see any of things she has done wrong with the heather and ritchie thing she is blind. how did she get a show .now shes doing playboy again ,the only person tending to life and kids is her dad.
  • Only marginally less annoying than the rest of the E! network shows

    Poor Denise used to be every boy's fantasy. Now, she is just one of many celebrities with a dying career. Her new reality show is a last ditch effort to keep the spotlight on herself for just a little while longer. She is continuing to rehash her divorce and the scandals that came along with it. There is nothing particularly shocking or revolutionary about this show. It's sad and tired, and it has only just begun. It is proof that reality tv is the death of Hollywood - further proof that anyone can be a star. The term 15 minutes of fame has never been more true. Denise is grabbing her last 15 minutes.
  • another one of these shows..............

    The E! Channel takes you into the home of this tabloid darling and provides the truth about Denise Richards' tumultuous Hollywood life. The E! Channel takes you into the home of this tabloid darling and provides the truth about Denise Richards' tumultuous Hollywood life. The E! Channel takes you into the home of this tabloid darling and provides the truth about Denise Richards' tumultuous Hollywood life. The E! Channel takes you into the home of this tabloid darling and provides the truth about Denise Richards' tumultuous Hollywood life. I think this show needs a fine tuning because, no one really knows who she is, seriusly, denise richards. its an okay show, nothing bettter.
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