Designated Survivor

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Run
      Episode 22
      The Season 2 finale: As President Kirkman continues to deal with the turmoil surrounding the hacker and congressional investigation, a natural disaster threatens the lives of two White House staffers. Meanwhile, Kirkman's closest allies are surprised when the president makes an announcement no one saw coming.
    • Target
      Episode 21

      Both Republicans and Democrats attempt to force President Kirkman to join their parties by threatening to hold up a defense budget bill. While this is happening, the President calls on Ethan West to act as a special prosecutor to investigate Cornelius Moss in the hopes of bringing Moss up on charges that Moss leaked classified information to the media in an an attempt to undermine the President. Hanna Wells in the meantime continues her search for Damien's killer.

    • Bad Reception
      Episode 20

      President Kirkman negotiates with a foreign government to release an American held overseas, while attorney Ethan West continues his investigation.

    • Capacity
      Episode 19
      Attorney Ethan West calls on President Kirkman's closest advisors and staff as he begins his investigation.
    • Kirkman Agonistes
      Episode 18

      President Kirkman learns that tapes of his therapy sessions have been leaked to the public. The leaks cause the Vice President to call a meeting of the President's cabinet who decide the twenty-fifth amendment has to be invoked in order to remove the President from office. The President's staff does what it can to do damage control. Meanwhile Agent Welles and Damian continue their search for the person who is responsible for all recent computer hacks as well as the leak of the President's therapy tapes.

    • Overkill
      Episode 17
      Following the deadly bomb explosion inside a D.C. metro station, President Kirkman declares war on Kunami. When the emir of that country sends his ambassador to negotiate, FBI Agent Hannah Wells learns the emir is hiding something that could have deadly consequences.
    • Fallout
      Episode 16
      President Kirkman and his staff have credible intelligence that a dirty bomb is on U.S. soil, thrusting the president into a high-stakes effort to find the bomb and stop it from detonating. Meanwhile, at the White House, Emily approaches Chuck to help her with something that has damaging and illegal consequences.moreless
    • Summit
      Episode 15

      Tensions are at dangerously high levels when the country of East Hon Chiu conducts a nuclear missile test while negotiations between the country and it's neighbor West Hon Chiu are in progress. Both countries go on high military alert. Since the United States is a close ally with West Hon Chiu, thousands of US soldiers are stationed there and are placed along the country's border. This sudden rise in tension causes President Kirkman to call an emergency summit at Camp David. He works desprately with his staff to try to bring the fragile situation to a peaceful resolution. However, it is soon revealed that the son of East Hon Chiu's ruthless leader had defected and has information to share with the US. Agent Wells looks into this new developmnt.

    • In the Dark
      Episode 14

      President Kirkman is besieged by multiple crises at one time. First power to Washington, DC and the surrounding areas goes out due to yet another cyberattack by the same person or persons responsible for the hacks into the US and Russian space programs. In addition to that, Japan is demanding a large bond payment by midnight. Worried about a possible default, the President gets help from an unlikely source. Elsewhere Agent Wells, investigation becomes more complicated when Damien disappears into the darkened city.

    • Original Sin
      Episode 13
      When a video of the president visiting prison leaks to the media, his team works to minimize the fallout. Meanwhile, a surprise White House demonstration has deeper ties to the president than anyone first realizes.
    • The Final Frontier
      Episode 12

      President Kirkman prepares to witness the launch of an unmanned rocket that will bring much needed supplies to an international space station. Just as the launch is about to occur, Damien tells Hannah and Aaron that he has important information that the launch has been hacked. At first they don't believe him, but Damien manages to convince them. However by the time the President learns of this information, it is too late. The President then calls in some of the most brilliant scientists on Earth to solve the crisis. Hannah convinces Aaron to allow Damien to be released in order to assist in tracking down the hackers and reversing the cyberattack. As this occurs, the President learns that his daughter Penny is causing trouble at school.

    • Grief
      Episode 11

      President Kirkman struggles to deal with the tragic death of his wife. Many of his staff members feel that his pain is interfering with his job as President of the United States and begin to worry. Those concerns are put to the test when a group of American officials on a mission to Cuba are taken hostage by a militia group fighting against the Cuban government. The demand $500 million for the release of the hostages. Communications Director Lyor Boone tries to convince the President to send in Navy SEALs and take the hostages back by force. However the President seems to be leaning towards paying the ransom. The staff argue about the proper action.

