Designers' Challenge

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Episode Guide

    • Master Bathroom Remodel
      Master Bathroom Remodel
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Seven months ago, Adam and Linda Jackson moved into a spacious Mediterranean-style house. The couple and their three children enjoy their new home, with the exception of the outdated, awkward master bathroom. They feel the space could be better utilized, and they're hoping one of our three designers will have the solution to their design dilemmas.moreless
    • Rustic-Style Kitchen
      Rustic-Style Kitchen
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Julie and John Curtiss bought home a year ago. Their are using their Southwestern art and furnishings to create a warm home, but they need professional help to make the kitchen more colorful and up-to-date.
    • Cluttered Living Room
      Cluttered Living Room
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      When Peter and Dena Schwartz decided to buy their country-style home, they fell in love with its airy, open floor plan. But they never anticipated the difficulty this layout would present. Instead of the warm, inviting room they had envisioned, the space has evolved into a jumbled array of their eclectic collection of antiques and odd pieces of furniture. Now, the Schwartz's think their living room needs a focus. They want to restore much of the masonry and woodwork to its natural splendor and revitalize the room with splashes of color. They have presented quite the challenge for their three designers.moreless
    • Crowded Kitchen Remodel
      Crowded Kitchen Remodel
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The Michaels family loves their home, but they can't stand their kitchen. This narrow little kitchen is a nightmare for preparing meals with only two square feet of counter space. The front door opens to reveal the kitchen, drawing all visiting traffic into the already crowded room. They hope a designer will solve this problem while adding a touch of style.moreless
    • Stylish Family Room
      Stylish Family Room
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      A couple with $25,000 wishes to give their Denver, Colorado home a more comfortable living room, with some style and pizzazz.
    • Living Room Redo
      Living Room Redo
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Jim Skinner's recently purchased home has been a veritable canvas for him to decorate, with white walls and hardwood floors encompassing the single-level layout. However, the oversized furniture in the living room/dining room make it cumbersome to access the remainder of his home. Since he frequently entertains friends, he's eager to transform these rooms into a more functional, aesthetically pleasing space with new furniture, rugs, window treatments, paint and lighting. He hopes the professional services of a designer will transform this room into a comfortable space in which to spend time with friends.moreless
    • New Orleans Entry and Parlor
      New Orleans Entry and Parlor
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      An attorney needs some help turning her 19th-century style Louisiana home's entryway into something spectacular.
    • A Glittering Emmy Party
      A Glittering Emmy Party
      Season 10 - Episode 14
      A hotel on Hollywood's Sunset Strip will be the venue to host the Emmy's. This year, the hot spot will be transformed for one night only in an effort to make the evening as lavish as possible. A budget of $50,000 for labor and materials has been allotted by Entertainment Tonight's executive producer.moreless
    • Tuscan-Inspired Bedroom Suite
      Tuscan-Inspired Bedroom Suite
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      A couple whose swimming pool is the home's hotspot need to separate their master bath and bedroom from teenagers who frequently pop in there from the pool.
    • Exquisite Master Bath
      Exquisite Master Bath
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      A couple that has relied on their own sense of style in decorating their dream home calls in the experts for help with a challenging master bath.
    • Mediterranean Master Suite
      Mediterranean Master Suite
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      A couple with a 6,700 square foot home in Boca Raton, Florida want some expert design in giving their master bedroom a clean, sleek look.
    • Living/Dining Room Fusion
      Living/Dining Room Fusion
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      A couple that has lived together for three years can't seem to find a blend of the right living and dining room space.
    • Bland to Grand Bedroom
      Bland to Grand Bedroom
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      A Charlotte, North Carolina couple looks for some help in upgrading their master bedroom.
    • Outdated Kitchen/Family Room
      Outdated Kitchen/Family Room
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      With a budget of $65,000, a Southern California couple looks to save their dream home from the 1970's.
    • Cozy Home Office
      Cozy Home Office
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      A retired couple with a 6,400 square foot home near Pebble Beach are looking to form a cozy office space with a library feel to it.
    • Clutter-Filled Teen Bedroom
      Clutter-Filled Teen Bedroom
      Season 10 - Episode 6
      A teenager is getting her bedroom remodeled with a $10,000 budget alloted by her parents.
    • New Kitchen and Family Room
      New Kitchen and Family Room
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      A widow wants to remain in the home that she shared with her late husband, but to introduce some updates.
    • Room for Two
      Room for Two
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      A couple that has lived a year in their 1940's home needs some help updating their master bath.
    • Organized Kitchen
      Organized Kitchen
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      A couple has been wishing to remodel their ranch-style home for ten years, and are finally ready to do so with a budget of $50,000.
    • Chicago-Style Family Room
      Chicago-Style Family Room
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      Former Chicago city residents have moved to the suburbs for more space to raise their family. They would like the their family room to be a haven that reflects their tastes and is also comfortable.
    • Classic New Orleans Great Room
      Classic New Orleans Great Room
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      A couple would like to remodel the great room in their 19th century New Orleans home.
    • Vacant Texas Living Room
      Vacant Texas Living Room
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      A couple with a living room as large as the Lone Star State itself want to transform it from barren into something grand yet comfortable.
    • Hawaiian Lanai Family Room
      Hawaiian Lanai Family Room
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      A couple that has lived in Hawaii for the last five years is ready to take on their troublesome family room that had previously a lanai.
    • Casual and Comfortable Den
      Casual and Comfortable Den
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      A Virginia Beach couple is ready to redo their den.
    • Old West Saloon Basement
      Old West Saloon Basement
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      With a $35,000 budget, a bland basement in a Vegas ranch house gets a new personality.
    • Gulf Coast Kitchen
      Gulf Coast Kitchen
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      A Biloxi family wants a facelift for their outdated kitchen.
    • Cozy Living Room
      Cozy Living Room
      Season 11 - Episode 13
      A couple who uses their living room so infrequently that they leave their Christmas decorations up year-round have decided to give it an inviting makeover.
    • Colorful Kitchen and Family Room
      Colorful Kitchen and Family Room
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      With a budget of $65,000, a couple wishes to update the two most used rooms in their house, while integrating a style that reflects their Hispanic heritage.
    • Dynamic Dining Room
      Dynamic Dining Room
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      Recent transplants from Philadelphia to New Orleans need some help making a statement with their dining room and adjoining butler's pantry.
    • Master Spa Suite
      Master Spa Suite
      Season 11 - Episode 6
      A couple loves their four-bedroom Colonial, but they're less than enamored with their boring master suite.
    • Grand Foyer and Living Room
      Grand Foyer and Living Room
      Season 11 - Episode 7
      A couple that is building their dream home needs some expert opinion on how to make a grand entrance.
    • Elegant Master Suite
      Elegant Master Suite
      Season 11 - Episode 8
      A couple loves their French Normandy-style home and needs some advice on how to maximize the master suite.
    • Sophisticated Family Room
      Sophisticated Family Room
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      Seventeen years after buying their Santa Barbara home, a couple wishes to give the family room a face lift.
    • Beach Cottage Bathroom
      Beach Cottage Bathroom
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      A couple loves their beach cottage but hates the fact that they only have one bathroom between the four of them in the family. When guests visit, it's a disaster. With some help from three designers, they'll create some space they never knew they had.
    • A '70s Kitchen Sendoff
      A '70s Kitchen Sendoff
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      An outdated kitchen, laundry, and mud room needs some serious help in a Dutch Colonial.
    • Tranquil Master Bathroom
      Tranquil Master Bathroom
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      A couple love their view near Seattle, Washington, but are not so excited about the view of their master bath.
