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  • Home Stagers on a Rampage

    Most of the stagers add way too many pots, flowers, oversized clocks, glass and ceramic gew gaws, obtuse area or floor rugs, ugly paintings, overstuffed couches and side chairs.
  • Ann leaving the show

    I have watch this channel for a long time, I can't believe what just happen getting rid of Ann and keeping Brooks who has mess up all the time, well we know who pulls the weight Genevieve she had a pretty room very bad Ann I will not be watching HGTV anymore. I'm 55 years old was not born yesterday
  • Dear Genevieve

    I would like Genevieve Gorder replaced. She is to cold and snobbish. I would like someone like Sabrina Soto as a judge at least she has a personality.
  • Candice!

    You are way too good for this!

    Now I know Divine Design must be paying you in Canadian dollars, but we are, and have been for some time now, nearly on par with the greenback, and beyond that, surely you have more professional pride than...this travesty!

    Vern Yip and Genevive Gorder can't hold a candle to Candice in design or anything else for that matter, and beyond that, the execution of this show is just soooo lame.

    I had to watch the last few eps this season as I was at my sister's house and she watches (she was dropped on her head as a child!).

    The final show was the clincher. I don't know contestant's names and I don't care, but the final presentation? That one where they had to show the "stuff" that was going to get them their own TV show? Well: WRONG CHOICE!

    This woman spoke way too fast for me to be interested in watching her on her own program, AND what she said in terms of content was inane! I don't give a rat's heiny what watch and bed sheets and dress shirts the (set-up) "customer" uses!

    Poppycock! Period! Take it away!
  • Worst season yet. Designers are forgettable and challenges are uninteresting. Cortland should stop being critical of others, he is one of the worst. He' been in the bottom how many times now? Speaking of bottom, Cortland engaged to a woman.... really?

    The worst season yet. I thought the last 2 seasons were bad, but this one is so completely forgettable. I think you need to put them through challenges before you select them for the show. There is not a single designer here with any imagination. Most of the challenges are ridiculous and uninteresting. Just give them the white box room or actual rooms with either fake or real clients. These, "use a flower, musical instrument" or whatever the other forgettable themes were
    are B O R I N G! Plus, please, less teams more individual. In the real world, it's usually a single designer.

    I am really losing interest in this show.
  • I just watched last weeks show, OMG are these real designers......I am sure many like myself would like to, I am NOT a designer could have done this so much better. It makes one think, what are you all thinking???? get with it guys!!!!

    Horrible execution and there was no design that I saw in either of the apartments completed, actually they were not complete at all! It would definately not provide that oasis that one needs to recharge and prepare for the next days work. You provided a few basics, one could get that from a hotel room!

    I did not even care what their hosting ability showed, you must not only be able to talk the talk but walk the walk which no one was able to do. I love all three of the designers and you must be wondering how you are gpoing to decide on a winner overall.
  • Good show!

    I personally like this show :)
    I saw Season 3, I think, the one where Jennifer and Matt were in the final two and Jen won.

    -I like it and I think it's an interesting show because they put the contestants into many different challenges. They also get to design rooms too for Celeb, like this season, Sara Evans and the New Orleans family. I thought that was also nice.
    -I like to see how they used their imagination and creativity to design their room and how much work they put into it.
    -The judges are really funny! Especially that middle Asian guy!
    -I saw the Finale and especially love it. It was entertaining, unlike other Finales! They recap the highlights of the season and it was great!

    Overall, good show!
  • i love this!

    This is one of the best, most original reality shows ever! It's funny, dramatic, and shows real, wholesome Americans. People in other countries can watch this and say things like "Wow, those Americans seem really great!" If they watched, say, Laguna Beach they'd called us spoiled rich brats. This show is also the perfect mix of drama and comedy. It greats seeing the rooms come together! Clive is a really great host too! I was happy for David but all in all I think Alice should've won. She was better throughout even if her final room wasn't as good as David's. I really hope this get's renewed! i love it!
  • The best show ever!

    I love this show!! We don't miss it ever!! Our whole family gathers around the tv every Sunday for this show!! This is definitely one of the best shows on television!! I was happy that Kim and Todd made the finals, but I think Will was robbed. I will totally continue watching for however many seasons they keep it on. A must see!! Kim won!! Go Kim!! I couldn't stand Rob though. Everytime he was on the screen I wanted to throw something at it. He was the most argumentative, controlling freak I've ever seen!! I'm glad he was not in the semifinals. Dodged a bullet on that one there!! Can't wait till the next season!!
  • I love the show, and try not to miss it, but now I tape the show in case Vern Yip is a judge, that way I can fast forward when Mr Yip starts with his comments and smug asides. He has a smirk on his face that seems to say "it's ok. but could be better".

    This show is a real test of character, I am amazed how well these people hold up. I wish there was an easier way to eliminate the contestants, but then again rejection is rejection however soft you try to make it. I wonder at their stamina and dedication. I feel that they deserve a lot more credit than they get. I think that some of the designs are absolutely great and the sweat and tears make this a real cliff hanger. I can hardly wait to see the results, but I will have to tape it so that I can fast forward over Vern Yip, he is bound to be there passing his thoughts to the other judges. Why can't he just be quiet during the show. Audrey Harkness.
  • This show resembles the format of "Project Runway" with designers, and in this show has potential with those who like make-overs.

    This show resembles the format of "Project Runway" with designers, and in this show has potential with those who like make-overs.

    The show is mildly interesting for those who like reality shows with eliminations and those who have or intend a home make-over. Do not expect major dialog, filmography, ... etc., you'll be disappointed.

    The show has a bit of flash with TV screens for contestants whose "show is eliminated" and a big vault-like door that closes behind them. This is a bit over the top, but the show has promise.

    If you have time to kill, this may fill the void, but don't hold out for an Emmy nomination.
  • I respect the judges opinion, however I pray they do not pick Alice! She is so immature and does "cutsie annoying stuff." and is not as talented as David. That man is good at his craft and will do the TV show proud.

    Alice, NO! Kicking her foot up and ACTS sweet & if I hear one more time how she doesn't know how to hold a tool!It's laziness to not get involved in your craft & shows lack of ambition, unwillingness to delve into a job. With all due respect to anyone out there that finds it admirable in a Southern woman,we don't need anymore "cute" prima donnas in this world. David is creative and thinks outside the box, he is easy to look at too! He can learn to be more comfortable in front of an audience,you can't learn talent!Please don't let him get away.