Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Monday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered May 26, 2008 In Season





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  • Luv you Denise

    Dear Denise, Dont you dare let these l.. make you sad nor regret. I just watched your showfor the first time , and up till now I just thought how beautiful you were but after watching the show I realized how funny smart natural sexy beatutiful and loving you are. I can tell from your kids how good mom you are . I mean they look pretty happy to me !!!! All those bad comments are comeing from people who dont have a life and get happy by trying to make other people feel bad. Threy are not logical nor reasonable nor sucessfull smart people. So dont even read them. I really enjoyed watching the show. Your dogs , your daughters , the pigs OMG , and your sis and friends they are all so nice people. And we have something in common , I am attrcted to the same type og guys and what the hell if they are not the right guys.You are so beautiful smart and famous that you dont really need a husband. You definately need a man to staify you so why should you compromise !! You have love of your kids, dad, friends, sis and dogs and pigs. You can not make everyone love you, unless all the people in the world will be as nice as you were. And you know that it will never happen. There are more mean people that there are good people. So stop worrying about what people think about you. You know what you are and people who love you know what kind of person you are , so you can not and dont need to try to convince people cause you cant. I love the show, I think its great. I luved that you called that reporter a **** she deserved it. hahahaha. what an ugly jealous b... she was. Luv you girl. Etel
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