    • Galley-Style Kitchen
      Galley-Style Kitchen
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      Two gals are unsure how to handle their galley-style kitchen.
    • Basement Redo
      Basement Redo
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      A couple with a tudor-style home in Bowling Green, Kentucky wants some advice on how to remodel their basement in a way that will appeal to both children and adults.
    • A Medieval Master Bedroom
      A Medieval Master Bedroom
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      A couple enamored with the Middle Ages decides to redo their master bedroom in medieval style.
    • Baby Boy Nursery
      Baby Boy Nursery
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      A couple expecting their second little boy wants to turn a catch-all storage space into an inviting nursery.
    • Painter's Studio
      Painter's Studio
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      An artist and teacher wants to transform a spare bedroom that she and her husband have into a functional space for her artistry.
    • Modern Formal Living Room
      Modern Formal Living Room
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      Empty nesters with an 8,000 square foot home are looking for some help in updating their 1980's-style living room.
    • Classic Bungalow Kitchen
      Classic Bungalow Kitchen
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      A tall man who loves to cook for and entertain family needs a new kitchen in his 1920's bungalow.
    • Cozy Coastal Studio
      Cozy Coastal Studio
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      A New England couple wishes to renovate a former artist's studio into a more usable family space. In order to tie in nautical with sports, and make both themes fit with Arts & Crafts, they've called in the experts.
    • Tampa Bay Living Room and Sunroom
      Tampa Bay Living Room and Sunroom
      Season 9 - Episode 17
      With a $40,000 budget, a Tampa Bay couple seeks out some help in decorating their formal living room and adjoining sun room.
    • Candy-Coated Bedroom
      Candy-Coated Bedroom
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      A couple that is into themed rooms decides to change their tranquil master bedroom into something as wacky as the rest of their home.
    • Functional and Beautiful Great Room
      An avid art collector has decorated every room in her home except for the living and dining room, which she wants some help to give a cozier feel.
    • Empty Above-Ground Basement
      Empty Above-Ground Basement
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      A Baltimore couple wants to make their 2,000 square-foot basement more functional for multiple pursuits.
    • Family Room Facelift
      Family Room Facelift
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      After seven years in their Phoenix home, a couple wants to tie in their family room to the rest of their home.
    • Lofty Living Space
      Lofty Living Space
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      A bachelor who owns a 6,000 square-foot loft needs a substantial portion of it designed for entertaining guests.
    • This Kitchen Cooks
      This Kitchen Cooks
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      A man who loves to cook and who loves his dogs wants some help transforming his cramped kitchen into something homey and usable.
    • Five-Star Hotel Master Bedroom
      Five-Star Hotel Master Bedroom
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      A couple who purchased a 6,000 square foot home is finished putting the touches on some of the common areas of the house and now faces tackling their master suite.
    • Asian-Inspired Bathroom
      Asian-Inspired Bathroom
      Season 8 - Episode 23
      A woman wants some help transforming her bathroom and attached atrium into something tranquil and inspiring.
    • Chef's Dream Kitchen
      Chef's Dream Kitchen
      Season 8 - Episode 24
      An embarassing kitchen awaits transformation into a dream space for two culinary artists.
    • Asian Living Room and Office
      Asian Living Room and Office
      Season 8 - Episode 25
      When a couple married, their styles meshed beautifully, with the exception of their living room and office, in which some help is needed.
    • Boring Basement
      Boring Basement
      Season 8 - Episode 26
      A Spanish Colonial has plenty of charm, but needs some expertise when it comes to handling the unfinished basement.
    • Zen-Like Gym/Guest Room
      Zen-Like Gym/Guest Room
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      A couple is completely satisfied with their home, except for the room above their garage, which they hope to turn into something spectacular.
    • Fabulous Formal Living Room
      Fabulous Formal Living Room
      Season 8 - Episode 22
      A couple loves their 4,400 square foot home, but needs some assistance in making the formal living room into something both elegant and kid-friendly.
    • Marvelous Master Bath
      Marvelous Master Bath
      Season 8 - Episode 21
      A couple who recently moved into their dream home need some ideas for their master bathroom.
    • Uncomfortable Living Room
      Uncomfortable Living Room
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      A couple that has been away from home for years on business now returns to tackle their spacious but uncomfortable living room.
    • Seaside Home Office
      Seaside Home Office
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      After rebuilding his 1,800 square foot seaside cottage, a man looks for some expertise in designing his office.
    • Mundane Master Bathroom
      Mundane Master Bathroom
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      A couple is stumped on how to make the most of their master bedroom, which is broken into three awkward sections.
    • Impractical Family Room
      Impractical Family Room
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      A custom-built home constructed 22 years ago needs some help in the family room, now that the children are grown and gone.
    • One Living Room, Three Areas
      One Living Room, Three Areas
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      Designers answer the challenge of a long, narrow living room that needs some cohesive space.
    • Disjointed Living and Dining Room
      Disjointed Living and Dining Room
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      A couple bought their dream home three years ago, but they're nonplussed as to what to do with their living room and dining room decor.
    • Bye, Bye Bland Bedroom
      Bye, Bye Bland Bedroom
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      A Philadelphia couple needs some expert advice on updating their master bedroom.
    • Stylish Family Room
      Stylish Family Room
      Season 15 - Episode 12
      A Denver, Colorado couple wants to make their family room more comfortable, but also give it some personality.
    • Environmentally-Friendly Great Room
      Two environmental disciples wish to remove all their furniture in the great room and replace it with toxic-free pieces, plus update their kitchen.
    • Spa Master Bathroom
      Spa Master Bathroom
      Season 16 - Episode 5
      A couple needs help tackling their final project in their new Scottsdale, Arizona home - the master bath.
    • Basement Home Theater
      Basement Home Theater
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      A couple living in a beautiful suburban Philadelphia home love to entertain family, and would like to make their basement into a space that allows them better to do this.
    • Elegant, Relaxing Master Bath
      Elegant, Relaxing Master Bath
      Season 16 - Episode 7
      A couple with a 4,800 square foot home are looking for some fresh ideas for an inviting master bathroom.
    • Inviting Family Room
      Inviting Family Room
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      A man and woman love every room in their colonial home, except for the unexciting family room.
    • Basement Family Room
      Basement Family Room
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      A family in the Steel City wants to turn their bare basement into a comfy family room.
    • Rustic Home Office
      Rustic Home Office
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      A couple with a six-bedroom home outside of Denver would like to incorporate a rustic, southwestern theme into their home office.
    • Sophisticated Living/Dining Area
      Sophisticated Living/Dining Area
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      Empty nesters move from a 7,000 square foot home in the suburbs to a condo in Chicago. They need some help with decorating their main living areas.
    • A Gourmet's Dream Kitchen
      A Gourmet's Dream Kitchen
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      An Albequerque, New Mexico couple is looking to spice up their tiny, outdated kitchen.
    • Tuscan Kitchen
      Tuscan Kitchen
      Season 15 - Episode 10
      A kitchen that used to be perfect size for a couple now seems a bit tight after the arrival of their triplets.
    • Contemporary Asian Great Room
      Contemporary Asian Great Room
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      Huntington Beach homeowners want a gourmet kitchen and great room that incorporates the Asian influence dominant throughout the rest of their house.
    • Cape Cod Living Room
      Cape Cod Living Room
      Season 15 - Episode 13
      In a Cape Cod home, a couple wants to incorporate a nautical feel within the living room.
    • Napa Valley-Styled Wedding
      Napa Valley-Styled Wedding
      Season 15 - Episode 14
      Soon-to-be newlyweds hope a designer can transform their friends' suburban home into a Napa Valley-styled wedding.
