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Offical Season 5 Designer Discussion / Elimination Thread.

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    Discuss the designers for Season 5 here in this thread. Also, I will be using this thread as the elimination thread as well.

    Trent Hultgren
    Michael Moeller
    Emily Henderson
    Nina Ferrer
    Alex Sanchez
    Casey Nobel
    Dan Faires
    Courtland Bascon
    Julie Khuu
    Stacey Cohen
    Tera Hampton
    Tom Vecchione

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    After seeing episode two, I have to agree with the judges: all the five women deserved to be in the bottom two. I will be shocked if they are not all voted off in the next four weeks.

    The challenge was to use fashion to inspire the design of a room. The eleven contestants were divided into the two groups by sexes.

    Of the men's two rooms, the living room was great and very pulled together. Cortland was credited with the vignette and won the day. I hated Trent's literal translation of Tommy Bahama by using wooden tropical leaves. The bedroom was the wedding dress and the pajamas. It left me cold.

    The women's rooms were a hot mess. I did love the dark wall in the bedroom and the mirror but did not see how the dresses were represented. All five were brought in to be judged and the bickering began. None of them explained themselves well. Tera and Nina were in the bottom two. Nina was the team leader and spent time bad mouthing the other contestants. I wanted her to leave, but it was Tera's night to be cancelled. I look forward to some better work next week. The women all need to watch their backs or they are all going home very soon.
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    I'm not overly impressed with ANY of the designers at this point. The only ones I even halfway like are Dan and Alex. And that's because they have back personalities. And as for the women......let's just say that I don't think any of them will be the winner. Emily is whiny and Nina is flat out rude.
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    Do the producers and judges give ANY consideration to who the usual HGTV viewer would watch when they make their decisions?
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