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Design on a Dime

HGTV (ended 2006)


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Design on a Dime Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Save up your shekels and wait to get something quality.

    okay, I like 80% of the programming on HGTV (see my other reviews) but this show irks because you can only see so many homemade curtains or plywood, spraypainted coffee tables and think, "Wow, now THAT is what I want in my house!" When you don't have a budget to work with, it is undertandable, but it also isn't that interesting.

    I'm struggling to pay my mortgage like most of America, but the joy of being a new homeowner is getting little stuff here and there. I would label this show "Quick fix over quality."
  • Design on a Dime is a cool show to watch if your bored, tired, or just want to watch a somewhat intresting show...

    Design on a Dime is a cool show to watch if your bored, tired, or just want to watch a somewhat intresting show. It has designers who can sometime be stupid, but other than that the show is cool because I want to be an interior designer or an architecht when I grow up. Basically, I just watch this when nothings on Disney, Nickelodeon, or ABC Family. It is not the best show anyone has ever created, but it is average. I like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition better because it is a show that gives back to the community, but this show is good as well.
  • I love this show, and it's given me a ton of decorating ideas!

    I love this show, and was disappointed to see that it looks like this will be the last season. Lee and his team are my favorites, and it's amazing what they can do on a $1,000 budget! This is what Trading Spaces started out to be, but lost it's way.
    Although the rooms aren't always my personal style, I have yet to see one that I absolutely hated.
    Another thing that I like about Lee's team is the way that they get along. They always seem to be having so much fun! Although Kristan, Dave and Spencer are very nice, they come across a little stiff and bland.
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