    • Modern Master Bedroom
      Modern Master Bedroom
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      An Memphis mom looks forward to getting a makeover in her master bedroom.
    • Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom
      Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      A Massachusetts couple needs a major overhaul on their master bath.
    • Family-Friendly Living Room
      Family-Friendly Living Room
      Season 17 - Episode 7
      A Beverly Hills couple does a lot of entertaining, and want to give their living room and foyer a grand feeling, yet also make them comfortable.
    • Palm Beach Living/Dining Room
    • Exotic Master Bedroom
      Exotic Master Bedroom
      Season 17 - Episode 9
      A Washington couple loves every detail in their 3,500 square foot golf course home, except for the master bedroom.
    • Modern Great Room
      Modern Great Room
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      A couple wishes to update the living room in their Phoenix high-rise.
    • Contemporary Family Room
      Contemporary Family Room
      Season 17 - Episode 11
      A Pompano Beach, Florida couple have $40,000 with which to redo their family room.
    • Hip, Luxurious Master Suite
      Hip, Luxurious Master Suite
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      With a budget of $65,000, a Minneapolis resident wishes to turn the attic of her Victorian duplex into an inviting master suite.
    • Elegant Dining Room
      Elegant Dining Room
      Season 17 - Episode 5
      A Chappaqua, New York couple wish to transform their dining room from a "catch-all clutter" room to an inviting and elegant space.
    • Classy Chicago Living Area
      Classy Chicago Living Area
      Season 17 - Episode 4
      A family with a new home in suburban Chicago is ready for some pizazz in their living room and dining room spaces.
    • '50s-Inspired Living Room
      '50s-Inspired Living Room
      Season 16 - Episode 11
      A couple with a home that was built in the 1950's wishes to restore it to its original flair, with some modern conveniences.
    • '50s-Inspired Bonus Room
      '50s-Inspired Bonus Room
      Season 16 - Episode 12
      A family that just settled in Suffolk, Virginia wants to give their bonus room a 1950's diner feel.
    • Inviting, Cathedral Living Room
      Inviting, Cathedral Living Room
      Season 16 - Episode 13
      A Monkton, Maryland man just proposed to his girlfriend, and the two want to be married in the living room of their home with its cathedral ceiling and gorgeous views. Some warmth needs to be added to the space, and they're looking for some expert advice.
    • Wild West Living/Dining Room
      Wild West Living/Dining Room
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      A Long Island couple has a theme for every room in their home, except for their living room and dining room. They ask three designers to give this dull space some panache.
    • Luxurious Master Suite
      Luxurious Master Suite
      Season 17 - Episode 3
      A custom-built Maryland home still needs a divine master suite.
    • Elegant, Practical Living Room
      Elegant, Practical Living Room
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      A young, fun South Carolina family wants to breathe life into their living room.
    • Magical Girl's Bedroom
      Magical Girl's Bedroom
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      A couple with a four-bedroom home outside Honolulu look to remodel their daughter's bedroom into something spectacular yet practical.
    • Caribbean-Inspired Great Room
      Caribbean-Inspired Great Room
      Season 15 - Episode 5
      A 4,000 square foot home in Puerto Rico is getting a new look for its great room.
    • Rustic Family Room
      Rustic Family Room
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      A Park City couple wants to transform their basement into an inviting family room.
    • Opening Up a House to Make the Most of Its Amazing Ocean Views
      A duo who lives on the beach in Hawaii wants to create a kitchen and great room that showcases their spectacular ocean views while they entertain guests.
    • Comfortable, Inviting Deck
      Comfortable, Inviting Deck
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      A man wants a spectacular roof deck to show off his beautiful city views in San Francisco. To create a comfortable, inviting outdoor space, he's looking for a designer who will incorporate an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace and a hot tub.
    • Art Deco Living Space
      Art Deco Living Space
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      A couple who lives in beautiful Hawaii has a less-than-lovely house. They want to redo the living room, dining room, and entry way.
    • Traditional Living Areas
      Traditional Living Areas
      Season 13 - Episode 10
      A couple who had considered moving out of their mediterannean style home a few years ago instead opted to remodel. They are ready to take on their dining and living rooms and the foyer.
    • Historic Chicago Kitchen
      Historic Chicago Kitchen
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      A couple with a 3,000 square-foot apartment in Chicago are hoping to get some help with the home's kitchen.
    • Relaxing Master Bathroom
      Relaxing Master Bathroom
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      A North Palm Beach couple is looking for a design that will enlarge and enhance their master bath and adjoining closet.
    • Ultimate Media Room
      Ultimate Media Room
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      A couple with two children wants to transform a downstairs space into the ultimate entertaining area.
    • Attic Family Room
      Attic Family Room
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      A couple that transplanted from Manhattan over to Weehawken, New Jersey to raise their family in the home of their dreams wishes to transform their third story in a fantastic family room.
    • Florida Great Room
      Florida Great Room
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      A Fort Lauderdale duo wants to make their main living room into an inviting and cozy space.
    • Contemporary, Fun Living Room
      Contemporary, Fun Living Room
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      An ER physician gets some emergency help on his neglected townhome.
    • Windy City Sunroom
      Windy City Sunroom
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      A couple loves their 100 year-old suburban Chicago home, but needs some expertise in how to make their formal living room and adjoining sunroom more palatable.
    • Southern-Style Family Room
      Southern-Style Family Room
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      A Memphis couple wishes to transform their dark family room into something grand and southern.
    • Fun, Eclectic Game Rooms
      Fun, Eclectic Game Rooms
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      A couple with a 7,000 square foot Victorian want to incorporate three game rooms: one for the adults, one for their teenager, and one for their baby daughter.
    • Montana-Inspired Game Room
      Montana-Inspired Game Room
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      An Annapolis couple wants to incorporate a lodge-style game room, inspired by the wife's native Montana, into their basement.
    • Sophisticated Great Room
      Sophisticated Great Room
      Season 14 - Episode 10
      A couple that loves their custom built home on the banks of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia, would prefer a formal looking foyer and great room.
    • Lofty Visions
      Lofty Visions
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      A recent college graduate wants her Manhattan loft to ooze sophistication - not dorm life.
    • Art Studio Garage
      Art Studio Garage
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      in Santa Fe, a couple wants to transform their garage into an inspirational art studio, and also a comfortable den to enjoy.
    • Warm and Rich Family Room
      Warm and Rich Family Room
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      A lovely home in the Colorado Hills is getting a makeover in the kitchen area and family room.
    • Comfortable Family Room
      Comfortable Family Room
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      A den in a six-bedroom home doesn't get much use, and a couple wants to make it amazing and inviting.
    • Family Game Room
      Family Game Room
      Season 14 - Episode 9
      A couple who built their own home twelve years ago in Phoenix, Arizona now looks forward to designing a game room within the house for themselves and their two teenagers.
    • Modern, Cozy Loft
      Modern, Cozy Loft
      Season 14 - Episode 8
      A Yugoslavian native has just bought his first home in Washington, D.C. - a penthouse. The loft has great city views, but expertise is solicited in order to turn the interior space into a modern and delightful space.
    • Elegant Tuscan Dining Room
      Elegant Tuscan Dining Room
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      A Long Island family is ready to incorporate their dining space into a lovely, Tuscan space with high practicality.
    • Playful Family Room
      Playful Family Room
      Season 13 - Episode 13
      A Las Vegas couple wants to turn their empty family room into a fun retreat, replete with a bar and slots.
