Designers' Challenge - Season 5

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Mediterranean-Style Master Suite
    When Janet Bramson and David Hagen got married and combined their households two years ago, David moved into the four-bedroom, '70s ranch-style home Janet purchased years earlier. They've already redecorated several rooms of the house but now they say they'd like some professional help in designing a luxurious space for just the two of them. They want to tackle their master bath and bedroom suite. Without knowing how to start this huge project, they are in need of interior designers.moreless
  • Stylish, Functional Kitchen
    Amy and Steve Moran bought their 1950s ranch-style home a year and a half ago, knowing that it needed some work. They now want to redo their kitchen, and need the help of a professional designer to do so.
  • Updated Game Room and Bathroom
    Stuart Brower has lived in his 70-year-old home for 16 years. He has changed his property to reflect his tastes and lifestyle, and now wants to turn the underused guest bedroom into a game room.
  • Craftsman-Style Living and Dining Area
    Two years ago, siblings Tracy and Ian McCubbin purchased a beautiful 1912 craftsman-style home and furnished it with odds and ends from their respective apartments. Now they're ready to update their look and invest in new furniture, but environmental concerns and differing personal tastes have kept them from coming up with a design plan that pleases them both.moreless
  • Open and Inviting Galley Kitchen
    Six years ago, Joan and Jim Selfa purchased their spacious 1950s Cape Cod-style home from Joan's family and have slowly but surely been making it into a comfortable, personalized living space for themselves and their two young sons. Although the Selfas have updated and enlarged most of the house to suit their tastes and lifestyle, the kitchen remains much the same as it was during Joan's childhood.moreless
  • Americana-Themed Nursery
    When a healthy baby boy named Steven entered their lives, David and Tracey Solitare quickly adjusted to their new role as loving parents. The only thing missing was their new son's nursery. For such a compact room, our designers face quite a few challenges.
  • Master Bedroom Redesign
    Sam and Nellie Semenea purchased their two-story, 3,300-square-foot Mediterranean-style home a year and a half ago and love its spacious rooms and expansive views. But one of the things they love most about the house also presents their most difficult problem when it comes to decorating. Sam and Nellie have decorated most of their home themselves, but when it comes to the master bedroom they are ready let a designer take over this project.moreless
  • Spacious Great Room
    Billy and Kristan Orr have been busy remodeling their Mediterranean-style house from the ground up but are having trouble deciding on a design for the spacious great room. They want to divide it up into a combination living / dining space but don't know how to effectively arrange the space. They meet with three designers to see which one will be able to solve their design dilemmamoreless
  • Tuscany-Style Kitchen
    Homeowner Susan Kowalski loves the bright, airy seaside condominium she shares with her Yorkshire terrier, Winston, and has made it into a warm, comfortable environment for working, relaxing and entertaining. But after living in her home for nearly a decade, she's ready to update her surroundings and says she could use the help of a design professional to help her realize her vision. One area of her home which she says is decidedly not comfortable is the outdated kitchenmoreless
  • Modern Living Room
    Modern Living Room
    Episode 4
    Tony and Carin Stearns purchased their 1950s Spanish-style home three years ago, attracted by its interior courtyard, ocean view and excellent school district for their son. But when it comes to their living room, the couple says they could use the advice from an expert on a design scheme. But the Stearns feel that their living room is decidedly uncomfortable and they'd like to make the space more livable. The design challenges are apparent before even entering the room.moreless
  • Family-Centered Kitchen and Den
    When Ellen and Steve Klinenberg moved into their 50-year-old house six years ago, they saw it as a great starter home. They weren't planning on staying here too long, so the couple never bothered with decorating or any major renovations. But with two little girls and a baby on the way, they've decided to stay a few more years and want to make their home more livable, beginning with the kitchen and adjacent den.moreless
  • Master Bathroom Remodel
    Seven months ago, Adam and Linda Jackson moved into a spacious Mediterranean-style house. The couple and their three children enjoy their new home, with the exception of the outdated, awkward master bathroom. They feel the space could be better utilized, and they're hoping one of our three designers will have the solution to their design dilemmas.moreless
  • Outdated Kitchen
    Outdated Kitchen
    Episode 1
    When Sharon and Alan Ching and their two young children moved into their contemporary ranch home a year ago, they were very happy with the style of the house--except for the kitchen. The dark tiles as well as the dated appliances and cabinetry didn't blend with the more up-to-date feel of the other rooms. They're hoping one of our three designers will solve all the challenges that the kitchen presents.moreless