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Department S

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WELCOME TO DEPARTMENT S AT TV.COM!! (From the ITC trailer) When a case proves too challenging for the collective minds of Interpol, they turn to the talents of Department S. Department S is an elite branch of the international police agency Interpol. Routine cases are not for them. Only the most baffling, unique, bizzare cases get handed to Department S. The Department has three agents: Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) is the field leader of the group, the man who makes the decisions for the team and answers to the head of the Department. Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) is a best-selling author of a series of crime novels featuring hero Mark Caine. When Jason can tear himself away from women, he approaches the cases the way his fictional sleuth would, which is frequently infuriating to his co-workers. Annabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicols), a computer expert, sees things much the way her computer, named "Auntie", would: black and white, 1's and 0's, yes and no. Jason's wild theories annoy her, but Stewart is not always so quick to toss the author's ideas out the window because, as he said, "he has a nasty habit of scoring near misses" with the outlandish notions. Sir Curtis Seretse (Dennis Alaba Peters) is the African diplomat who is ultimately responsible for the cases the Department takes. Although he is usually involved in his diplomatic chores, Sir Curtis occasionally finds himself working with the Department to solve the case. International cases presented with drama, suspense, and humor is on the agenda at Department S!moreless