Dennou Coil

NHK Educational (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Yasako and Isako
      Yasako and Isako
      Episode 26
      "According to urban legend, when Denno pets die they migrate to a certain place." Yasako finally remembers everything and has realized the truth behind 4-4-2-3, as well as, Tamako and Megabaa. Yasako was able to return from “the other side” but will she be able to help Isako return, who is beginning to realize the true nature of Michiko?moreless
    • Kanazawa City Interval Intersection
      "According to Coil's data, it seems that the Null Carrier was exploration equipment that assembled fragments of the mind." From all the clues she has gathered, Yasako uses her late grandfather’s glasses to journey into “the other side”, through the loophole Nexus. There she tries to rescue Isako but Nekome attempts to thwart her efforts, for his own personnel revenge. Everything is finally revealed.moreless
    • Children Who Throw Away Glasses
      "According to the words of Yuuko Amasawa, the path, that connects human beings each other, is so thin and easy to break." Isako caused a chain reaction with her encode reactor to seal of the passage to “the other side”, however in the process she lost her consciousness. After what happened to Isako, the kid’s parents are deeply worried and decide to confiscate their glasses.moreless
    • A Realized Desire
      A Realized Desire
      Episode 23
      "According to Null, it seems that as they ate the seeds of suffering, they were born again as creatures that seek suffering." Yasako discovers, whilst fending off the Black Automaton that she has an encode reactor. With this they were able to escape and later meet up with Daichi, who has Kyoko and Densuke. Nekome tricks Isako into using Densuke (the Coil Node) into opening a passage to the Coil Domain.moreless
    • The Last Coil
      The Last Coil
      Episode 22
      "According to industry rumors, when Megamass found that they couldn't remove the Imago function, they instead went and upgraded cyberspace." Isako has discovered the truth behind the terrible conspiracy around Megamass and she is able to escape the Black Automaton, with the hep of Yasako. Densuke is really sick but it also turns out that Densuke has the potential to open a stable portal to "the other side", now known as "Coil Domain".moreless
    • Black Automaton
      Black Automaton
      Episode 21
      "According to the history of glasses development, many techniques for projection were researched in the past." It’s the beginning of a new school term; the elementary school has been demolished and moved to the top floor of the Megamass office building. Rumors about Isako begin to spread around the school and she finds herself having been used for Megamass’ research, involuntarily.moreless
    • Kanna and Yasako
      Kanna and Yasako
      Episode 20
      "According to my old memories, the body I was given was an empty shell, without life." Yasako and Fumie were able to get Kyoko’s body back from the other side but they still have a group of Illegals to worry about. Tamako and Megabaa were able to make it there on time to save them but there is a new problem to take care of. Haraken has used Kanna’s glasses to go to the other side to meet her once more.moreless
    • The Black Visitor
      The Black Visitor
      Episode 19
      "According to rumors among the informed, there's a deep connection between Imago and dennō-based medical treatment." Yasako’s sister, Kyoko has been taken to the other side by an Illegal and isn’t able to get back. Yasako and Fumie must protect Kyoko’s unconscious body from the group of Illegals, whilst trying to figure out a way to get Kyoko’s cyberbody back.moreless
    • The Door into the Other World
      "According to rumors on the net, the process of creating and developing the glasses encompasses a complex history with many interesting points." Isako is caught in a pinch and Haraken is prepared to help her, but under the condition that she takes him to “the other side” Things don’t go according to plan as Isako doesn’t find the passage but Haraken does. It is there when he catches a brief glimpse of Kanna before it collapses. Tamako later confiscates his glasses.moreless
    • The Last Summer Vacation
      "What would happen while a human die, Where would his mind go, the truth is that no one knows." Haraken has been having the same frightening dream, recently and it’s to do with Kanna. He later goes to the hospital for a check up and there seems to be nothing wrong with him. Meanwhile Isako is still trying to find some more “kirabugs” but Tamako is trying to stop her.moreless
    • Isako's Sickroom
      Isako's Sickroom
      Episode 16
      "According to industry rumors, the first company to manufacture glasses apparently invented technology to turn whatever comes to mind into Dennou substance. However, no one knows what happened after that." Summer vacation is coming to an end and Yasako and Fumie are struggling to do their homework, Yasako is called to the hospital, because Megabaa injured her back. Whilst there she meets Akira, who has been spying on them and they discover something truly shocking after they spy on Isako. Meanwhile Haraken and Fumie find early records of dennou users who have passed out and reported hallucinations of "the other side".moreless
    • The Boy on the Other Side of the Station
      "According to rumors among children on the other side of the station, it appears that in the deepest part of old space lives a dangerous illegal." On day Yasako is out with her mom and sister when she notices and obsolete space, and when she goes to check it out she ends up getting lost. While trying to find her way back home, she begins to remember the past. She is then chased by a group of boys, who mistake her for Isako but she is saved by boy named Takeru.moreless
    • Record of a Stylish Thing
      "According to industry rumors, the Midget series became illegal to sell because it could be used for eavesdropping and secretly taking photos." The first half of the story is retold, from Akira’s point of view, who happens to be Fumie’s little brother.
