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  • This is my show

    Man when i saw a preview of desert pun, i had to get this series. Its about a teenage merc who is a perv and a master with a shotgun and gadgets. Its comical and its kick ass action. For being such a perv Punk is very wise for his age. I like this show because its funny and it has alot of action. Its a really down to earth anime for the adult taste or young teen. I really fell in love with the show(in theroy)with the begging and ending theme. I cant believe they only did six volumes of this show. They could of did six more. Man im really pissed. I hope they bring back this serie sometime soon.
  • ,

    In the end i believe kanta tricked everyone into believing he was their enemy so he could some how save them remember kanta didnt kill anyone also he stalled for time usally kanta would grasp victory he let it linger on i think kanta will skrew over both sides
    and didnt let the machines hurt anyone almost a Dark knight effect kanta is in the end never what he appears to be and a 3dimensional character when the series continues the war will continue and
    One thing i noticed that most people forgo is the cleverness and savoy of the desert punk.He uses superb tactics to trick the enemy.Kanta is a survivor he does what it takes he reminds me a little of my self
  • This show is awesome!!!

    I seriously like this show. It is really funny, and action-packed. This show is about Kanta (a.k.a Desert Punk), an obnoxious desert mercenary who travels around futuristic desert Japan, fighting thugs, and trying to find money, and women. The dialog in this show is great. There are some sad moments, while others are really funny. The crude actions, and daredevil stunts will keep you watching till the end. The humor in this show ROCKS!!! With Kanta's soft spot for women that have large breasts, and somewhat cheesy language, the jokes will make you laugh so hard, that you will cry! The music in this show is good. I do like the opening theme "Destiny of the Desert". I thought that song was pretty good. Overall, awesome show, hilarious humor, memorable characters, good music, great action.
  • Summary about what? I havn't seen the episode jet...

    Hey my name is Kurdo, and I am very happy to see the episodes all free, I thank all of them who make this page, and them who have written the Desert punk story. I am most glad and thankful to them who have making the story.
    And why must it be 100 words, it’s to long man, and when I say too long I mean too long. Too be a good person and give this a chance, I wane trey it, before I say no thanks.
  • "Desert Punk" could also be called "Desert Monk", and not just for the pun.

    Desert Punk is at first glance look very typical anime. Perverted main character, the 3B of anime (big boob babe), the post-apocalyptic setting, etc etc etc. Well in the end it is almost typical anime. Key word there is almost. What separates Desert Punk from your usual anime is the unique pacing it has and it does it real well. There has other anime that has done this like Full Metal Panic. Showing serious plot for 3~4 episodes and comical episodes for 2~3. However, the difference in Desert Punk isn't that simple pacing. The anime evolves as it goes on. It changes from Desert Punk to Desert Monk in a way, while maintaining the punk nature in it. It would be a damn shame if I spoil any part of the plot here so I won't talk about the plot at all, but the initial shallow and typical very little meaningful action and gags ends up being something else altogether by the end. They don't have direct connection with the plot when it does develop into something serious, but those gags and meaningless action does excellent job breaking the viewers into the series and introducing the world and characters. To sum up Desert Punk without spoiling the story, I guess it is something like this. Ever seen a movie and you can predict couple of ending? There is always the one you think "this is how it SHOULD end" and another part of you is saying "but this is how it WILL end", and when a movie chooses the 'will' instead of the 'should' you get disappointed because it is often a terrible ending you didn't wish to see. Well Desert Punk finds very nice middle ground for that, but leans closer to the should than will. Overall, Desert Punk excellent anime. The fans of post-apocalyptic anime would certainly enjoy this one, and fans of Western cowboy anime could find this one intriguing as well. Also many fans who just love those perverted gags would find this one great as well. To all those fans, Desert Punk does offer quite a bit of similarities with the past animes, but you will quickly notice the clear difference in pacing, character development, and philosophy. It was almost typical anime you expect to see... almost.