    • Sophisticated, Rustic Dining Room
      Sophisticated, Rustic Dining Room
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      Two retired dental professionals would like some professional help with the dining room in their 4,800 square foot Las Vegas home.
    • Handicap Accessible Bathroom
      Handicap Accessible Bathroom
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      A couple would like to make their master bath accessible for the husband, who is a quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair. At the same time, the wife is interested in more storage space and wants to preserve the aesthetics of the bathroom.
    • Stylish Rustic Great Room
      Stylish Rustic Great Room
      Season 14 - Episode 3
      A couple with a budget of $75,000 is looking to create a great room in their 1940's ranch-style home by knocking down some walls, opening the kitchen, and adding all new colors, surfaces, and appliances.
    • Eclectic, Colorful Kitchen
      Eclectic, Colorful Kitchen
      Season 14 - Episode 5
      A couple that loves their old home wants a kitchen that is more functional, yet also beautiful.
    • Family Room by the Ocean
      Family Room by the Ocean
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      A couple with a gorgeous view of the Pacific need some help streamlining their family room.
    • Arts-and-Crafts-Style Master Suite
      Arts-and-Crafts-Style Master Suite
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      High school sweethearts have lived in their home for 25 years, and are finally ready to transform their master suite.
    • Spacious, Eclectic Kitchen
      Spacious, Eclectic Kitchen
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      A couple who loves their home, but have never been fond of their cluttered kitchen and breakfast nook, have called in the experts for some design advice.
    • English Country Living Room
      English Country Living Room
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      When Lony and Margie Ruhmann went shopping for their first home, they were captivated by the character and charm of this 1915 cottage-style craftsman located in a neighborhood of historically preserved residences. They moved in with their two dogs just over a year ago and furnished the house with a mix of leftover furniture. Now that they've settled in, they're ready to refurnish and redecorate, and say they could use some professional help with their long, narrow segmented living room and falling-apart fireplace.moreless
    • Master Bedroom And Bath
      Master Bedroom And Bath
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Julie and Kenny Kaplan purchased their 1960s ranch-style house seven years ago for its prime location and spectacular backyard and updated it room by room to make it into a comfortable, cozy home for their family of three. Recently, they gave their bedroom to their ten-year-old daughter, Molly, and added on a new master suite for themselves. Although the Kaplans love the layout and feel of the new room, they say they're stuck when it comes to settling on a decor.moreless
    • Trendy Living Room Space
      Trendy Living Room Space
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Jodi is ready to redesign the living room in her 1980s-style house. She would like new furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting and a new color scheme for the walls. She hopes the services of a designer will transform her living room into an inviting space suitable for welcoming friends and family.
    • Cozy Entryway
      Cozy Entryway
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Charlie and Yolanda are baffled as to how to design the entry in their remodeled home. The space is an uninviting area that leads to the kitchen area and living room. The Dunbars hope that a professional designer will be able to create a comfortable atmosphere that feels more like a cozy room than a hallway.moreless
    • Space For Entertaining
      Space For Entertaining
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Mary and husband Mark cannot figure out how to integrate their vast art collection with the existing furnishings in their recently purchased home. They hope a designer will create a floor plan to house their artwork, as well as a great space for relaxing and entertaining friends.
    • Living Room To Dining Room
      Living Room To Dining Room
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      David and Lauren Lunzer moved into their two-story Spanish style home eleven months ago with their four children and find the house, as a whole, is a perfect fit for a large family who likes to entertain at home. Since they often find themselves feeding a crowd, the Lunzers have chosen to use their large formal living room for dining, and say they could use a little professional help in reconfiguring the space to suit their needs, lifestyle and personal tastesmoreless
    • Theater Space
      Theater Space
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Dennis and Frances Gorospe moved into their newly remodeled contemporary Mediterranean home, they envisioned it as a great place to raise kids and to entertain large groups of family and friends. They were right on both counts, but, after living in the house for two years, their tastes have changed. And the addition of a home theater in the living room has added another twist to their decorating dilemma and the Gorospes say they could use a little professional help.moreless
    • Living Room / Dining Room Remodel
      Living Room / Dining Room Remodel
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      When Gloria and Ken Kaplan moved to their tri-level contemporary home five years ago, they loved the layout and the far-reaching views. But they've been baffled about what to do with the second level, where they spend most of their time with their toddler son, Ethan. They'd like to make the living and dining room comfortable and tasteful, and they're hoping one of three designers will solve all their decorating challenges.moreless
    • Updating An Old Bathroom
      Updating An Old Bathroom
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      When Kes Sullivan and husband Fred Trester recently moved into their beautiful 75-year-old Spanish Mediterranean home with their two small children, they immediately set about restoring the property and imprinting it with their own casually elegant style. They love the home's tile roof and spacious rooms and many of its original features, like the fine woodwork, hardwood floors and crown molding. But one original feature they could do without is the master bathroom. And, although they've done a lot themselves, this is a project they feel requires some professional help.moreless
    • Kitchen Redesign
      Kitchen Redesign
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Eliot Kreun and Gino Conconi's mismatched kitchen is in desperate need of a renovation. They want to remove the wall between the breakfast nook and kitchen and add a pass-through into the living room. They hope that a designer can create an organized, functional kitchen for cooking and entertaining.
    • Formal Family Room
      Formal Family Room
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Don and Yvette David have a design dilemma in their formal family room. They would like to create a formal sitting area that blends with the dining area, and create a focal point with the two huge gallery wall niches that tower over the room. The Davids are hoping the professional services of a designer will transform this room into a comfortable, inviting space suitable for welcoming and entertaining friends and family.moreless
    • Dark, Dated Master Bathroom
      Dark, Dated Master Bathroom
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Ever since Michael and Barbara Levine moved into their 1963 home 20 years ago with their two young sons, they've been gradually renovating it room-by-room. But the couple saved the master bathroom for last. It's got a tricky layout and very little light, and by now, virtually everything in it is outdated. They're hoping one of our three designers will solve all the challenges that the tiny space presents.moreless
    • Undesirable Living Room
      Undesirable Living Room
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Since moving into their beautiful Spanish revival home five years ago, Jamie Geller and Dan Hawtof have done quite a bit of remodeling and redecorating to make it into a warm, inviting space that reflects their casual family lifestyle and love of art and antiques. They were delighted when structural work on the living room revealed some wonderful original details, which they painstakingly restored themselves. But they admit they're stuck when it comes to selecting furnishings for the room and want the help of a designer to create a cozy, welcoming space for both their family and guests.moreless
    • Master Bedroom
      Master Bedroom
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Frances and Cary's master bedroom is somewhat of a disappointment. They are hoping a designer can help them redecorate.
    • Formal Living Room For Enteratining
      When newlyweds Michelle and A.J. Rasic moved into their newly built house, they were thrilled with its spaciousness as well as the layout. The living room is instantly visible from the entryway, along with a poorly built fireplace, so the couple want it to be as welcoming as possible. Clueless on how to create an inviting space, the Rasics would like to see what the designers will come up with.moreless
    • Americana-Themed Nursery
      Americana-Themed Nursery
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      When a healthy baby boy named Steven entered their lives, David and Tracey Solitare quickly adjusted to their new role as loving parents. The only thing missing was their new son's nursery. For such a compact room, our designers face quite a few challenges.
