Designed to Sell

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  • Season 1
    • Small Cottage Makeover
      A 1940's bungalow is redone and decked out to be the most fabulous house on the block. The interior of the house is cleared of junk, and a family room addition is made to feel more connected to the house.
    • Feathering an Empty Nest
      A couple's three daughters are off to college, so that means an empty nest! So, since they don't need their big house anymore, the couple decides to downgrade to a smaller, sleeker design. But their home has spent three long months on the market, so what do they do?
    • World Traveler
      World Traveler
      Episode 3
      A woman has been working hard for 8 years. Now, she wants to sell her small house and travel the globe! However, her house has a few problems. Her kitchen is so dark and depressing. And her bathroom matches the kitchen! Her curb appeal is too dull, and not very attractive. She desperately needs the "Designed to Sell" team to help out. They only have a little while until the open house! Can they get it together in time?moreless
    • Leaving the 'Burbs
      A couple really wants a house in the city. It'd be more exciting than their current condo in the suburbs. The condo's worth a pretty penny, but as is, it wouldn't sell for much. But designer Lisa LaPorta is ready for action! She knows that days of scraping, painting, moving, and arranging are in order. Can they get it done in time for the open house that's just around the corner?moreless
    • '70s Home Update
      '70s Home Update
      Episode 5
      Jani and Rick Geary are preparing to sell their home of 20 years, and enlist the team's help with updating their property before they show it.
    • Goodbye, Bachelor Pad
      A couple needs help getting their house ready to sell.
    • Completing Unfinished Projects
      A couple who is moving need to finish a lot of unfinished projects.
    • Viva Las Vegas!
      Viva Las Vegas!
      Episode 8
      A couple can't wait to begin their new life in crazy Las Vegas! But their home of three decades just might stand in the way.
    • Ready for Blastoff!
      A woman, Elsa Wadzinski, cannot wait to join her husband in Florida, where he works on the space shuttle. But before she can do that, she's gotta sell their house. Her kids are ready to help, and so is the designer and team of experts. Unfortunately, the house is so downtrodden, it might be hard to sell. That's not the only thing that makes this sale hard. Elsa is leaving behind a bunch of memories, family, and friends in her neighborhood. Oh yeah, and there's a heap of clutter in the house. Uh oh!moreless
    • Too Much House, Too Little Time
      Cruz Cervantez is a bachelor with way too much house for just himself. And he doesn't have much time to enjoy his house anyway. So to make some cold hard cash, he's decided to sell it. What will it take to get top dollar?
    • Cookie-Cutter Condo
      A couple are already in escrow on a new big house, so they really have to get rid of their current home. The clock is ticking, and the dollars are being spent as a team of experts continues to transform this average condo into an excellent prize.
    • Moving Wests
      Moving Wests
      Episode 12
      Jean and Bob West are desperate to sell their home of 35 years. Why, you ask? To retire in scenic Idaho and be closer to their family. Aw! But the house is stuck in the decade that Bob and Jean bought it. It needs to be brought into the new millennium. The "Designed to Sell" team needs to transform this house into an up-to-date masterpiece for potential buyers.moreless
    • Real-Estate Mystery
      An animal lover, Deborah Orlik, is ready to sell her house, but after half a year on the market, not a single offer has been made! So she asks the "Designed to Sell" team to kick it into high gear and sell her house - fast.
    • Designed to Sell 402
      Jeanine and Bradley May are moving from one family home to another, but selling may not be so easy. Designed to Sell uses their $2,000 budget to turn this house completely around. Will it be enough to help buy Jeanine's father's childhood home?
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