Dennis the Menace

(ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Dennis In Wonderland/The Old Ball Game/Shared Interest
    • Water On the Brain/Safe At Home/The Wright Stuff
    • Hassle In the Castle/A Fox Tale/Underwater Wonderland
    • Gorilla Warfare/It’s Magic Time/Instant Replay
    • Kooked Goose/Pell Mell Hotel/Old Ball Game
      Kooked Goose Mr. Wilson wins a goose in a contest, but isn't very happy at it since its always noisy and biting him. So Dennis and Peebee set the goose free and replace it with a robot goose, hoping to make Mr. Wilson happy. Instead things get worse. Pell Mell Hotel While Dennis goes to see Aunt Evelyn in a hotel one day, he wanders off with his friend Gina and the two wind up in a dangerous adventure against some bad guys/spies who plan to brainwash television viewers. The Old Ball Game Mr. Wilson gets caught up in taking Dennis to a baseball game. Not only does he keep missing the game while buying treats for Dennis (plus the fact that he had to pay an extra seat to hold the treats) but he winds up getting beaten up by a player (with the help of Dennis, of course).moreless
    • Menaced Marriage / Dennis of the Yukon / Seal of Approval
      Menaced Marriage: Dennis reluctantly accompanies his folks to Mr. Wilson's niece's wedding and causes various mischief. First, he brings Willy his pet frog, who causes a panic to the guests and to Margaret who's the flower girl at the wedding. He then swallows the wedding ring. Ruff also manages to arrive and tears up the bride's dress. Despite the hitches, the wedding is a success and Alice is sure the bride and groom's marriage will only get better once they leave Dennis behind.

      Dennis of the Yukon: Henry's company sends him on assignment in the Yukon to conduct tests at a secret radar installation. He takes Ruff with him since his new collar has secret codes for the tests. Dennis sneaks on the plane and Henry reluctantly takes him along for the mission. But when they arrive at the facility, a spy has raided it, then makes off with the dogsled, including Ruff as the lead dog. Dennis pursues the spy to his cabin, only to get captured and tied up by the villain. After freeing himself, the boy and Ruff chase the criminal, eventually winding up at a dogsled race, then are able to stop him cold when they get him into a bobsled run--without a bobsled--leading to his arrest by the Mounties. Dennis and Ruff are made honorary Mounties themselves and proudly wear their uniforms on the plane ride home.

      Seal of Approval: Barko the seal is on his way to Ocean World, but slides out of his transport van and joins in the fun as Dennis, Gina, and Jay are playing baseball. Afterward, Dennis takes him home, but eventually, he sneaks off to Mr. Wilson's house where he eats his catch of the day, then plays around as the kids try to corral him. Mr. Wilson's house is messed up, but the kids manage to get Barko outside where the van's driver finally finds him. As a reward, Dennis stars along with the seal in Ocean World's feature show, as his mother is shocked to see him on TV.moreless
    • A Froggy Day / Loch Ness Mess / Box Office Smash
      A Froggy Day: Dennis is searching for his pet frog Willy, who escaped from the house. He and Joey search for him in the swamp where they encounter a Frenchman who's captured a number of frogs, including Willy. He promises the boys he'll take him out for dinner. But after Margaret tells them the man is a chef who cooks frogs as a special dish, the boys go to his restaurant and mount a rescue of Willy and the other frogs.

      Loch Ness Mess: The Mitchell family is in Scotland where Henry is part of an expedition to find the Loch Ness Monster. Dennis accompanies them and is the first to spot the monster, but it quickly disappears back in the water before the rest can see it and call it a day. During the night, Dennis and Ruff explore the castle where they're staying and go below, locating a cavern that goes underground to a small lake where they find the monster and become friendly with her. The following day, Henry and the expedition team go out again, only to become endangered when a storm causes their boat to take on water, being on the verge of sinking. Dennis goes to Nessy for help and they team up to make a rescue. With the storm heavy as it is, the team is unable to see how they're being rescued and Nessy is able to get back into the lake unnoticed. The following day, when the Mitchells leave for home, Dennis goes back quickly enough to say goodbye to Nessy, who obliges with a goodbye of her own.

