Designers' Challenge - Season 3

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Living / Family Room Redesign
    Jolie Ancel and Chuck Madden purchased their 1949 ranch-style house as newlyweds and moved in with a hodgepodge of furnishings from their respective apartments. They love the home's spaciousness and warm wood accents, but after living here for three years, they're ready to make some changes, and say they could use some professional help in finding a style they both feel comfortable with.moreless
  • Outdated Kitchen In A Contemporary Space
    James and Lois Eagle love their contemporary two-story home but want to renovate their outdated kitchen with color, rich, light-colored woods and either textured granite or stone counter tops and floors. The Eagles are also interested in some creative ways to bring warmth and softness into the space, perhaps by changing the windows to allow different lighting. They hope an interior designer can solve their design dilemmas and create an inviting, functional kitchen they'll enjoy for years to come.moreless
  • Game Room / Den Combo
    When Rande and Jess Sotomayor moved their family of five into this spacious new contemporary arts-and-crafts-style home two-and-a-half years ago, they knew right away they wanted to make the upstairs bonus room into a combination game room and den for the whole family to enjoy. But, how do you design a game room that's comfortable and functional for a family of five and as much fun for Mom and Dad as it is for the kids? This is the problem the Sotomayor's are hoping a professional can solve.moreless
  • Updating An Old Bathroom
    When Kes Sullivan and husband Fred Trester recently moved into their beautiful 75-year-old Spanish Mediterranean home with their two small children, they immediately set about restoring the property and imprinting it with their own casually elegant style. They love the home's tile roof and spacious rooms and many of its original features, like the fine woodwork, hardwood floors and crown molding. But one original feature they could do without is the master bathroom. And, although they've done a lot themselves, this is a project they feel requires some professional help.moreless
  • Kitchen Redesign
    Kitchen Redesign
    Episode 13
    Eliot Kreun and Gino Conconi's mismatched kitchen is in desperate need of a renovation. They want to remove the wall between the breakfast nook and kitchen and add a pass-through into the living room. They hope that a designer can create an organized, functional kitchen for cooking and entertaining.
  • Entertainment / Guest Room
    From the sleek hardwood floors to the charming French doors, Monique Jones loves everything about her quaint, Spanish-style home--except the bedroom and bath add-on. She wants to turn the awkward space into a combination entertainment room and guest bedroom and challenges three designers to come up with the perfect plan.
  • Guest Bedroom Suite
    How do you turn a small, upstairs bedroom with an unfinished adjoining attic alcove into a comfy, cozy suite for visiting friends and family? When Lorenzo San Pedro swapped his tiny townhouse for this spacious English Tudor six months ago, one of the things he had in mind was plenty of room for entertaining and houseguests. He thinks the upstairs bedroom with its adjoining attic annex would make a perfect guest suite, but its low ceilings and odd dimensions have him baffled as to how to begin. Find out which designer he chooses to completemoreless
  • Uninviting Family Room
    Kelly and David Yu love the bright, two-story, contemporary Mediterranean home they bought two years ago. Now with a baby on the way, they've decided to rethink the use of space and update the furnishings in their combination kitchen/family room to make it the warm, inviting focus of family life they envision.moreless
  • Modern Living Room
    Modern Living Room
    Episode 1
    Jim and Anna O'Brien are still trying to finish furnishing the home. They're hoping one of the three designers will come up with a plan to turn two wide-open spaces into one intimate room where they can play music and entertain.
  • New Living Room Design
    When Sharon and Ryan Reilly moved into their home, they were attracted to its hardwood floors, cove ceilings and architectural niches. Built in the 1930s, the home offers them a unique vintage backdrop for a design scheme and the couple is eager to establish their decorating style. The living room is visible from the entryway, and Ryan and Sharon want it to be as welcoming as possible. Without a clue on how to create an inviting casual space, the Reillys would like to see what three designers come up with.moreless
  • Kitchen Design Dilemma
    Tim and Tracy Garvin love the sophisticated feel of their home. But these two gourmet chefs are frustrated by the haphazard design of their outdated kitchen. They want a great space to work in that won't separate them from their guests when they entertain. After months spent dreaming about what the kitchen should be like, the Garvins are ready for some professional advice from the designers.moreless
  • Condo Makeover
    Condo Makeover
    Episode 4
    When professional demands forced them to relocate three hundred miles away from their hometown, Juliet and Tom Herbst knew they'd be making frequent trips back to visit friends and family. But after three years of imposing on relatives and expensive hotel stays, they decided to purchase a condominium as their home away from home. They'd like to make it as warm and inviting as their primary residence, but it's empty and dated, and they're at a loss as to where to begin.moreless
  • Outdated Kitchen
    Outdated Kitchen
    Episode 5
    Talia and Eliot Brown love their beautiful two-story Colonial home with its spectacular views and abundance of space. Since moving in with their two children eight years ago, they've updated and redecorated most of the house to reflect their tastes and lifestyle, but the kitchen has remained unchanged. It's outdated, inefficient, and badly in need of a makeover and they hope one of the three challenging designers can create a comfortable and stylish space.moreless