Designers' Challenge - Season 15

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Napa Valley-Styled Wedding
    Soon-to-be newlyweds hope a designer can transform their friends' suburban home into a Napa Valley-styled wedding.
  • Cape Cod Living Room
    In a Cape Cod home, a couple wants to incorporate a nautical feel within the living room.
  • Stylish Family Room
    Stylish Family Room
    Episode 12
    A Denver, Colorado couple wants to make their family room more comfortable, but also give it some personality.
  • Contemporary Asian Great Room
    Huntington Beach homeowners want a gourmet kitchen and great room that incorporates the Asian influence dominant throughout the rest of their house.
  • Tuscan Kitchen
    Tuscan Kitchen
    Episode 10
    A kitchen that used to be perfect size for a couple now seems a bit tight after the arrival of their triplets.
  • A Gourmet's Dream Kitchen
    An Albequerque, New Mexico couple is looking to spice up their tiny, outdated kitchen.
  • Elegant, Practical Living Room
    A young, fun South Carolina family wants to breathe life into their living room.
  • Magical Girl's Bedroom
    A couple with a four-bedroom home outside Honolulu look to remodel their daughter's bedroom into something spectacular yet practical.
  • Formal Dining Room
    Formal Dining Room
    Episode 6
    Recent transplants to Orlando need some help incorporating a formal dining room into their casual home.
  • Caribbean-Inspired Great Room
    A 4,000 square foot home in Puerto Rico is getting a new look for its great room.
  • Comfortable Family Room
    A den in a six-bedroom home doesn't get much use, and a couple wants to make it amazing and inviting.
  • Warm and Rich Family Room
    A lovely home in the Colorado Hills is getting a makeover in the kitchen area and family room.
  • Art Studio Garage
    Art Studio Garage
    Episode 2
    in Santa Fe, a couple wants to transform their garage into an inspirational art studio, and also a comfortable den to enjoy.
  • Lofty Visions
    Lofty Visions
    Episode 1
    A recent college graduate wants her Manhattan loft to ooze sophistication - not dorm life.