Desert Car Kings

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jan 26, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • When

    When is Desert Car Kings Going into a NEW Season ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I Thought it was a GREAT SHOW ! ! ! ! !
  • Best car guy tv show ive seen in years!!!

    Best car guy tv show ive seen in years, I love it when people fix n flip stuff and I love cars so this show is just what I like to watch. Kewl car, I hope they fix a up a mustang or maybe they can make a hotrod, I would go crazy in their parts yard if they let me, lol. Discovery channel has done it again. OCC was my favorite but now I think this new show is my new favorite. Reminds me kinda of that show "wheeler dealers" but way better. Any one know how to attend their auction??? I bet this show becomes their new star in their line up!
  • 49 chevy for sale

    i have a 49 chevy with body work almost is wheels,no glass,no interior,chopped 1-2 a lot of unopened parts to go with the pictures,live in va. would u be interested in is listed on Toys Big rust,have more information