      Box Office Smash: Dennis and Joey have a tough time when they plan to go to the movies. First, Dennis has to bring Ruff home since dogs aren't allowed in the theater. Then, an angry usher puts the boys in the back of the line being that he won't allow Joey to save Dennis' spot. The boys manage to reduce the line to get in with a little scheme, then help kids get treats from a candy machine. The usher chases the boys to the point where they get into the projection room and tamper with the machine. The usher eventually throws the boys out. But Dennis was able to get the reel of the film they wanted to see and pulls it out frame by frame to show Joey how the story unfolds to the boys' delight.moreless
    • Young at Heart / Thor-Sicle / A Word from Our Sponsor
      Young at Heart: Joey and Dennis visit the latter's Grandpa Johnson at his retirement community. He finds it kind of dull, but when the boys arrive, they manage to liven things up as he and the other folks go water skiing, bicycling, and surfing. Grandpa even manages to win a surfing contest. As a result of their having a good time, he and the other folks want the boys to visit anytime they want. Thor-Sicle: During winter camp with the other junior explorers, Dennis and Joey joyride on a snowmobile, causing it to crash inside a cave where a 9th century viking is freed from his icy tomb. The boys are able to take him back into the city where Thor is out of touch with modern times. He then goes off alone to a sports arena where he challenges a wrestler dressed as a barbarian. Dennis takes his father there and is able to coach the viking to victory. Afterward, he becomes champion and begins a new career as a wrestler with Dennis as his manager. A Word from Our Sponsor: After Dennis, Ruff, and Joey spend the day catching frogs in the swamp, they're spotted by an agent who wants to have them star in a commercial for a bubble bath seeing how filthy they are. But when they refuse to get in the bathtub, they wreak havoc in the studio, driving the agent and others crazy. After leaving, they return home with Ruff and Joey managing to clean up. However, Dennis is still dirty and his mother takes him in for his overdue bath.moreless
    • Snow Wars / The Moroccan Pigeon / Dennis of the Jungle
      Snow Wars: Dennis, PeeBee, and Joey build a snowman and use Mr. Wilson's old clothes to make it in his image as a show of respect for him. He takes a liking to it as well as they all admire it until a bunch of bullies cause trouble by throwing snowballs at the snowman. A snow battle ensues as the boys build a fort to protect the snowman and use various strategies to get the better of them. But when a giant snowball gets dropped on Mr. Wilson, he stumbles out, resembling an abominable snowman which scares the bullies and drives them away. Mrs. Wilson makes hot cocoa for the guys to celebrate their victory, but it spills on the snowman, melting it down to a puddle. George is saddened by its loss, but the boys prefer the real Mr. Wilson, putting a smile back on his face. The Moroccan Pigeon: Joey and the Mitchell family visit Morocco. At the airport, a couple of thieves place a valuable pigeon statuette in Henry's luggage in hopes of getting it past customs. When the boys find it later at their hotel, they look to sell it, but the thieves try to get it back, leading to madcap mayhem as Dennis' parents are kidnapped. Dennis and Joey go into the desert to the thieves' hideout where they're able to rescue them with help from the camel that gave them the ride. Once the authorities have the thieves in custody, they show Dennis and company that the ugly statuette, when shattered, revealed a solid gold pigeon inside. They then offer the group a plastic replica of the ugly statue, but decline to take it considering it's the ugliest one they've ever seen. Dennis of the Jungle: Dennis and Margaret are on a boat tour of Jungle Land when a monkey tries to make off with Margaret's doll, causing her and Dennis to go into the water to get it. The boat leaves them behind, having the two go through the jungle to survive against the animals. But the real danger occurs when they encounter poachers that are trying to steal the animals. With a little teamwork, Dennis, Margaret, and the animals are able to turn the tables against the poachers. Afterward, Dennis and Margaret return to the boat and the monkey returns the latter's doll to her.moreless
    • Tunnel Vision / Super Duper Dennis / Ice Show Show-Off
      Tunnel Vision: Mr. Wilson is anticipating winning top prize for his vegetable garden contest until Dennis and Joey enter and walk through his tomato crops. He pleads with them not to do so anymore. Afterward, the boys, along with Ruff, Gina, and PeeBee decide to build a tunnel under the garden so they don't have to walk through the crops again. However, they dig in all the wrong directions, and along the way, take some of Mr. Wilson's carrots as a snack. But at the time, the judges are there and disqualify him for not having the vegetables. Eventually, the kids use their machine to dig a tunnel to Mr. Wilson's basement. Realizing they were responsible for his losing the contest, he throws them out and gets so steamed, his house sinks from the numerous tunnels the kids made.

      Super Duper Dennis: Dennis eagerly awaits for a Super Duper Man costume he ordered through the mail, but it turns out to be an experimental jet suit the costume company sent by mistake. When he tries it out, he's able to fly all around town, then perform various heroics in the process. He then overhears a couple of villains' plans to sabotage his father's company's experimental jet, then zooms to rescue to prevent it from crashing. He's then able to capture the villains and take them to jail before returning home, where his mother gives him the costume he actually ordered. Mr. Wilson, who saw Dennis flying before thinks he's become crazy, is relieved when he sees him falling into a pile of mud in the regular costume.

