Designers' Challenge - Season 6

HGTV Premiered Oct 05, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Home Office Suite
    Home Office Suite
    Episode 1
    After renting a unique three-story beach house for several years, Len Hersh and his girlfriend Jodie recently decided to purchase it. Now that they are homeowners, they would welcome some help in turning their third floor guest bedroom into a home office. But right now, their office is a conglomeration of computer equipment sharing space with a few odd pieces of bedroom furniture for guests. The couple would like to fill the room with coordinated office furniture that would give the space a cleaner look. Jodie and Len also hope to make the adjacent landing more functional as well. The designers have a formidable challenge ahead of them.moreless
  • Loft Play/Guest Room
    Scott and Talia Diamond recently purchased their home, and have found it to be big enough to raise their two young children. They have decided to turn their upstairs loft into a family play room.
  • Luxurious Vintage Bathroom
    Jackie and Patrick Maloney love their seaside home that was built in the 1950s. They have been updating their house for the past two years, but now need they professional help with the master bath.
  • Elegant Living and Dining Space
    Victor and Susan Bracey have been living in their Mediterranean-style home for four months. They are at a lost on how to decorate their adjoining living room and dining room, and need professional help to create a space that's elegant and kid-friendly.
  • Home Office / Guest Room
    Lisa and Leonard Dick have been living in their 1940s home for five years. They are hoping to turn their downstairs bedroom into a home office/guest room, and need professional help to get the job done.
  • Tropical-Style Multipurpose Room
    Lannette and Scott Turicchi have lived in their newly built home for a few month. They are puzzled about what to do with the entertainment room, and need professional help.
  • Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat
    Karen and Kevin Joostema want to redesign their master bedroom, and need professional help to make it suit their personal tastes and lifestyle.
  • Cozy Living Room
    Cozy Living Room
    Episode 8
    Mady and Dave Phillips love their 1939 two-story house, and have been living in it for two-and-a-half years. Now they need professional help to make their living room the centerpiece of the house.
  • Rustic-Style Kitchen
    Julie and John Curtiss bought home a year ago. Their are using their Southwestern art and furnishings to create a warm home, but they need professional help to make the kitchen more colorful and up-to-date.
  • Elegant Dining Room
    Elegant Dining Room
    Episode 10
    Nathan and Vivienne purchased their nine-year-old house five months ago. They have decorated it with unique items from their travels, but need help turning their empty dining room into a stunning setting that will set the tone for the rest of their home.
  • Outdated Media Room
    Outdated Media Room
    Episode 11
    Chris and Geeta Brown have recently moved into the neighborhood where Chris grew up. They want to update their media room into a entertainment space, and need professional help to do so.
  • Cozy French Country Family Room
    Scott and Nancy Weaver have lived in their home for two years. The couple wants to redo their large, empty family room, and are looking for professional help to do it.
  • Vintage Kitchen
    Vintage Kitchen
    Episode 13
    Kendra moved into her 1930s home three years ago. She loves everything about it, but the kitchen. Kendra is an avid cook who loves to entertain. She wants one designer to create a kitchen of her dreams.