    • Open and Inviting Galley Kitchen
      Open and Inviting Galley Kitchen
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Six years ago, Joan and Jim Selfa purchased their spacious 1950s Cape Cod-style home from Joan's family and have slowly but surely been making it into a comfortable, personalized living space for themselves and their two young sons. Although the Selfas have updated and enlarged most of the house to suit their tastes and lifestyle, the kitchen remains much the same as it was during Joan's childhood.moreless
    • Craftsman-Style Living and Dining Area
      Two years ago, siblings Tracy and Ian McCubbin purchased a beautiful 1912 craftsman-style home and furnished it with odds and ends from their respective apartments. Now they're ready to update their look and invest in new furniture, but environmental concerns and differing personal tastes have kept them from coming up with a design plan that pleases them both.moreless
    • Family-Centered Kitchen and Den
      Family-Centered Kitchen and Den
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      When Ellen and Steve Klinenberg moved into their 50-year-old house six years ago, they saw it as a great starter home. They weren't planning on staying here too long, so the couple never bothered with decorating or any major renovations. But with two little girls and a baby on the way, they've decided to stay a few more years and want to make their home more livable, beginning with the kitchen and adjacent den.moreless
    • Loft Play/Guest Room
      Loft Play/Guest Room
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Scott and Talia Diamond recently purchased their home, and have found it to be big enough to raise their two young children. They have decided to turn their upstairs loft into a family play room.
    • Master Bedroom Redesign
      Master Bedroom Redesign
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Sam and Nellie Semenea purchased their two-story, 3,300-square-foot Mediterranean-style home a year and a half ago and love its spacious rooms and expansive views. But one of the things they love most about the house also presents their most difficult problem when it comes to decorating. Sam and Nellie have decorated most of their home themselves, but when it comes to the master bedroom they are ready let a designer take over this project.moreless
    • Tuscany-Style Kitchen
      Tuscany-Style Kitchen
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Homeowner Susan Kowalski loves the bright, airy seaside condominium she shares with her Yorkshire terrier, Winston, and has made it into a warm, comfortable environment for working, relaxing and entertaining. But after living in her home for nearly a decade, she's ready to update her surroundings and says she could use the help of a design professional to help her realize her vision. One area of her home which she says is decidedly not comfortable is the outdated kitchenmoreless
    • Modern Living Room
      Modern Living Room
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Tony and Carin Stearns purchased their 1950s Spanish-style home three years ago, attracted by its interior courtyard, ocean view and excellent school district for their son. But when it comes to their living room, the couple says they could use the advice from an expert on a design scheme. But the Stearns feel that their living room is decidedly uncomfortable and they'd like to make the space more livable. The design challenges are apparent before even entering the room.moreless
    • Tina Wessons' Living Room Makeover
      Tina Wessons' Living Room Makeover
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Tina Wesson, winner of the television show "Survivor 2," used her prize money to buy a new house in Knoxville, TN. Now, with a budget of $30,000, she and her husband want to turn the formal living room and dining area into a casual, informal party room for entertaining. See which designer they choose for their remodeling project.moreless
    • Outdated Kitchen
      Outdated Kitchen
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      When Sharon and Alan Ching and their two young children moved into their contemporary ranch home a year ago, they were very happy with the style of the house--except for the kitchen. The dark tiles as well as the dated appliances and cabinetry didn't blend with the more up-to-date feel of the other rooms. They're hoping one of our three designers will solve all the challenges that the kitchen presents.moreless
    • Living Room Chaos
      Living Room Chaos
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      When Larry and Lisa Pinci first saw their traditional style home, they fell in love with it immediately. Not only did it provide stables in the backyard for their two horses, but they were enthralled with the dramatic, open and airy living room. Decorating this space proved harder than the Pinci's imagined. After many futile attempts to rearrange their furniture, they've decided to turn their problem over to a professional.moreless
    • Spacious Great Room
      Spacious Great Room
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Billy and Kristan Orr have been busy remodeling their Mediterranean-style house from the ground up but are having trouble deciding on a design for the spacious great room. They want to divide it up into a combination living / dining space but don't know how to effectively arrange the space. They meet with three designers to see which one will be able to solve their design dilemmamoreless
    • Home Office Suite
      Home Office Suite
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      After renting a unique three-story beach house for several years, Len Hersh and his girlfriend Jodie recently decided to purchase it. Now that they are homeowners, they would welcome some help in turning their third floor guest bedroom into a home office. But right now, their office is a conglomeration of computer equipment sharing space with a few odd pieces of bedroom furniture for guests. The couple would like to fill the room with coordinated office furniture that would give the space a cleaner look. Jodie and Len also hope to make the adjacent landing more functional as well. The designers have a formidable challenge ahead of them.moreless
    • Game Room / Den Combo
      Game Room / Den Combo
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      When Rande and Jess Sotomayor moved their family of five into this spacious new contemporary arts-and-crafts-style home two-and-a-half years ago, they knew right away they wanted to make the upstairs bonus room into a combination game room and den for the whole family to enjoy. But, how do you design a game room that's comfortable and functional for a family of five and as much fun for Mom and Dad as it is for the kids? This is the problem the Sotomayor's are hoping a professional can solve.moreless
    • Outdated Kitchen In A Contemporary Space
      James and Lois Eagle love their contemporary two-story home but want to renovate their outdated kitchen with color, rich, light-colored woods and either textured granite or stone counter tops and floors. The Eagles are also interested in some creative ways to bring warmth and softness into the space, perhaps by changing the windows to allow different lighting. They hope an interior designer can solve their design dilemmas and create an inviting, functional kitchen they'll enjoy for years to come.moreless
    • Living / Family Room Redesign
      Living / Family Room Redesign
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Jolie Ancel and Chuck Madden purchased their 1949 ranch-style house as newlyweds and moved in with a hodgepodge of furnishings from their respective apartments. They love the home's spaciousness and warm wood accents, but after living here for three years, they're ready to make some changes, and say they could use some professional help in finding a style they both feel comfortable with.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Retreat
      Master Bedroom Retreat
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      When Tony and Cynthia Bouza designed and built their magnificent two-story, Mediterranean-style home, they had planned on a master bedroom with an adjacent sitting room. But, a last minute change in plans resulted in a single large room with an awkward layout. They would like to pull the room together into a comfortable, cohesive master suite that's sophisticated enough for them and comfortable enough for their 2-year-old son and new baby they're expecting. The dramatic high-pitched ceilings and wide expanse of white walls present another problem. Find out which designer solves the Bouza's decorating dilemma.moreless
    • Garage Turned Stylish Home Office
      Garage Turned Stylish Home Office
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Jean Huang and her husband, Charlie Tercek, love their 1920s Spanish-style home. But with two young children, they feel they need more room and have decided to turn their unfinished garage into a light and airy home office and organized storage space. See which designer is chosen to complete the project!moreless
    • Dark Den Makeover
      Dark Den Makeover
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      When Alberta Chu and husband Murray Robinson moved into their charming late-fifties beach home, they were thrilled with the light-filled rooms and ocean view. But they were less enthused with the narrow, dark den. It's not only difficult to light, but they're also having problems furnishing it. And because of the awkward setup, it's impossible for them to watch TV comfortably. They are hoping one of our designers will solve their design dilemma.moreless
    • Connecting Bathrooms
      Connecting Bathrooms
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      It was love at first sight when Wendy and J. J. Wallack were shown their beautiful ivy-covered English Tudor. But they soon discovered that previous owners had made some odd remodeling decisions in the 75-year-old house, including one which resulted in one bathroom in front of another bathroom. Wendy and J. J. would like to turn the larger bathroom into a Jack-and-Jill bath arrangement between the children's bedrooms, and make the smaller one into an elegant powder room for guests.moreless
    • English Tudor Kitchen Restored
      English Tudor Kitchen Restored
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      When Jimmy and Gina Kimmel moved into their English Tudor home, they enjoyed the 1930s styling and architecture, but what they didn't like was the kitchen's 30-year-old remodeling job. The Kimmel's are tired of the outdated appliances and tiny divided spaces and feel that the rooms just don't work for day-to-day life with two active children. They're hoping one of the three designers will come up with a great solution.moreless
    • Formal Dining / Living Room
      Formal Dining / Living Room
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Newlyweds Jason and Wendy Pischer love the spacious, contemporary home they moved into just months ago, with its dramatic ocean views and light, open airy feel. However, they're overwhelmed with the task of furnishing the formal living room / dining room combination that opens off the foyer at the top of the grand entry staircase. Since this is the first space guests see when they enter the home, Jason and Wendy want to make it as warm and inviting as possible. They have presented quite a challenge for the three interior designers competing for the project.moreless
    • Living Room Refresh
      Living Room Refresh
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Steve Volk and wife Janice Lucas are ready to transform their living room into an inviting and cozy place to relax. Currently furnished with a wide variety of mismatched, inherited items, they are ready to give this room a look all of its own.
