Dennis the Menace

CBS (ended 1963)





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  • Me like this

    Although it is kinda socially outdated, I think that this is a decent show to watch. It was the best show in the 50`s that I like next to Heckle and Jeckle.
  • The on-going adventures of a cute little, blond-haired boy named Dennis. Wonderful show, reflecting the times and the simplicity of life and its problems. No drugs or filthy language back then; more about losing something or confounding Mr. Wilson!

    I LOVED Jay North as Dennis, and so did millions of other folks in that era. That's why it stayed on the air for so many years. It was good clean fun, and Dennis was really no manace; it's just that he got into little-boy predicaments, as did Beaver! Mr. Wilson (played by Joseph Kearns, famous from radio before that) was always preplexed by the goings-on on Dennis, and Henry Mitchell (Dennis' dad) was always trying to make it through childhood. Mom and Ruff were fun, too, and anyone who says that the cartoon version was better probably wasn't around when the "real" version was part of Americana. Great show!
  • Eh..Ok

    I actually like the Denice cartoon better than this one.The live Denice was kind of annoying, but now feel more kindly to the show knowing the story about Jay North's real life- abuse from he received from his family he was with.(i believe it was an aunt and uncle) Too bad that Jay North's real life was not as simple as getting into mild micheif,and having understanding parents for it.
  • Not as good as the cartoon.

    The cartoon is way better than this. But this version is OK. I've never had a problem with it at all. The jokes are always a good side splitter. That is one thing you can count on from this show. This show is good, but the cartoon version is WAT better.
  • 18, 24, 36, hike!

    Martha, my nerve medicine! Dennis! Freemont! Jonny Brady's dad. Eloise! I've been bribed! Hello Mr. Wilson! Ms. Kabcarth. Look, Mr. Wilson! Mr. Quigley. Mr. Finch. Seymore! Oh Margaret! Eagle decorated my treehouse. Soapbox car race. Asleep in the hammock. My bulbs! Aquarium bubble gum. Explosion and pool in back yard. Ms Elkins. 1.21 Gigawatts. Freda Felcher. 21 red buckets of water. Not even the most powerful vacuum pump could do that! Hello Jonathan! Never, NEVER buy from wild horse ranch Jonathan sales person. All my ex's live in texas. Lafayette Moses was here. That's funny, now that's funny! That is the medieval way of getting your butt kicked.
  • hi ds here

    no it is not like the classic dennis from the beano it is not as good as that im sorry but i just cant execpt this so called comedy. i say get rid of this. why oh why was this made? ohhbring back the better version of this show. the movie ie alright.
  • Everyone seems to have them, the kid next door or the kid down the street. He gets into everything, but even tries to help others out, but at the same time always finds trouble. This black and white classic TV Show was just that.

    Dennis The Menace was the perfect title for this classic TV show. Everyone loved Dennis, least everyone that didn't live near him, but everyone loved Dennis as well. Dennis tried his best to help everyone out, but the big 'T' always followed him around. Trouble was never far away from Dennis. I wonder if that’s his middle name as well?

    I think this is what made this show so special. Dennis wasn't the troubled bully that picked on everyone, but he was the gentle kid that tried helping everyone out. His little mind always got the best of him. That boy had an imagination.

    Mr. George Wilson (his neighbor) was a grouchy old man that never could get away from Dennis. Wilson would have to move to outer space in order to be satisfied and way from Dennis forever. Deep down you knew that Wilson cared for the boy, but Dennis was always bothering Mr. Wilson at the wrong times.

    I us to watch this show on Nickelodeon and I would love to see it back on the air. This truly was a classic and a great show.
  • A great and classic show of the late 50's.

    Even when I was a young child,I wasn't that much crazy about the program until years later. The last time this series was on was back in the mid-1980's on cable's Nickelodeon children's network plus was seen in some local TV stations late at night or early Sunday mornings and most recently on Nickelodeon's sister station TV Land. Anyways,this little boy got on people's last nerves and for good reason. Hard-headed Dennis Mitchell(played by Jay North)was always getting into trouble and getting into all kinds of mischief,especially annoying his next door neighbor Mr. Wilson. He was a cute kid who wore overralls and carried a sling shot in his back pocket was a walking chaos including those who were in the path of his way. The only problem I have with Dennis is this...His parents were always the nice couple,but I wish there were times when Mr. Mitchell gave Dennis a GOOD spanking! How could a kid like that could start mischief but was never whipped? In the real world he could have gotten it good cause no parent if their right state of mind would let him get away with that. Great show,but execptionally hilarious. However,I can remember,there were two actors who played Mr. Wilson on the show....(1)Joesph Kearns(Anatomy Of A Murder)played Wilson during the 1959-61 season,and then the changing of the guard(2)Gale Gordon played him during the 1961-63 season(long before his long collabration with Lucille Ball).