    • The Last Plesiosaur
      "According to old wisdom, people essentially seem to know the paths they should follow." Yasako and Haraken are still investigating the route which Kanna took when they notice Denpa in the midst of Obsolete Space, with an Illegal. It turns out that Denpa is raising the Illegal and he even named it (Plesio) but it won’t last long because the area, it is in, is due for construction. The kids desperately try to move it to a new space.moreless
    • Daichi, Departing Hair
      "According to the rumors of the "beard people", it seems that in the age 5550 minutes, Lord Yasako will lead the way to the promised land." Daichi is feeling quite melancholic after having to grovel to Fumie, the previous day and the only thing that can get his mind of it is to search for an Illegal with Denpa and Kyoko. However this has an adverse affect because he later gets an Illegal which causes him to grow facial hair and it is not only him who is affected by it.moreless
    • Sinking! Daikoku City
      From hearing rumours of how Isako acquired metabugs from an Illegal, Daichi wants to do the same and with the help of Denpa and Yasako’s sister Kyoko, he was able to find a fish-type Illegal. Daichi begins raising it, in hope of it getting bigger however his plan backfires, causing trouble for everyone in town.moreless
    • Kanna's Diary
      Kanna's Diary
      Episode 10
      "According to rumors on the net, long before glasses ever hit the market, Nakatsu Crossroads was a mysterious place-the site of many accidents." In the midst of all the chaos in the school, Isako was able to acquire what she has been searching for and escapes in a dramatic fashion. The next day Daichi is kicked out of the club, due to his failure in completing the mission Isako laid out for him and Haraken continues his investigation, with Yasako and Fumie.moreless
    • There's Mr Michiko
      "According to rumors among children, Michiko's true identity is whispered to be that of an illegal." The Biology Club is going to have a sleepover, giving the Daikoku Hackers and the Coil Dennou Invenstigation Agency to have their duel. To help get into the mood they start telling spooky stories about Michiko. While the duel is underway, Isako uses this as an opportunity to capture a kirabug, manifested into the form of Michiko.moreless
    • Summer Festival and Duel
      "According to urban legends, kids that have fallen asleep with their glasses on have ended up going to the other side." Haraken is brought to school by his aunt, who later decides to do a little investigating on Yasako and Isako. It isn’t long before Isako realizes what Aiko is up to, so she organizes something to divert her attention with, following the upcoming Summer Festival. The Daikoku Hackers are going to duel the Coil Dennou Invenstigation Agency.moreless
    • Move! Coil Detective Agency
      "According to rumors, if you think constantly about the person you want to meet, you'll suddenly end up seeing them." Yasako and Fumie have decided to help Haraken with his investigation but have no where to start, but this will have to wait when they are summoned by Megabaa. It turns out that Megabaa’s friend has lost her pet, so now it’s their mission to find it and if all goes well they may even get a reward. Meanwhile Isako is busy manipulating the Daikoku Hackers for her own personal gain.moreless
    • Red Automaton
      Red Automaton
      Episode 6
      "According to newspapers, there's an increasing rate of car accidents involving kids wearing glasses." Isako managed to bribe the Daikoku Hackers’ Club into making her their leader and that’s not all that happened recently as Fumie discovered something new about Haraken. This makes Haraken seem more mysterious than he already is, so Fumie takes it upon herself to investigate into Haraken.moreless
    • The Meta-bug Scramble Bus Tour
      "According to rumors on the net, it's said that you can sometimes find data such as sounds or images inside metabugs, but nobody really knows where they come from." Following the recent humiliation the Daikoku Hackers Club suffered, they are running short of metabugs needed for repairs. Strangely enough though, Isako suggest showing them a big load of metabugs, at a bus graveyard but she may have an ulterior motive for doing this. Yasako, Fumie and her friend Haraken track them to see what they’re up to.moreless
    • Daikoku City's Hacker Club
      "According to rumors on the net, a few years ago an encoder tried to devastate space, but nobody knows what happened to this encoder." Yuko Amasawa “Isako” has unexpectedly transferred to the same school as Yasako and Fumie which would make it easier for them to find info on her. It doesn’t take long Isako to get on Daichi’s bad-side, so Daichi and his group the Daikoku Hackers' Club declare war on her. They begin their campaign by pulling various pranks.moreless
    • Yuko and Yuko
      Yuko and Yuko
      Episode 3
      "According to industry rumors, there are some hidden functions in the glasses that are better left unmentioned." Isako’s Mojos are still after Densuke, trying to capture it and Megabaa isn’t enough to fend them off. Yasako’s first day of school is interrupted when she gets a call saying that Densuke has been kidnapped, so she and Fumie head off in search for it. It is while she is being targeted by two Satchiis that she runs into Isako, an “Encoder”.moreless
    • Coil Computer Detective Department
      "According to urban legend, kids who call out Michiko are sent to the "other side". " After Yasako and Fumie managed to get Densuke back they are then again faced with trouble, when a Satchii appears. They managed escape so they go to see Yasako’s grandmother Megabaa, to cure Densuke’s illness. Megabaa provides Yasako with a cyber vaccine for Densuke but in return Yasako must join her “Coil Dennou Invenstigation Agency” as the “Eighth” member. Meanwhile Isako relentlessly searches for the "Keyhole" and assumes that it resides as an illegal in Densuke.moreless
    • The Children of Spectacles
      "According to rumors among children, many cases of pets going missing have been occurring in the city of Daikoku." Yuko Okonogi “Yasako” and her little sister Kyoko arrive at Daikoku, the technological center of the emerging half-virtual world. While venturing around the city Yasako is attacked by some weird black blob known as an illegal and her virtual pet Densuke helps to fend it of however Densuke ends up missing inside some abandoned zone of cyberspace. So Yasako enlist the aid of Fumie, a detective from the Coil Dennou Invenstigation Agency, to help rescue her pet.moreless