Dennis and Gnasher

BBC (ended 1998)


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  • Terrible.

    I tried and tried with this show. Terrible fail of a thing.
  • HOORAY FOR 2009!

    Dennis is truly the Greatest Menace of all time.......
    I always loved The Beano as a kid, and of course, Dennis The Menace (or Dennis and Gnasher), and I still do now. I always watch repeats on BBC or on Iplayer, and have always wished that they would make a new series, and now, because of high ratings on repeats, they're bringing it back (With the Introduction of Bea to the series)!
    Dennis and his dog, Gnasher will always have a place in my heart, this is beginning to sound all soppy. I better be off before Dennis reads this and thinks I'm a softy!
  • The charcters from the british comic from the beano get their own series

    Dennis and Gnasher the charcters from the popular british comic (not to be confused with dennis the meance who plagues Mr Wikson) get their own tv series at last. With friends such as Pie Face and Curly they go and mence everbody from Dennis parents , Walter the sofie they get into mischeif each week.