Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Season 2 Episode 8

Root for the Home Team

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 26, 2009 on E!

Episode Recap

In the opening scenes when Denise is mountain biking with Ray (her personal trainer) she says to him that she wants to do a charity event with her sister and dad for her mom and the Kidney Cancer Association at Wrigley Field. Denise called Katie the head of PR for the Chicago Cubs and asked if she could hold a charity event. Katie asked her if she would be willing to meet the fans and singing at the seventh inning stretch; Denise said she would. Denise goes the the Fairmont Hotel Ballroom in Santa Monica California to meet with David Coury her vocal instructor. Denise left the training session more confident about singing at the ball game. Once Denise, her dad, and Nell got to Chicago they drove to their old neighborhood Downers Grove. They visited down town and took pictures with some of the residents. They met a childhood friend Kara working at Ingram's BusyBee Bakery. Then they went to the house they grew up in and were welcomed in to see the place. Denise met with Carrie from the Kidney Cancer Association and told her how it effected her family. Carries told Denise that she could help by calling people on the fence and asking them to come. Nelly and Denise talk about Irv's 60the birthday party coming up and what they could do to celebrate it and plan it together. Irv, Nelly, and Denise met with people at the Kidney cancer booth they set up at the ball park. When Denise was singing she said that she couldn't hear the music and her heart was beating so fast. Denise said that the charity even was a success but the singing would come back to bite her in the ass. Krissy kept playing her performance at Wrigley field on computer and when she closed her computer it wouldn't stop. Denise and Nelly did something small at the hotel for Irv's 60th birthday.
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