      Ice Show Show-Off: Dennis goes to the ice show with Mr. Wilson, who's not able to get in because the boy had both tickets when he entered. He's able to sneak in, but winds up on the rink and unwittingly becomes part of the show to Dennis, Gina, and Jay's amusement. George catches a cold the following day and the doctor recommends he get some ice for his fever, so the kids oblige by taking him back to the ice show, where's there's plenty to keep him cool.moreless
    • The Great Pie Swap / Climb of the Century / Little Beauty Shop of Horrors
      The Great Pie Swap: Dennis, Gina, and Joey are playing outside with Nutty Putty, which they can use to shape into several kinds of balls to play various games. When they get the scent of Mrs. Wilson's lemon pie, they want to get a sample for themselves. However, they drop the pie on the ground, making them decide to replace it with a frozen pie that they heat up in the oven. But they overdo it as it burns to a crisp. They then decide to make a fake pie with the Nutty Putty in hope of fooling Mr. Wilson. However, this works too well, when after Dennis tries to stop him from eating it, George consumes it whole. After Mrs. Wilson returns home, George decides to go out for a jog to work off the pie. But in doing so, he jumps all around the street, making his wife believe that all it took was a little meal for him to get the bounce back in his step. Climb of the Century: The Mitchells and the Wilsons are visiting Tibet where Henry's company has sent him to test its new high-altitude pressure gauge while he's climbing Mount Everest's north glacier. He goes along with a Sherpa guide, but danger comes their way when a rival sabotages their climb in his desire to reach the top first. The guide ends up back with the others via a giant snowball and must take Mr. Wilson along to rescue Henry. But Dennis sneaks along and the two are on their own when the bridge they cross breaks in half, leaving the guide behind to seek more help. The guys find Henry, but the rescue is difficult with the villain impeding their way. Henry provides his son with a hang glider that Dennis uses to fly up to the top of the glacier, beating the villain to the top and successfully tests his dad's pressure gauge. After the adventure, the group meets a high priest who despite being very old, is youthful, telling them the secret of keeping young is a good diet, avoiding stress, and lots of skiing, the latter of which Mr. Wilson does when he stumbles onto a couple of wooden boards, going down the way he did earlier. Little Beauty Shop of Horrors: Alice takes Dennis and Joey to the beauty salon to get her hair done. While the boys wait, they play around the salon, causing various mishaps, driving the salon owner crazy and several patrons angry when they blame him for their ruined appearance. Alice comes out with her regular hairstyle to the boys' relief, glad she hasn't been turned into a space creature or a mud monster.moreless
    • Crummy Mummy / Swiss Family Mitchell / Pie in the Eye
      Crummy Mummy: While Dennis visits the museum with Margaret, he opens the sarcophagus of the mummy's exhibit and finds it to be undead, but out of touch with modern times. He shows him around the city, but this results in people getting scared off and running for their lives. Dennis then takes him home, but when he gets a little too much of the boy, he runs back to the museum and seals himself back in the sarcophagus desiring never to be disturbed again.

      Swiss Family Mitchell: Margaret and the Mitchell family go sailing on a boat Henry's friend has loaned him for the day. But a storm causes them to go off course, marooning them on an unchartered island. They make due by building shelter and eating coconuts, and the kids meet a friendly, talking parrot named Lucky. But danger lies ahead when natives capture Alice and Henry and offer them as a sacrifice to the island's volcano. Dennis and Margaret are able to mount a rescue and Lucky provides further help by leading them to an old seaplane which enables them to leave the island. In return, Lucky has them promise to provide him with a lifetime supply of bird seed.

      Pie in the Eye: Henry takes Dennis to a local outdoor cafe for breakfast so Alice can sleep in late. When Dennis goes inside, he chooses an apple pie, which is then swiped by a pushy, portly woman. After he chooses another pie, Dennis drops his money and sets the pie on a chair so he can retrieve the cash from under a table. The fat woman returns to sit down, only to do so on Dennis' pie, leading to a madcap sequence where she, other patrons, and the cafe workers are all hit in the face with pies. The police are called to break up the pie fight and Henry, who's outside reading a newspaper, is unaware of the predicament until he gets inside and is hit in the face by his own son. When the guys return home, Alice is surprised that Dennis was able to make it through breakfast still clean, but gets a laugh when she sees her husband with pie in his face.moreless
    • Frankenstymied / Space Race / The Incredible Shrinking Dennis
      Frankenstymied: Margaret shows off her new video camera to Dennis and Joey, who get the idea to make a monster movie. They make up a napping Henry to play the role of the monster, but realize there's no tape in the camera, leaving for Margaret's house to get some. Afterward, Henry wakes up and goes outside, not realizing he's in makeup and causes a panic in the town people, who think he's a real monster. He's able to make it back home, where Dennis explains what's happened. Afterward, all the town folk see is Dennis with the camera ready to make a monster movie, driving them peacefully away (more or less). Space Race: Dennis, Joey, and Margaret are out in the forest when they spot a UFO, which abducts them and takes them into space. The aliens tell the kids the Earth's sun will explode and destroy the planet, taking them as the world's last survivors. The kids eventually escape from the alien mothership, and make it through a meteor shower. However, the pursuit ship isn't as lucky as it crashes and is in danger of burning up in Mars' orbit. Dennis is able to save the alien. As a token of gratitude, the alien's father utilizes his mothership's systems into stabilizing the sun and in the process, saves the Earth. Afterward, they return the kids home, and Dennis' parents are relived to see them again. The Incredible Shrinking Dennis: PeeBee's latest invention, the shrinkersizer shrinks Dennis to one-tenth his regular height. Afterward, he must avoid becoming a meal for his pet cat Hot Dog, encountering friendly mice, and is eventually saved by Margaret. PeeBee returns with a liquid antidote, returning Dennis to normal. But when the solution wind up in Hot Dog's bowl, the cat takes a drink and becomes gigantic!moreless
  • Season 1
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