    • Attic Bedroom Makeover
      Attic Bedroom Makeover
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Dee Dee Drazkowski and her fiance, Ryan Barreras, want to create a third bedroom in their 1920s home. They plan to convert the attic into a large Victorian-style master bedroom with all the bells and whistles--from a roomy closet to a sitting area.
    • Teenager Bedroom Update
      Teenager Bedroom Update
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      When the Fines moved into their home, eight-year-old Tory inherited a room decorated for the previous seven-year-old occupant. Now that she's growing up--and growing tired of her dated bedroom--the Fines want to have the room redecorated for her 15th birthday. Although they have decorated most of their home themselves, they decided to have a professional tackle Tory's room and now they have three to choose from.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Spa Retreat
      Master Bedroom Spa Retreat
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      When Dean and Laura Piller bought their single-level, 1960s ranch-style home, they looked forward to updating it to accommodate their active family, which includes two active young boys and a puppy. Laura had always dreamed of a space that would offer a tranquil refuge from the demands of her busy family life. In the eight months since their purchase, they have remodeled most of the house, infusing it with their own traditional style. But the master bathroom has yet to be touched. To achieve the sophisticated look they desire, they have decided to bring in the professionals.moreless
    • 1970s Living Room Update
      1970s Living Room Update
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      When Dan and Karen Richmond bought their casual-style home two of years ago, it was important for them to have a view. But they like to entertain, and feel that their 1970s living room could be made a lot more inviting and attractive. Right now the Richmonds have plain white walls, the furniture is thrown together and the fireplace needs a little bit of help. They have no idea how to envision their living room to make it work for their needs and are ready to see what three designers have in store for their living room challenge.moreless
    • Kitchen Dilemma
      Kitchen Dilemma
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Jackson and Pamela Varady moved into a townhouse they felt was perfect for them, all except for the kitchen. The colorless kitchen just doesn't blend with the high ceilings, hardwood floors and contemporary shapes of the rest of the house. The Varady's have twin boys, Dylan and Max, so keeping this extremely light-colored kitchen clean has become impossible. They hope one of the three designers will have a plan to solve their kitchen dilemma.moreless
    • Master Bedroom Redesign
      Master Bedroom Redesign
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Perry and Kerrie Richards moved into their spacious, newly-built home just three months ago, charmed by the neighborhood's warm ocean breezes and the home's sunny contemporary spaces. But the house is significantly larger than the condo they lived in previously, leaving the couple with lots of empty spaces to furnish. Perry and Kerrie plan to take their time in furnishing and decorating their new home, but there is one room that they are anxious to quickly make their own--the master bedroommoreless
    • Comfortable, Inviting Living Room
      Comfortable, Inviting Living Room
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Cindy and Ken Iwaki, along with their two sons, have been living in their Mediterranean-style home for 12 years. The family spends most of its time together relaxing in the living room. But the living room has never really met the Iwakis' needs. They're ready to find a solution to their troublesome floor plan and create a room that's both beautiful and practical. Although decorating the living room seemed simple enough, it has proven to be an uphill battle for them. The Iwakis' aren't happy about the first impression you get when you walk into the room. The couch is overstuffed and L-shaped and the TV unit and big screen TV are an eyesore, especially against the backdrop of white walls. They would also like to freshen up the room with color and do something new with the window treatments.moreless
    • Restored Spanish-Style Kitchen
      Restored Spanish-Style Kitchen
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Homeowner Terrill Bazile is ready to remodel the charming but antiquated kitchen in his 1927 Spanish bungalow. He wants the kitchen to be more functional, while preserving as much of the room's character as possible. He presents this interesting challenge to three competing designers to see who can come up with the best design plan.moreless
    • Condo Makeover
      Condo Makeover
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      When professional demands forced them to relocate three hundred miles away from their hometown, Juliet and Tom Herbst knew they'd be making frequent trips back to visit friends and family. But after three years of imposing on relatives and expensive hotel stays, they decided to purchase a condominium as their home away from home. They'd like to make it as warm and inviting as their primary residence, but it's empty and dated, and they're at a loss as to where to begin.moreless
    • Outdated Kitchen
      Outdated Kitchen
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Talia and Eliot Brown love their beautiful two-story Colonial home with its spectacular views and abundance of space. Since moving in with their two children eight years ago, they've updated and redecorated most of the house to reflect their tastes and lifestyle, but the kitchen has remained unchanged. It's outdated, inefficient, and badly in need of a makeover and they hope one of the three challenging designers can create a comfortable and stylish space.moreless
    • Uninviting Family Room
      Uninviting Family Room
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Kelly and David Yu love the bright, two-story, contemporary Mediterranean home they bought two years ago. Now with a baby on the way, they've decided to rethink the use of space and update the furnishings in their combination kitchen/family room to make it the warm, inviting focus of family life they envision.moreless
    • Guest Bedroom Suite
      Guest Bedroom Suite
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      How do you turn a small, upstairs bedroom with an unfinished adjoining attic alcove into a comfy, cozy suite for visiting friends and family? When Lorenzo San Pedro swapped his tiny townhouse for this spacious English Tudor six months ago, one of the things he had in mind was plenty of room for entertaining and houseguests. He thinks the upstairs bedroom with its adjoining attic annex would make a perfect guest suite, but its low ceilings and odd dimensions have him baffled as to how to begin. Find out which designer he chooses to completemoreless
    • Entertainment / Guest Room
      Entertainment / Guest Room
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      From the sleek hardwood floors to the charming French doors, Monique Jones loves everything about her quaint, Spanish-style home--except the bedroom and bath add-on. She wants to turn the awkward space into a combination entertainment room and guest bedroom and challenges three designers to come up with the perfect plan.
    • Kitchen Design Dilemma
      Kitchen Design Dilemma
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Tim and Tracy Garvin love the sophisticated feel of their home. But these two gourmet chefs are frustrated by the haphazard design of their outdated kitchen. They want a great space to work in that won't separate them from their guests when they entertain. After months spent dreaming about what the kitchen should be like, the Garvins are ready for some professional advice from the designers.moreless
    • New Living Room Design
      New Living Room Design
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      When Sharon and Ryan Reilly moved into their home, they were attracted to its hardwood floors, cove ceilings and architectural niches. Built in the 1930s, the home offers them a unique vintage backdrop for a design scheme and the couple is eager to establish their decorating style. The living room is visible from the entryway, and Ryan and Sharon want it to be as welcoming as possible. Without a clue on how to create an inviting casual space, the Reillys would like to see what three designers come up with.moreless
    • Modern Living Room
      Modern Living Room
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Jim and Anna O'Brien are still trying to finish furnishing the home. They're hoping one of the three designers will come up with a plan to turn two wide-open spaces into one intimate room where they can play music and entertain.
