Designers' Challenge - Season 14

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Chicago-Style Family Room
    Former Chicago city residents have moved to the suburbs for more space to raise their family. They would like the their family room to be a haven that reflects their tastes and is also comfortable.
  • Cozy Coastal Studio
    A New England couple wishes to renovate a former artist's studio into a more usable family space. In order to tie in nautical with sports, and make both themes fit with Arts & Crafts, they've called in the experts.
  • Rustic Family Room
    Rustic Family Room
    Episode 11
    A Park City couple wants to transform their basement into an inviting family room.
  • Comfortable, Inviting Deck
    A man wants a spectacular roof deck to show off his beautiful city views in San Francisco. To create a comfortable, inviting outdoor space, he's looking for a designer who will incorporate an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace and a hot tub.
  • Family Game Room
    Family Game Room
    Episode 9
    A couple who built their own home twelve years ago in Phoenix, Arizona now looks forward to designing a game room within the house for themselves and their two teenagers.
  • Sophisticated Great Room
    A couple that loves their custom built home on the banks of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia, would prefer a formal looking foyer and great room.
  • Modern, Cozy Loft
    Modern, Cozy Loft
    Episode 8
    A Yugoslavian native has just bought his first home in Washington, D.C. - a penthouse. The loft has great city views, but expertise is solicited in order to turn the interior space into a modern and delightful space.
  • Elegant Tuscan Dining Room
    A Long Island family is ready to incorporate their dining space into a lovely, Tuscan space with high practicality.
  • Eclectic, Colorful Kitchen
    A couple that loves their old home wants a kitchen that is more functional, yet also beautiful.
  • Sophisticated, Rustic Dining Room
    Two retired dental professionals would like some professional help with the dining room in their 4,800 square foot Las Vegas home.
  • Handicap Accessible Bathroom
    A couple would like to make their master bath accessible for the husband, who is a quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair. At the same time, the wife is interested in more storage space and wants to preserve the aesthetics of the bathroom.
  • Stylish Rustic Great Room
    A couple with a budget of $75,000 is looking to create a great room in their 1940's ranch-style home by knocking down some walls, opening the kitchen, and adding all new colors, surfaces, and appliances.
  • Miami Master Bedroom
    A Miami couple is fortunate to be raising their daughters in their dream home; however, their master bedroom could use some more excitement.