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Official Season 5 Discussion Thread.

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    Since the new season of Design Star aired over the weakend you can talk about that episode and all future episodes here in this one thread, instead of making a new thread for each episode.

    Episode 1 The White Wall Challenge (Aired June 13th 2010) I thought this episode was rather boring as far as premieres go, atleast they could of gone with a more interesting challenge then the basic white room base it off other designer one. I have many doubts about this season, it is just way to different then the other seasons(the design, the location, the lacking of a host - they got ride of Clive Pearse, and just the whole layout of the show - atleast they kept the monitors at elimination time.

    Episode 2 Fashion Forward Room Design -

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    I like the White Room Challenge. For me, there was no one who stood out immediately. Design it for the partner you just met. Hmmm.

    I adored Nina's room. It was creative and the colors were nice. Deemed the best of the week, but the client Cortland did not like it. That is a key failure for me. But this is not a real client, it is a competition.

    I think Cortland's room for Nina was fine. It seemed unfair that she did not mention anything about Bohemian Chic until the judges came. It put him in the bottom six and I think did not like that.

    I liked Tera's room for Trent. I liked that nothing was left white and the room looked finished. Top six.

    Trent's room for Tera was for a busy mom of three, painted in blues and greens. However, all the furniture stayed white. Vern said he needed to turn $500 into a $5,000 look. I liked it but did not love it. You need to do more to win. Bottom six.

    Casey's room for Alex had a Zen like quality that the judges enjoyed. She was in the top six.

    Alex's room for Casey was wonderful. He left most of his accessories at the market. He ended up in the bottom six and is lucky he as not sent home.

    Dan loved the room Stacy designed for him. It put her in the top six. However, I did not like the white floor.

    Dan's room for Stacy put him in the top six. I wish he did not leave so much white in the room.

    Michael's room for Emily was funny. She never makes her bed. Ha ha. The colors were nice and the room, unlike some of the others, was at least finished.

    Emily painted a nice room but that was it. The lack of decoration for Michael's room landed her in the bottom two. Ouch! She has to improve by next week.

    Tom designed a room for Julie. I liked it but I feel the judges thought it was too predictable. One of the worst.

    Julie painted the wall in a blue faux treatment. The feathers on the floor were a stretch. It does not surprise me that she went home first.

    I saw some designs I liked, some that were too plain and some that were so so. It is too early for me to tell who is going to break out and win this show. I do agree that with the choice of who went home.

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    The show is definitely bland and boring this season - the judges are all low-voiced and overly serene, sounding more disappointed/sad with horrible design than professional. I think they are so missing Clive's dynamic presence all around. The white room challenge is fine as is, but without some personality, the contestants and judges just all seem depressed. There is no pizzazz at all to make me continue to tune in this year. I'm so disappointed!
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