Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Monday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered May 26, 2008 In Season





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  • OMG! I think I found the winner of "Totally self-absorbed-clueless-mom-of-the-year" in Denise Richards! She is totally without an ounce of sense when it comes to making decisions that are proper for a mother of two daughters, famous or not!

    ...I mean she has to actually contemplate whether to do either another PLAYBOY centerfold or the cover of SHAPE. Hello?!?!? Her poor daughters looked like they hardly knew her in the few scenes that did include them. Plus she is in total denial about her part in any bad press she has received past & present. Thank god she has friends and a sister that are smarter than her. She is a real bubblehead who always seems to say the wrong thing & make the wrong choice. Somebody please hire her a writer before she sticks her foot in her mouth again or does something else that will make her girls cringe later in life or on the psychiatrist's couch. I am one that actually liked her better BEFORE the show aired. Still it was funny to watch her over-complicate simple things that we non-blondes handle with