Denise Richards: It's Complicated - Season 1

Monday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered May 26, 2008 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Denise Dating
    Episode 1
    Denise goes to the DMV to change her last name from Sheen back to Richards; Denise arranges to find a stud pig to breed her female; Denise agrees to go on a blind date with a normal guy.
  • 6/1/08
    Denise has a face-to-face interview with a tabloid journalist to tell why she's doing a reality show; Denise decides to stop swearing for her kids, and if she does swear, she's going to donate shoes to charity; and Denise sits down for an interview with Redbook.
  • 6/8/08
    Denise considers posing for Playboy, while everybody tries to talk her out of it; Denise prepares for her meeting with Joel Silver; Denise gets her father a makeover, before they attend a red carpet event.
  • 6/15/08
    Denise looks to find some equal time to have some fun and taking care of her children; Denise builds a playhouse for her daughters; Denise and Irv handle a conflict between Sho and Sabrina, in which one of them is lying about returning dresses; and Denise's friends throw her a passion party.moreless
  • Saying Goodbye
    Episode 5
    Denise's grief over her mother dying from cancer, causes her to have insomnia; Denise and Irv interview potential personal assistants, in the wake of Sho quitting.
  • 6/29/08
    Denise goes to visit her sister's family and try to reconnect with her childhood roots; Denise agrees to babysit her sister's children, which leads to her nephew's friend bringing a Playboy that she posed in.
  • Bikini Shape
    Episode 7
    Denise tries to get into better shape for her trip to Hawaii; Denise puts her dogs through obedience training, after that doesn't work, her father threatens to send them to a kennel.
  • 7/20/08
    Denise, Kim, Trish and Michelle travel to Hawaii to try and recapture some of their youth, but Denise's fear or flying and the paparazzi get in the way of their fun.
  • 7/27/08
    Denise travels to New York City to promote It's Complicated, but rumors arise that thrust her back into the tabloids.