    • Living Room Restoration
      Living Room Restoration
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      A year ago, Tanya and Ron Pearson moved into a cozy 1927 Tudor-style home as they awaited the birth of their baby, Reagan. But the former occupant had modernized it, taking away much of the original Old World feel. Now the Pearson's want their interior to be as inviting as the exterior. They would like to create a living room and dining room space that reflects 1920s charm and their own taste.moreless
    • Family Room Dilemma
      Family Room Dilemma
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      What do you do when your favorite room in the house is so dated and uncomfortable that nobody wants to be in it? That's the problem three interior designers face with Dick and Sally Dunbars' family room. The Dunbars hope that one of these professional designers can transform their family room into a cozy retreat and a natural gathering spot.moreless
    • Complete Living Room Renovation
      Complete Living Room Renovation
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      They thought it would take only a few months, but it took two long, frustrating years for Warren Eckstein and his fiancee Denise Madden to renovate their 1940 bungalow-style home. During the remodeling ordeal, the couple "camped out" in the living room and soon grew tired of the space. Now, it is the only room that has not been remodeled. Warren and Denise are ready to create an environment where they can totally relax.moreless
    • Large Living Room Turned Library
      Large Living Room Turned Library
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Just one month ago, Sherri and Tom DeLuca moved from a tiny townhouse into a magnificent Mediterranean home with their 2-year-old son, Cameron. With another baby due in just a few weeks, the DeLucas are anxious to furnish their new home. They feel that the empty front room would be the perfect spot for a cozy study, but achieving these results seems to be quite a challenge. The DeLucas say they're feeling overwhelmed and need the help of a professional designer.moreless
    • Kitchen Remodel
      Kitchen Remodel
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      When Stephan and Shannon Fopeano moved into their 1930s house three years ago, they turned a fixer-upper into a stylish home by doing most of the work themselves. Unfortunately, the remodeling stopped at the kitchen. Although the outdated appliances and awkward layout don't work for this couple and their toddler, a kitchen renovation seemed too overwhelming to handle on their own. They've decided it's time to enlist professional help.moreless
    • Mediterranean-Style Master Suite
      Mediterranean-Style Master Suite
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      When Janet Bramson and David Hagen got married and combined their households two years ago, David moved into the four-bedroom, '70s ranch-style home Janet purchased years earlier. They've already redecorated several rooms of the house but now they say they'd like some professional help in designing a luxurious space for just the two of them. They want to tackle their master bath and bedroom suite. Without knowing how to start this huge project, they are in need of interior designers.moreless
    • Luxurious Vintage Bathroom
      Luxurious Vintage Bathroom
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Jackie and Patrick Maloney love their seaside home that was built in the 1950s. They have been updating their house for the past two years, but now need they professional help with the master bath.
    • Traditional Living Areas
      Traditional Living Areas
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      A couple is sick of their outdated entryway, family room, and dining room.
    • 1950s Inspired Kitchen
      1950s Inspired Kitchen
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      A couple would like to keep the 1950's feel in their kitchen, but update it with modern appliances.
    • Dated and Unwelcoming Kitchen
      Dated and Unwelcoming Kitchen
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Lisa and Jack love their 1930's Spanish-style home, but the kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. Stumped on how to renovate it, the two hire some help to make it flow with the rest of the home.
    • A Kitchen Stuck in the '70s
      A Kitchen Stuck in the '70s
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      A bachelor wants to update his kitchen, which hasn't had an upgrade since it was built in the 1970's.
    • Unused Living Room/Overused Dining Room
      A couple recently remodeled their kitchen and family room. Now, they're ready to take on the living room and dining room.
    • A Holiday to Remember
      A Holiday to Remember
      Season 7 - Episode 26
      A couple who loves to entertain at Christmas decide to hire professionals to help them decorate for the season.
    • Mundane Master Suite
      Mundane Master Suite
      Season 7 - Episode 25
      The mix-and-match decor of a master bedroom leaves one couple frustrated and looking for a change.
    • Unfocused Living Room
      Unfocused Living Room
      Season 7 - Episode 24
      Susie and Brian love their home, but want to bring some style and focus to their living room. In order to make the room durable enough for children and pets, they consult the experts.
    • Comfortable Master Bedroom
      Comfortable Master Bedroom
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      Ten years after moving in, Jim and Nancy Cole have renovated every room in their ranch-style home, except for their master bedroom. Not sure where to begin, they've hired some expert opinion.
    • Confining Kitchen
      Confining Kitchen
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      A couple's 1927 Tudor home is perfect except for one room. For years, they've put off tackling the kitchen, and now are ready to face the project.
    • Master Bathroom Bliss
      Master Bathroom Bliss
      Season 7 - Episode 21
      Pam and Michael's dream home has one nightmare spot - their master bathroom. The couple seeks the expertise of three designers to transform a difficult room into an inviting masterpiece.
    • A Culinary Paradise
      A Culinary Paradise
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      A couple with a fairytale romance seek help in renovating the kitchen in their 1940's bay-front cottage. They want something that is functional but also eye-catching.
    • A Functional Family Room
      A Functional Family Room
      Season 7 - Episode 23
      After 16 years, Manny and Karen want to turn their family room into a functional, comfortable space. However, trying to find something that suits everyone for the most popular room in the house is a challenge indeed.
    • Den to Child/Guest Bedroom
      Den to Child/Guest Bedroom
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      With a toddler and one on the way, a couple wants to transform the den in their contemporary home into a room that will serve as both a child's bedroom and a guest room when company visits.
    • A Drab Dining Room
      A Drab Dining Room
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      A bachelor who recently bought his first home once to make it his own by adding some personality to the dining room.
    • The Fixer-Upper Bedroom
      The Fixer-Upper Bedroom
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      A couple who moved into a fixer-upper one year ago is finally ready to make their master bedroom into a cozy retreat.
    • Luxurious Master Bedroom
      Luxurious Master Bedroom
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      After 22 years in the same house, a woman is finally ready to remake her master bedroom.
    • Living Room Retreat
      Living Room Retreat
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      A couple who both work from home need a living room that will allow them to escape their confined space.
    • Master Bedroom Design Dilemma
      Master Bedroom Design Dilemma
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      When Diana and Kent Allen moved to their dream home near the beach three years ago, they felt this was the perfect place to raise a growing family. Even through they've been busy furnishing the home, the one room they've neglected to decorate is the master bedroom. They want to replace the furniture and window treatments, redo the fireplace and paint the walls a fresh new color--but first they have to choose a designer.moreless
    • Transportation-Themed Toddler Room
      A couple who have a home that is mostly French country need some help in designing a bedroom suitable for a growing little boy.
    • Large and Functional Kitchen
      Large and Functional Kitchen
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Ten years after moving into a fixer-upper, a couple is finally ready to do something about their kitchen.
    • A Bath with Class
      A Bath with Class
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      Newlyweds with fantastic views of San Francisco need some help remastering their master bath.
    • Formal Dining Room
      Formal Dining Room
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      Recent transplants to Orlando need some help incorporating a formal dining room into their casual home.
    • Brothers' Beach House
      Brothers' Beach House
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Two brothers bought a 1917 beach cottage that they completely rebuilt. However, designing the inside is more of a challenge to them than they imagined, and so they're asking for some expertise.
    • A Charmless Kitchen
      A Charmless Kitchen
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Two men wish to give their Spanish Revival home a kitchen it deserves.
