Dennis the Menace - Season 3

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • 7/1/62
    Mr. Wilson is writing a magazine article about voodoo. Dennis gets the wrong idea and tells the whole neighborhood that Mr. Wilson is a witch doctor.
  • Community Picnic
    Episode 37
    Mr. Brady and Tiny, an employee at his store, challenge Henry and John to compete against them in the sporting events at an upcomming community picnic.
  • The Club Initiation
    Episode 36
    Dennis wants to join an older boys' club, but, in order to do so, he has to go through an initiation.
  • The Bully
    Episode 35
    After being picked on by the school bully, Alices makes Dennis promise not to fight. As a result, the bully gives Dennis a black eye. Henry gives Dennis the go-ahead to fight back next time, so Mr. Wilson teaches Dennis how to fight.
  • 6/3/62
    After selling a rare 1919 dime for $150, Mr. Wilson buys 10 raffle tickets from Dennis and ends up winning a chicken. When he wants to cook the chicken for dinner, Dennis and his friends try to talk him out of it.
  • 5/27/62
    George Wilson's brother, John, comes to stay with Martha while George is out of town. John is a writer but has trouble working without his old seat cushion.
  • 5/20/62
    Dennis helps Mr. Wilson's Uncle Ned plant flower bulbs in his yard in order to get out of playing house with Margaret.
  • 5/13/62
    Mr. Quigley is chosen to be the coach of the town's pee-wee baseball team. The mayor agrees to give the team new uniforms if Quigley can get Sandy Koufax and the Dodgers to play an exhibition game in town.
  • The Man Next Door
    Episode 30
    Mr. Wilson thinks his next-door neighbor is the stocking bandit and tries to prove it.
  • 4/29/62
    Dennis has an appointment to go to a new dentist in town that gives a gift to each child that sees him for the first time. The appointment is to remove a loose tooth, but the tooth comes out on its own before the appointment. After hearing why Dennis wanted to go to the dentist, Henry tells him that he'll have to find someone else with a loose tooth. Dennis and his friends run over to Mr. Wilson who has been having trouble with a nerve in one of his teeth.moreless
  • The Treasure Chest
    Episode 28
    Mr. Wilson buys a treasure chest at an auction thinking that it has a pirate's treasure in it. When he gets it open and discovers nothing valuable, he tells Dennis that he can do whatever he wants with it.
  • 4/8/62
    An Indian fire-starting demonstration is to take place for Dennis' Junior Pathfinders club, but the person who is to do perform the demonstration hurts his back. Mr. Wilson, trying to get into the Pioneer Club, is volunteered to be the replacement Indian chief and has to start a fire by rubbing together two sticks.moreless
  • 4/1/62
    George buys a 1912 Winton to enter into the Horseless Carriage Road Race with the intent of winning the race and becomming president of he and Henry's chapter of the Horseless Carriage Club. Meanwhile, Dennis charges admission to his friends for a ride George and Henry are taking in the car up to the lake. The race ends up being pushed up a day, and George cancels the trip to the lake in favor of running in the race.moreless
  • 3/25/62
    Dennis enlists the help of Mr. Wilson in creating a documentary film of the town for Dennis' school project.
  • A Dog's Life
    Episode 24
    A big shaggy dog follows Mr. Wilson home from the market.
  • 3/11/62
    Mr. Wilson hires a housekeeper for Mrs. Wilson but soon regrets it when the housekeeper tries to tell Mr. Wilson what he can and cannot do in his own home. As a result, Mr. Wilson tries to get rid of her.
  • The Private Eye
    Episode 22
    Mr. Wilson's wallet is taken by a pick-pocket, so Dennis and Tommy try to help the police find the crook.
