Designers' Challenge - Season 2

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Formal Dining / Living Room
    Newlyweds Jason and Wendy Pischer love the spacious, contemporary home they moved into just months ago, with its dramatic ocean views and light, open airy feel. However, they're overwhelmed with the task of furnishing the formal living room / dining room combination that opens off the foyer at the top of the grand entry staircase. Since this is the first space guests see when they enter the home, Jason and Wendy want to make it as warm and inviting as possible. They have presented quite a challenge for the three interior designers competing for the project.moreless
  • Master Bedroom Retreat
    When Tony and Cynthia Bouza designed and built their magnificent two-story, Mediterranean-style home, they had planned on a master bedroom with an adjacent sitting room. But, a last minute change in plans resulted in a single large room with an awkward layout. They would like to pull the room together into a comfortable, cohesive master suite that's sophisticated enough for them and comfortable enough for their 2-year-old son and new baby they're expecting. The dramatic high-pitched ceilings and wide expanse of white walls present another problem. Find out which designer solves the Bouza's decorating dilemma.moreless
  • Garage Turned Stylish Home Office
    Jean Huang and her husband, Charlie Tercek, love their 1920s Spanish-style home. But with two young children, they feel they need more room and have decided to turn their unfinished garage into a light and airy home office and organized storage space. See which designer is chosen to complete the project!moreless
  • Dark Den Makeover
    Dark Den Makeover
    Episode 4
    When Alberta Chu and husband Murray Robinson moved into their charming late-fifties beach home, they were thrilled with the light-filled rooms and ocean view. But they were less enthused with the narrow, dark den. It's not only difficult to light, but they're also having problems furnishing it. And because of the awkward setup, it's impossible for them to watch TV comfortably. They are hoping one of our designers will solve their design dilemma.moreless
  • Kitchen Remodel
    Kitchen Remodel
    Episode 13
    When Stephan and Shannon Fopeano moved into their 1930s house three years ago, they turned a fixer-upper into a stylish home by doing most of the work themselves. Unfortunately, the remodeling stopped at the kitchen. Although the outdated appliances and awkward layout don't work for this couple and their toddler, a kitchen renovation seemed too overwhelming to handle on their own. They've decided it's time to enlist professional help.moreless
  • Large Living Room Turned Library
    Just one month ago, Sherri and Tom DeLuca moved from a tiny townhouse into a magnificent Mediterranean home with their 2-year-old son, Cameron. With another baby due in just a few weeks, the DeLucas are anxious to furnish their new home. They feel that the empty front room would be the perfect spot for a cozy study, but achieving these results seems to be quite a challenge. The DeLucas say they're feeling overwhelmed and need the help of a professional designer.moreless
  • Complete Living Room Renovation
    They thought it would take only a few months, but it took two long, frustrating years for Warren Eckstein and his fiancee Denise Madden to renovate their 1940 bungalow-style home. During the remodeling ordeal, the couple "camped out" in the living room and soon grew tired of the space. Now, it is the only room that has not been remodeled. Warren and Denise are ready to create an environment where they can totally relax.moreless
  • Family Room Dilemma
    Family Room Dilemma
    Episode 10
    What do you do when your favorite room in the house is so dated and uncomfortable that nobody wants to be in it? That's the problem three interior designers face with Dick and Sally Dunbars' family room. The Dunbars hope that one of these professional designers can transform their family room into a cozy retreat and a natural gathering spot.moreless
  • Connecting Bathrooms
    It was love at first sight when Wendy and J. J. Wallack were shown their beautiful ivy-covered English Tudor. But they soon discovered that previous owners had made some odd remodeling decisions in the 75-year-old house, including one which resulted in one bathroom in front of another bathroom. Wendy and J. J. would like to turn the larger bathroom into a Jack-and-Jill bath arrangement between the children's bedrooms, and make the smaller one into an elegant powder room for guests.moreless
  • English Tudor Kitchen Restored
    When Jimmy and Gina Kimmel moved into their English Tudor home, they enjoyed the 1930s styling and architecture, but what they didn't like was the kitchen's 30-year-old remodeling job. The Kimmel's are tired of the outdated appliances and tiny divided spaces and feel that the rooms just don't work for day-to-day life with two active children. They're hoping one of the three designers will come up with a great solution.moreless
  • Comfortable, Inviting Living Room
    Cindy and Ken Iwaki, along with their two sons, have been living in their Mediterranean-style home for 12 years. The family spends most of its time together relaxing in the living room. But the living room has never really met the Iwakis' needs. They're ready to find a solution to their troublesome floor plan and create a room that's both beautiful and practical. Although decorating the living room seemed simple enough, it has proven to be an uphill battle for them. The Iwakis' aren't happy about the first impression you get when you walk into the room. The couch is overstuffed and L-shaped and the TV unit and big screen TV are an eyesore, especially against the backdrop of white walls. They would also like to freshen up the room with color and do something new with the window treatments.moreless
  • Restored Spanish-Style Kitchen
    Homeowner Terrill Bazile is ready to remodel the charming but antiquated kitchen in his 1927 Spanish bungalow. He wants the kitchen to be more functional, while preserving as much of the room's character as possible. He presents this interesting challenge to three competing designers to see who can come up with the best design plan.moreless
  • Living Room Restoration
    A year ago, Tanya and Ron Pearson moved into a cozy 1927 Tudor-style home as they awaited the birth of their baby, Reagan. But the former occupant had modernized it, taking away much of the original Old World feel. Now the Pearson's want their interior to be as inviting as the exterior. They would like to create a living room and dining room space that reflects 1920s charm and their own taste.moreless