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Sunday 9:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Jul 23, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • Candice!

    You are way too good for this!

    Now I know Divine Design must be paying you in Canadian dollars, but we are, and have been for some time now, nearly on par with the greenback, and beyond that, surely you have more professional pride than...this travesty!

    Vern Yip and Genevive Gorder can't hold a candle to Candice in design or anything else for that matter, and beyond that, the execution of this show is just soooo lame.

    I had to watch the last few eps this season as I was at my sister's house and she watches (she was dropped on her head as a child!).

    The final show was the clincher. I don't know contestant's names and I don't care, but the final presentation? That one where they had to show the "stuff" that was going to get them their own TV show? Well: WRONG CHOICE!

    This woman spoke way too fast for me to be interested in watching her on her own program, AND what she said in terms of content was inane! I don't give a rat's heiny what watch and bed sheets and dress shirts the (set-up) "customer" uses!

    Poppycock! Period! Take it away!