    • Line of Fire
      Episode 10

      As Christmas approaches President Kirkman is forced to deal with a very bizarre crisis. A forest fire is raging in Virginia. A group of religious zealots are holed up in a log cabin directly in the fire's path and refuse to leave unless the infant daughter of a group member is allowed to leave an area hospital. The infant needs life saving surgery that the zealots say is against their religious beliefs. As this is going on, Agent Wells continues her investigation into her betrayal by Damian Rennet. Meanwhile the First Lady decides to confront the legal problems her mother has been facing in the hopes to putting an end to it once and for all.

    • Three-Letter Day
      Episode 9

      It is a special day at the White House. On this day President Kirkman takes three letters from the huge amount he receives from the general public on a regular basis and assigns certain members of his staff to look into the requests in them. Hannah and Kendra are assigned to look into an anonymous pardon request for a death row prisoner. Emily and Aaron's assignment is to look into a military widow's request for a posthumous Medal of Honor for her husband. Seth and Lyor are assigned to investigate the mysterious death of two of a beekeepers' colonies which the keeper believes is being caused by a nearby airfield.

    • Home
      Episode 8

      President Kirkman boards Air Force One for a covert visit to Afghanistan to express his support and gratitude to American soldiers serving in the country and to meet with two powerful warlords in the hope of finding the right person/faction for the US to align with when US forces begin to head home. The visit is soon met with chaos as militants attack a market and kidnap an American agent. Back in Washington DC Emily holds the fort during the president's absence and has to deal with huge amounts of chaos as both Seth and Lyor find themselves in extremely bad situations.

    • Family Ties
      Episode 7
      When a Turkish activist ignites protests in the U.S., Turkey's president demands his extradition while the first family unknowingly finds themselves in the center of a battle that could threaten Leo's future.
    • Two Ships
      Episode 6

      After a US Navy ship carrying state of the art US surveillance equipment drifts into enemy waters and is severely damaged by a collision, President Kirkman works with his cabinet to try to prevent a devastating national security breach. Agents Wells and Rennett continue their investigation into the murder of Charlotte Thorne and make some surprising discoveries. Elsewhere Kendra tries to convince the First Lady's mother to make a tough decision regarding her case. While all of this is happening, Emily has a very difficult reunion with her estranged father who may not have her best interests in mind.

    • Suckers
      Episode 5

      After a hockey game with members of Congress, President Kirkman makes a remark to a Republican Senator that seriously damages Kirkman's reputation and puts his legislative agenda in serious jeopardy. White House Political Director Lyor Boone tries to convince the President to lie and say he never said the offending remark and smear the Senator who leaked the information, but Kirkman does not want to stoop to that level. Kirkman also has to deal with an international crisis as a member of the British Parliament who is in the US to attend the G-20 summit and speak against gun violence in the US, is shot and killed while out for a jog. Agents Wells and Rennett investigate.

    • Equilibrium
      Episode 4
      Tensions rise between America and Mexico when a Mexican citizen is shot during a border dispute regarding Mexican trade imports. As a result, Kirkman and his staff must work quickly to resolve the situation and create a new trade deal.
    • Outbreak
      Episode 3

      President Kirkman and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) work together in an attempt to stop a viral outbreak which has already killed many Americans. Elsewhere Agents Wells and Rennett continue their investigation into why Patrick Lloyd targeted the home of the President's mother-in law and make a surprising discovery. Also, the new White House Counsel finds herself in the middle of a heated debate over the removal of a Confederate statue.

    • 10/4/17

      On the eve of the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner President Kirkman learns that Patrick Lloyd is back in the United States and threatening a chemical attack which could kill thousands of people. This causes numerous problems from senators trying to use the threat for political gain to conflicts on how to proceed against the threat among his cabinet members. Agent Wells and MI:6 Agent Rennett work with authorities to capture Lloyd and thwart his plans.

    • One Year In
      Episode 1

      In the second season premier, President Kirkman is convinced by Chief of Staff Emily Rhodes to hire a Political Director. An action she, as well as her colleagues soon regret. Also, President Kirkman's diplomatic skills are put to the test when a group of Ukrainian terrorists hijack a commercial airliner in Chicago. Meanwhile Agent Wells continues her hunt for the chief architect of the Capital Bombing. The search takes her overseas where she joins forces with an MI:6 agent in her mission.

  • Season 1