Designers' Challenge - Season 4

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Formal Family Room
    Formal Family Room
    Episode 1
    Don and Yvette David have a design dilemma in their formal family room. They would like to create a formal sitting area that blends with the dining area, and create a focal point with the two huge gallery wall niches that tower over the room. The Davids are hoping the professional services of a designer will transform this room into a comfortable, inviting space suitable for welcoming and entertaining friends and family.moreless
  • Dark, Dated Master Bathroom
    Ever since Michael and Barbara Levine moved into their 1963 home 20 years ago with their two young sons, they've been gradually renovating it room-by-room. But the couple saved the master bathroom for last. It's got a tricky layout and very little light, and by now, virtually everything in it is outdated. They're hoping one of our three designers will solve all the challenges that the tiny space presents.moreless
  • Undesirable Living Room
    Since moving into their beautiful Spanish revival home five years ago, Jamie Geller and Dan Hawtof have done quite a bit of remodeling and redecorating to make it into a warm, inviting space that reflects their casual family lifestyle and love of art and antiques. They were delighted when structural work on the living room revealed some wonderful original details, which they painstakingly restored themselves. But they admit they're stuck when it comes to selecting furnishings for the room and want the help of a designer to create a cozy, welcoming space for both their family and guests.moreless
  • Living Room / Dining Room Remodel
    When Gloria and Ken Kaplan moved to their tri-level contemporary home five years ago, they loved the layout and the far-reaching views. But they've been baffled about what to do with the second level, where they spend most of their time with their toddler son, Ethan. They'd like to make the living and dining room comfortable and tasteful, and they're hoping one of three designers will solve all their decorating challenges.moreless
  • Theater Space
    Theater Space
    Episode 5
    Dennis and Frances Gorospe moved into their newly remodeled contemporary Mediterranean home, they envisioned it as a great place to raise kids and to entertain large groups of family and friends. They were right on both counts, but, after living in the house for two years, their tastes have changed. And the addition of a home theater in the living room has added another twist to their decorating dilemma and the Gorospes say they could use a little professional help.moreless
  • Living Room To Dining Room
    David and Lauren Lunzer moved into their two-story Spanish style home eleven months ago with their four children and find the house, as a whole, is a perfect fit for a large family who likes to entertain at home. Since they often find themselves feeding a crowd, the Lunzers have chosen to use their large formal living room for dining, and say they could use a little professional help in reconfiguring the space to suit their needs, lifestyle and personal tastesmoreless
  • English Country Living Room
    When Lony and Margie Ruhmann went shopping for their first home, they were captivated by the character and charm of this 1915 cottage-style craftsman located in a neighborhood of historically preserved residences. They moved in with their two dogs just over a year ago and furnished the house with a mix of leftover furniture. Now that they've settled in, they're ready to refurnish and redecorate, and say they could use some professional help with their long, narrow segmented living room and falling-apart fireplace.moreless
  • Master Bedroom And Bath
    Julie and Kenny Kaplan purchased their 1960s ranch-style house seven years ago for its prime location and spectacular backyard and updated it room by room to make it into a comfortable, cozy home for their family of three. Recently, they gave their bedroom to their ten-year-old daughter, Molly, and added on a new master suite for themselves. Although the Kaplans love the layout and feel of the new room, they say they're stuck when it comes to settling on a decor.moreless
  • Trendy Living Room Space
    Jodi is ready to redesign the living room in her 1980s-style house. She would like new furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting and a new color scheme for the walls. She hopes the services of a designer will transform her living room into an inviting space suitable for welcoming friends and family.
  • Cozy Entryway
    Cozy Entryway
    Episode 10
    Charlie and Yolanda are baffled as to how to design the entry in their remodeled home. The space is an uninviting area that leads to the kitchen area and living room. The Dunbars hope that a professional designer will be able to create a comfortable atmosphere that feels more like a cozy room than a hallway.moreless
  • Space For Entertaining
    Mary and husband Mark cannot figure out how to integrate their vast art collection with the existing furnishings in their recently purchased home. They hope a designer will create a floor plan to house their artwork, as well as a great space for relaxing and entertaining friends.
  • Master Bedroom
    Master Bedroom
    Episode 12
    Frances and Cary's master bedroom is somewhat of a disappointment. They are hoping a designer can help them redecorate.
  • Formal Living Room For Enteratining
    When newlyweds Michelle and A.J. Rasic moved into their newly built house, they were thrilled with its spaciousness as well as the layout. The living room is instantly visible from the entryway, along with a poorly built fireplace, so the couple want it to be as welcoming as possible. Clueless on how to create an inviting space, the Rasics would like to see what the designers will come up with.moreless
  • Tina Wessons' Living Room Makeover
    Tina Wesson, winner of the television show "Survivor 2," used her prize money to buy a new house in Knoxville, TN. Now, with a budget of $30,000, she and her husband want to turn the formal living room and dining area into a casual, informal party room for entertaining. See which designer they choose for their remodeling project.moreless