  • A Quiet Evening
    Episode 21
    Mr. Wilson plans to have a quiet evening at home, but his plans change when Henry needs a sitter for Dennis. Mr. Wilson is talked into being a sitter for Dennis, Margaret, and Seymour. Seymour uses one of Mr. Wilson's rare dimes in a candy machine, and Mr. Wilson gets arrested after breaking into the machine to retrieve his dime.moreless
  • Mr. Wilson's Uncle
    Episode 20
    George's uncle, Ned, comes to visit and convinces George that he isn't in shape. Ned starts a physical fitness program and forces George and Henry to participate.
  • 2/11/62
    Mr. Wilson decides to leave Dennis a gold watch in his will. Soon after, Mr. Wilson begins to feel old and is convinced that he has a short time to live.
  • 2/4/62
    Dennis enters his frog in a frog-jumping contest with Mr. Wilson as his partner. Mr. Wilson bets Sgt. Mooney that Dennis' frog will beat Mooney's.
  • Dennis Has a Fling
    Episode 17
    Dennis is put on the spot when he asks both Mr. Wilson and Mr. MacTavish to represent Scotland for his school project.
  • Silence Is Golden
    Episode 16
    Mr. Wilson agrees to give Dennis his magnifying glass as long as he doesn't say a word to him or around him for the rest of the day. Henry and Alice had, also, told Dennis that he talks too much, so he doesn't speak around them, either.
  • 1/14/62
    Mr. Wilson holds a bird lovers session at his home where a woman does bird calls that sound like real birds.
  • 1/7/62
    Dennis' cub scout troupe is putting on a circus, and Dennis convinces Mr. Wilson to be the lion. He tells Mr. Wilson that nobody has to know he's the one inside the costume.
  • 12/31/61
    Dennis wants to open an account at the bank where Mr. Wilson is temporarily working in the new-accounts department.
  • 12/24/61
    Dennis, Henry, and Mr. Wilson go out in the woods and cut down a big Christmas tree that almost ends up getting destroyed before they get it home.
  • The Lucky Piece
    Episode 11
    Mr. Wilson tricks Dennis into taking a silver coin that reads "good luck" and has a horseshoe on it instead of a half-dollar that he owes Dennis for mowing his lawn. Mrs. Wilson is very angry with Mr. Wilson about it, so she plans to really make the coin lucky.
  • Dennis Is a Genius
    Episode 10
    A school intelligence test labels Dennis a genius.
  • 11/26/61
    Mr. Wilson receives an inheritance from his aunt and thinks about starting a foundation to help the less fortunate. He needs to have the foundation of his house repaired and sends Dennis to let Mr. Bierschmidt, the person doing the work, know he'd like him to start work. Dennis, however, gets things mixed up and tells Mr. Bierschmidt that Mr. Wilson wants a new foundation.moreless
  • 11/19/61
    Mr. Wilson coaches Dennis' Pee Wee League baseball team because Henry, the team's original coach, becomes ill.
  • 11/12/61
    Mr. Finch is having a contest in which his store's fifty-thousandth customer of the year will win five minutes of free shopping. Mr. Wilson is determined to be the winner.
  • The School Play
    Episode 6
    Mr. Wilson ends up being in a play at Dennis' school after he and Tommy, who is in the play, get handcuffed together before the play starts.
  • Haunted House
    Episode 5
    George and Henry purchase a house as an income property and later find out that it is known to be haunted. They are unable to get their money back, so they set out to prove that it isn't haunted.
  • Mr. Wilson's Safe
    Episode 4
    Dennis uses numbers for a football play that are the combination to Mr. Wilson's safe, so Mr. Wilson and Henry get Dennis so confused that he forgets the combination. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilson forgets it, as well, and he has something very important locked inside.
  • Keep Off the Grass
    Episode 3
    Henry gets a ticket for walking on the grass in the park. When Mr. Wilson hears about it, he thinks it isn't fair, so he convinces Henry to go to court and contest it.
  • Best Neighbor
    Episode 2
    Dennis and Mr. Wilson camp out on a mountain so that Dennis can join the Junior Pathfinders club.
  • Trouble from Mars
    Episode 1
    Mr. Wilson accidentally gets Dennis' space helmet stuck on his head.