    • Miami Master Bedroom
      Miami Master Bedroom
      Season 14 - Episode 12
      A Miami couple is fortunate to be raising their daughters in their dream home; however, their master bedroom could use some more excitement.
    • A-Frame Living/Dining Room
      A-Frame Living/Dining Room
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      A couple decide to turn a former bachelor pad's living room and dining room into something more family-friendly.
    • A Kitchen Dream Come True
      A Kitchen Dream Come True
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Six months ago, newlyweds purchased their first home together. They love everything about their 3,300 square foot home except for the kitchen, which they've asked for help in redesigning.
    • Entry/Formal Living Room
      Entry/Formal Living Room
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      After a year in their new home, a couple still has not decorated their front entryway and living room. They would like to see a more formal space, yet not so upscale their kids can't use it.
    • Parisian Living Room
      Parisian Living Room
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      A couple who just bought a new home would like help in turning their living room into something with the feel of a Parisian nightclub. They enlist design experts to bring in some French flair.
    • Contemporary Kitchen/Family Room
      Contemporary Kitchen/Family Room
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Seven years ago, Debbie lavished her home with traditional style. Now, her taste has turned more contemporary, and she would like help in reflecting a more modern feel in her kitchen and dining room.
    • Mismatched Living and Dining Room
      Mismatched Living and Dining Room
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Mike and Alison Von Achen have lived in their condominium for three years. They now want to achieve a cohesive feel, and hope one of the three designers can help them reach it.
    • Dated Master Bedroom
      Dated Master Bedroom
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Kenny and Leah Daniel have lived in their Mediterranean-style home for six years. The couple has decorated most of the house themselves, but need help to redesign their master bedroom.
    • Updated Game Room and Bathroom
      Updated Game Room and Bathroom
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Stuart Brower has lived in his 70-year-old home for 16 years. He has changed his property to reflect his tastes and lifestyle, and now wants to turn the underused guest bedroom into a game room.
    • Stylish, Functional Kitchen
      Stylish, Functional Kitchen
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Amy and Steve Moran bought their 1950s ranch-style home a year and a half ago, knowing that it needed some work. They now want to redo their kitchen, and need the help of a professional designer to do so.
    • Home Office / Guest Room
      Home Office / Guest Room
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Lisa and Leonard Dick have been living in their 1940s home for five years. They are hoping to turn their downstairs bedroom into a home office/guest room, and need professional help to get the job done.
    • Tiny Kitchen
      Tiny Kitchen
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Cindy and Chris Rathbun have lived in their 1950s ranch for eight years, and liked it because it was small. Now with a 3-year-daughter, they're beginning to feel confined. The couple needs professional help make their tiny kitchen a functional space.
    • Great Room Update
      Great Room Update
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Laura Kramer moved into her first home a year ago. She has turned to Designers' Challenge to help remodel her open living space.
    • Tiny Toddler Room
      Tiny Toddler Room
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Wendy found the home of her dreams when she relocated to Arizona last year. Wendy wants her granddaughter to have a special room of her own, but needs help turning a small space into a playful room.
    • Elegant Living and Dining Space
      Elegant Living and Dining Space
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Victor and Susan Bracey have been living in their Mediterranean-style home for four months. They are at a lost on how to decorate their adjoining living room and dining room, and need professional help to create a space that's elegant and kid-friendly.
    • Boring Master Bedroom
      Boring Master Bedroom
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Jonathan and Danya are ready to redecorate and make the house their own. They are hoping that a designer can help them redecorate their master bedroom.
    • Tri-Delta President's Bedroom
      Tri-Delta President's Bedroom
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Melissa is the House Corporation Board president for the Tri-Delta sorority. She has decided to update and redesign the sorority president's outdated bedroom. She needs a professional to come up with a design that could potentially be used for all the bedrooms within the Tri-Delta sorority house.
    • Uncomfortable TV Room
      Uncomfortable TV Room
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      The girls at Chi Omega Sorority all agree their television room needs a face lift. The girls need a professional designer to make the TV room multifunctional and comfortable.
    • Outdated Kitchen
      Outdated Kitchen
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Jim and Sue hate their old-fashioned, pink tiled kitchen and green carpet. They are looking for an elegant kitchen that has more space and better flow. They are hoping that a designer can make their dreams a reality.
    • Tropical-Style Multipurpose Room
      Tropical-Style Multipurpose Room
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Lannette and Scott Turicchi have lived in their newly built home for a few month. They are puzzled about what to do with the entertainment room, and need professional help.
    • Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat
      Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Karen and Kevin Joostema want to redesign their master bedroom, and need professional help to make it suit their personal tastes and lifestyle.
    • Overly-Spacious Living Room
      Overly-Spacious Living Room
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Marc and Sharon Schur own a contemporary house. They want professional help to give it a more traditional feel.
    • Victorian Parlor and Library
      Victorian Parlor and Library
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      An Atlanta couple wish to renovate their 1905 home, starting with the parlor and the adjoining library. They want a design expert to help in the process.
    • Welcoming Baby
      Welcoming Baby
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      The Courtneys bought a fixer-upper in Tampa in 1998, and after years of renovations, it's been transformed into a beautiful home. With a baby on the way, the couple would like help in designing a stylish nursery.
    • Tropical Fantasy
      Tropical Fantasy
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      A family of four has been living in their custom-built home for two years. Now that the house has been finished on the outside, they're ready to begin decorating the inside with contemporary but fun designs.
    • Bonus Room Makeover
      Bonus Room Makeover
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      A woman and her two teenaged daughters are looking for design ideas to turn a bonus room into a multifunctional space.
    • Congested Kitchen
      Congested Kitchen
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Jonathan and Debbie Feldman are frustrated with the layout of their kitchen. They want professional help to create a more efficient space.
    • Nondescript Den
      Nondescript Den
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Robin and Allan vonHalle moved into their nine years ago. Now the couple wants to decorate their den, and need professional help to tie their den with their formal living room.
    • Vintage Kitchen
      Vintage Kitchen
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Kendra moved into her 1930s home three years ago. She loves everything about it, but the kitchen. Kendra is an avid cook who loves to entertain. She wants one designer to create a kitchen of her dreams.
    • Cozy Living Room
      Cozy Living Room
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Mady and Dave Phillips love their 1939 two-story house, and have been living in it for two-and-a-half years. Now they need professional help to make their living room the centerpiece of the house.
    • Guest Room To Childs Room
      Guest Room To Childs Room
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      David and Leona Berger love their Spanish-style home, with its arched doorways and flowing hardwood floors. However, they have a 14-month-old daughter, Juliana, and are expecting their second daughter soon. They want to transform the larger guest room into a bedroom suitable for their two girls and decided to leave this project in the hands of one of three professional designers.moreless
    • Elegant Dining Room
      Elegant Dining Room
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Nathan and Vivienne purchased their nine-year-old house five months ago. They have decorated it with unique items from their travels, but need help turning their empty dining room into a stunning setting that will set the tone for the rest of their home.
    • Outdated Media Room
      Outdated Media Room
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Chris and Geeta Brown have recently moved into the neighborhood where Chris grew up. They want to update their media room into a entertainment space, and need professional help to do so.
    • Cozy French Country Family Room
      Cozy French Country Family Room
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Scott and Nancy Weaver have lived in their home for two years. The couple wants to redo their large, empty family room, and are looking for professional help to do it.
    • Hotel-Like Master Suite
      Hotel-Like Master Suite
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      With a budget of $25,000, a couple wants to make the most of their spacious master bedroom.