Designers' Challenge

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season





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  • What the right-brained can do!

    As a year-old HGTV addict (much to my husband's chagrin) this is one of their best productions. Unlike Design on a Dime or Designed to Sell one of the things I like best about this is that the budget is usually much bigger and thereby more can be done, and in this series, homeowners actually get to choose their preferences, as opposed to a crew coming in and ordering them around.

    Desingers Challenge offers three different looks, all widely unique, for a single room or outdoor area. It's really amazing what three different individuals come up with in their minds, and how they all envision the same space.
  • I get all kinds of ideas from this one.

    I watch this show once a day maybe. I have to admit, the monologue is a bit boring. The reason I watch it though, is to see the 3 designers' ideas, and who they chose, and how it comes out. I like to watch the process of getting to where they want to be. It's interesting and you can learn a lot. I know for a fact I will use a lot of the techniques and designs they came up with. A lot of them are relatively easy, and you can buy everything at a regular craft shop and spruce it up. I even figured out how to stucco.
  • This is a tough show to watch.

    I hate to admit it, but I've lost control over the remote in the bedroom and we've become an HGTV family. Most of the shows are actually pretty decent, but this one is just plain bland. The basic premise is that a couple with an interior design project gets to select from three different designers who each pitch a very different concept for the project. The couple chooses the designer after hearing their ideas and then the show follows the actual interior design effort. All in all, it's a yawner. The one interesting part is the host, Chris Robertson (of the Bachelor fame). I've been trying to figure out why he's still hosting this backwater show after achieving some degree of fame. The only answer I can come up with is that HGTV is simply recycling really old episodes.