Designers' Challenge

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




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  • Season 1
    • Cluttered Living Room
      When Peter and Dena Schwartz decided to buy their country-style home, they fell in love with its airy, open floor plan. But they never anticipated the difficulty this layout would present. Instead of the warm, inviting room they had envisioned, the space has evolved into a jumbled array of their eclectic collection of antiques and odd pieces of furniture. Now, the Schwartz's think their living room needs a focus. They want to restore much of the masonry and woodwork to its natural splendor and revitalize the room with splashes of color. They have presented quite the challenge for their three designers.moreless
    • Crowded Kitchen Remodel
      The Michaels family loves their home, but they can't stand their kitchen. This narrow little kitchen is a nightmare for preparing meals with only two square feet of counter space. The front door opens to reveal the kitchen, drawing all visiting traffic into the already crowded room. They hope a designer will solve this problem while adding a touch of style.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Design Dilemma
      When Diana and Kent Allen moved to their dream home near the beach three years ago, they felt this was the perfect place to raise a growing family. Even through they've been busy furnishing the home, the one room they've neglected to decorate is the master bedroom. They want to replace the furniture and window treatments, redo the fireplace and paint the walls a fresh new color--but first they have to choose a designer.moreless
    • Guest Room To Childs Room
      David and Leona Berger love their Spanish-style home, with its arched doorways and flowing hardwood floors. However, they have a 14-month-old daughter, Juliana, and are expecting their second daughter soon. They want to transform the larger guest room into a bedroom suitable for their two girls and decided to leave this project in the hands of one of three professional designers.moreless
    • Living Room Chaos
      When Larry and Lisa Pinci first saw their traditional style home, they fell in love with it immediately. Not only did it provide stables in the backyard for their two horses, but they were enthralled with the dramatic, open and airy living room. Decorating this space proved harder than the Pinci's imagined. After many futile attempts to rearrange their furniture, they've decided to turn their problem over to a professional.moreless
    • Living Room Redo
      Living Room Redo
      Episode 6
      Jim Skinner's recently purchased home has been a veritable canvas for him to decorate, with white walls and hardwood floors encompassing the single-level layout. However, the oversized furniture in the living room/dining room make it cumbersome to access the remainder of his home. Since he frequently entertains friends, he's eager to transform these rooms into a more functional, aesthetically pleasing space with new furniture, rugs, window treatments, paint and lighting. He hopes the professional services of a designer will transform this room into a comfortable space in which to spend time with friends.moreless
    • Teenager Bedroom Update
      When the Fines moved into their home, eight-year-old Tory inherited a room decorated for the previous seven-year-old occupant. Now that she's growing up--and growing tired of her dated bedroom--the Fines want to have the room redecorated for her 15th birthday. Although they have decorated most of their home themselves, they decided to have a professional tackle Tory's room and now they have three to choose from.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Spa Retreat
      When Dean and Laura Piller bought their single-level, 1960s ranch-style home, they looked forward to updating it to accommodate their active family, which includes two active young boys and a puppy. Laura had always dreamed of a space that would offer a tranquil refuge from the demands of her busy family life. In the eight months since their purchase, they have remodeled most of the house, infusing it with their own traditional style. But the master bathroom has yet to be touched. To achieve the sophisticated look they desire, they have decided to bring in the professionals.moreless
    • 1970s Living Room Update
      When Dan and Karen Richmond bought their casual-style home two of years ago, it was important for them to have a view. But they like to entertain, and feel that their 1970s living room could be made a lot more inviting and attractive. Right now the Richmonds have plain white walls, the furniture is thrown together and the fireplace needs a little bit of help. They have no idea how to envision their living room to make it work for their needs and are ready to see what three designers have in store for their living room challenge.moreless
    • Kitchen Dilemma
      Kitchen Dilemma
      Episode 10
      Jackson and Pamela Varady moved into a townhouse they felt was perfect for them, all except for the kitchen. The colorless kitchen just doesn't blend with the high ceilings, hardwood floors and contemporary shapes of the rest of the house. The Varady's have twin boys, Dylan and Max, so keeping this extremely light-colored kitchen clean has become impossible. They hope one of the three designers will have a plan to solve their kitchen dilemma.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Redesign
      Perry and Kerrie Richards moved into their spacious, newly-built home just three months ago, charmed by the neighborhood's warm ocean breezes and the home's sunny contemporary spaces. But the house is significantly larger than the condo they lived in previously, leaving the couple with lots of empty spaces to furnish. Perry and Kerrie plan to take their time in furnishing and decorating their new home, but there is one room that they are anxious to quickly make their own--the master bedroommoreless
    • Attic Bedroom Makeover
      Dee Dee Drazkowski and her fiance, Ryan Barreras, want to create a third bedroom in their 1920s home. They plan to convert the attic into a large Victorian-style master bedroom with all the bells and whistles--from a roomy closet to a sitting area.
    • Living Room Refresh
      Steve Volk and wife Janice Lucas are ready to transform their living room into an inviting and cozy place to relax. Currently furnished with a wide variety of mismatched, inherited items, they are ready to give this room a look all of its own.
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